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Let's start | what are the skills that can't be ignored in short video editing

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A lot of guys who just started learning short video clips , Although the material is in hand , But I don't know how to start . When editing short videos , If you can master the editing skills , Then it will be easier to clip high-quality short videos , So what are the skills that can't be ignored in short video clips ?

 Let's have a class | What are the skills that can't be ignored in short video clips

Skill 1 : Find the key points in the material .

What is the focus of the material ? for instance , One of our characters , Then his eyes can be regarded as the focus of the whole content , So when we edit , You need to make sure that when you edit the next shot , There is also a character's eyes in , And keep it within a controllable moving range . The advantage of this is that it can keep the audience's line of sight in the same area , It won't make the transition of short video appear very abrupt , Affect the viewing effect .

Tip two : Find out the similarities in the material .

When we edit multiple materials , If you want to put them together , Then you can find the similarities between them , Then connect the lens through similarities . For example, the similarity between wedding and children's anniversary is the banquet , Then you can use this point to connect the scenes of the wedding and anniversary ceremony .

Tip three : Don't ignore dubbing .

When editing short videos , It's not just about holding the camera , Dubbing is also very important , What kind of content matches what kind of dubbing , It can make the short video look more harmonious , For example, suspense short videos use suspense tense dubbing 、 Short videos of plain life can be dubbed with warm and slow rhythm .

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