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Guochao new Chinese pastry training daoxiangcun pastry training Beijing Tangren food training school

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Guochao new Chinese pastry training Daoxiangcun pastry training

Guochao dim sum is popular in the domestic market , Now it has occupied the top stream of the baking market . It is the combination of national fashion and traditional Chinese pastries , Food expression in line with the combination of current tradition and modern culture , Well received in the market , Guochao dim sum has been continuously improved and upgraded , To cater to the tastes of consumers .

Study Guochao snacks and go to Beijing Tang Cuisine Training School , The school is Professional organization for training catering talents , On 1989 Founded in 2000 , Strong faculty , It has outstanding advantages in talent education and vocational skill training , Build a school 30 Over the years, it has trained tens of thousands of talents for the catering industry . The school offers more than 100 courses in six fields , Including Chinese cooks 、 Chinese style pastry 、 Line up for snacks 、 International cuisine 、 Pastry baking 、 Coffee, milk tea, etc . The school offers Guochao dim sum training class , Guochao new Chinese baking course takes reducing sugar and low fat as the concept , After professional research and development team tried to eat , Improve and optimize the formula and process flow , Good operation and easy to use , Create a popular piece , chinese and western , Start a new mode of snack baking . Products can be according to different seasons , Replace and add new products from time to time , It is convenient for customers to choose , Increase the price per customer , It can also keep customers fresh , Increase the repurchase rate .

Guochao dim sum training course content :

Sesame pot 、 Cranberry fingers, sweet potatoes 、QQ Little sweet potato

Meat floss big shell 、 Chocolate pie

sweetheart pastry 、 Bean paste cake 、 Brushed egg yolk pastry

Color spiral crisp ( Taro flavor 、 Mocha flavour 、 Pumpkin flavor )

Crispy snow Meiniang 、 Almond Jelly

Pumpkin crispy cake , Almond tile crisp

Dish tart ( Original flavor 、 Double chocolate flavor )、 Hawthorn pot helmet

Lightning puffs , Milk flavored walnut jujube cake ( New western style jujube cake )

Lotus crisp , Jujube crisp ,

Cherry puff , Chrysanthemum crisp ,

Butterfly Cookies , Palace peach crisp ,

Ancient morning cake , Fried cheese is ancient ,

Hu PI Ma Shu Rou song roll , Four volumes of floating clouds

Beijing Tangren food training school , Over the years, we have focused on Catering Technology Training Services . Flexible class time , Famous cooking masters guide the whole process of practical operation , Small-class teaching , Make an appointment for class , Learn as you go , Learn to stop , Provide opening guidance . Welcome to visit the audition experience , Sign up to study after you are satisfied .

School address : Xinyuehuating, beihoneycomb Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing 2 On the ground floor of Building No

The bus route : metro 7 Line no. 、9 Get off at Beijing West Railway Station and go straight east from North sunken square 200 rice Beijing Tangren food training school

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