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Lantern Festival Poems (23)

2022-05-07 11:45:47Zhiyuan Zhinian

The tang dynasty (5) The song dynasty (17) bright (1)

All Su shi (1) Li shangyin (1) Xin qiji (1) Li qingzhao (1) Zhou bangyan (1) He Zhu (1) Zhang Hu (1) Liu Kezhuang (1) Zhao Ding (1) The taste of sue (1) Maopang (2) Zhu Dunru (1) jiang (1) Liu Chenweng (2) Wang Yuanliang (1) wuwenying (1) careful (1) Wang pan (1) Lu Zhaolin (1) Cui Ye (1) Li Zhizheng (1)

 Poems on the Lantern Festival (23 The first )


[ The song dynasty ]

Li qingzhao

《 Never met le · The setting sun molten gold 》

The setting sun molten gold , The evening clouds combine , Where are people . The willows are thick with smoke , Play the plum flute and complain , Spring knows a little . Lantern Festival , Harmony with the weather , The next time there is no wind and rain . Lai Xiangzhao 、 fragrant carriage and precious horse -- the beautiful carriage of women , Thank him for his wine and poetry .

Zhongzhou SHENGRI , The boudoir is full of time , Remember to focus on three or five . Spread the green crown , Twist golden snow willow , The cluster and belt struggle for relief . Now gaunt , The wind and frost on the temples , Afraid to go out at night . It's better to 、 Under the curtain , Listen to people laughing .


[ The tang dynasty ]

Li shangyin

《 On the fifteenth day of the first month, I can't wait to see the lights in Beijing 》

The moon lights fill the imperial capital , Xiangche Baogai pass .

It flourishes in leisure , I'm ashamed to be a villager .


[ The tang dynasty ]

The taste of sue

《 The 15th night of the 1st lunar month 》

Fire tree honeysuckle , Star bridge locks .

The dark dust followed the horse , The bright moon is coming .

You are all nongli , Falling plum in the path of singing .

Jin Wuye couldn't help but , Don't rush a leak .


[ The song dynasty ]

Zhou bangyan

《 Jieyuhua · Wind sells crimson wax 》

Wind sells crimson wax , Dew red lotus , The lights of the market shine .

Guihua Liuwa , Fiber cloud dispersion 、 Geng su'e wants to go down .

Elegant clothes , Look at the slender waist of Chu woman .

Sound of flute and drum , Uneven figure , Musk deer all over the road .

Because of the night in the capital city , Look at thousands of picturesque doors , Laugh and swim .

Dian Che luopa , Where we meet 、 It has its own dark dust, so the horse .

Years are also , Only see the old love decay .

Clear the leak and move it , Fly back , Let's stop dancing and singing .


[ The song dynasty ]

Xin qiji

《 Sapphire case · Yuan to evening 》

East wind night put flowers thousand trees ,

More blown away , Star like rain .

Carved BMW car incense road .

Fung sound moving , Horse-ray turn ,

A night of dragon dance .

Moth son snow willow gold wisp ,

The smile is full of fragrance .

looking for him for thousand times in the crowd ,

Suddenly look back , That person but in ,

The lights are dim .


[ The song dynasty ]

Zhao Ding

《 Partridge day Jiankang Shangyuan made 》

Ke Lu knows that the year changes ,

Suddenly spring comes to the peach branch .

The ends of the earth sadly ,

Remember when it was in its heyday .

Flower Shadow , The moon shines ,

Five clouds fly in the Crystal Palace .

A clear sense of Huaxu dream ,

Looking back on the east wind, tears filled my clothes .


[ The tang dynasty ]

Lu Zhaolin

《 Watching the lights for 15 nights 》

There is a feast in Jinli , In her early years .

The color of the mattress is far apart , The sky is full of light .

Then the Chinese doubt the name , According to the tower like the moon .

Don't laugh , In front of nine branches .


[ The tang dynasty ]

Cui Ye

《 Six songs on Shangyuan night ( A night tour poem )》

Don't hurry with the jade leakage and silver pot , Iron gate, gold lock and open door .

Who can sit around when they see the moon , You can't smell the light anywhere .

There are hundreds of rounds of magic lamp Buddha fire , Carved graphic seven treasures .

The shadow is like hearing Jinkou say , The sky is like scattered jade with no light .

This spring is better than all the year round , The scenery of this night is the most pitiful .

The new moon is full in front of the magpie building , The treasure lamp on the phoenix stage burns .

Jinle silver saddle controls purple monkey , The jade wheel and the Pearl drive the green bull .

The song of the east city begins to disperse , Suddenly came to nanmotou .

The princes and grandchildren are arrogant , Both acquaintances and invitations .

The most pitiful long sleeve is weak in front of the wind , Enjoy the new strings and secretly tune .

When the stars move, the moon will turn slightly , The dew sprinkles smoke and the lamp is gradually thinning .

Youxi Road near the song and dance Office , Hesitate to look after each other and can't return .


[ The song dynasty ]

Su shi

《 recent ? Shangyuan in Mizhou 》

Three or five nights in Qiantang .

The moon is like frost , It's picturesque .

At the bottom of the account, the wind blows the Sheng and the incense spits the musk .

No dust with the horse .

Lonely mountain city people are old .

Beat the drum and blow the flute , First entered the Nongsang society .

The fire is cold and the lamp is frost .

Dusky snow, clouds falling in the wild .


[ The song dynasty ]

He Zhu

《 Siyue people / Chaotianzi 》

When the east wind in Zifu is at night . Bu Lianzhen and Li accompany people to return . At five o'clock, Sheng Ge scattered , The moon is bright and the lights are dim .

Time flies , Dream Yiyi . The end of the world is cold and the spring clothes are reduced . Phoenix Tower knows where , There are only a few stars and a wild goose flies .


[ The song dynasty ]


《 Step on the sand   Yuan to evening 》

Pulling snow to find spring , Burn a lamp to continue the day . After the plum blossoms in the dark fragrance courtyard . Unprovoked night to cover the spring , Tianjiao moon Shangguan bridge willow .

The flower market is clean , Zhumen is like embroidery . Jiao Yunrui fog cage star . Shen Xianghuo cold small makeup residue , Half the bed is light and the dream is thick as wine .


[ The song dynasty ]


《 Linjiang fairy Capital New Year's Eve 》

It's a good night , Carved wheel BMW like a cloud . Penglai Qingqian to Gu Leng . The Jade Emperor blooms and falls , The silver world lost its twilight . Who can see the haggard guests in Jiangnan , The end worry lazy walk Fangchen . Cold fragrance beside the small screen . The wine is strong and spring is a dream , Looking for people through the moon .


[ The song dynasty ]

Zhu Dunru

《 Good things are near · The spring rain is as fine as dust 》

The spring rain is as fine as dust , The willows outside the building are yellow and wet . The wind makes the embroidered curtain slant , The window screen is cold and blue . Beauty leisurely Jian Shangyuan lamp , Play tears and lean on Yao se . But purple Gu incense , Ask Liaodong news .


[ The song dynasty ]

Li Zhizheng

《 The full moon makes / Man Moon Garden 》

The spring breeze on the peach branch is early , Try thin Luoyi for the first time . Happy every year , Huadeng competition , When the moon is full . Ban Street flute and drum , Cold light night forever , Slim hand heavy carrying . More people scattered , A thousand laughs , The sound is on the curtain .


[ The song dynasty ]

Liu Kezhuang

《 Shengchazi New year's Eve play Chen Jingsu 》

Numerous lights seize Jihua . Play drums invade Mingfa . Look for the same old , Affectionate middle-aged don't . Shallow painting of eyebrows in the mirror , Deeply worship the west moon . People scattered and the market closed , Gradually into the season of sorrow .


[ The song dynasty ]


《 Candlelight · Bi Dan mountain posture 》

Bi Dan mountain posture , The evening is cold and sad, and the song eyebrows are shallow . The barrier mud South Street is moist and light , The lights are deep in the courtyard . It's getting warmer and warmer at night . The colored flag is turned over 、 Yi man dances all over . You are not afraid to swim freely , The dust of plain socks , Line skirt red splash . Silver candle cage yarn , Cuiping doesn't shine on the remnant plum . Wash makeup, clear dimples, wet spring breeze , It's better to see with a cry mark . Chu Meng showed mercy and did not disperse . Su'e worries 、 The sky is deep and the letter is far . The morning window moves the pillow , Wine is trapped and fragrant , Spring shade roll .


[ The song dynasty ]

Liu Chenweng

《 Baoding is now Spring Moon 》

Red makeup spring riding . Stepping on the moon 、 Pole flag through the city . Endless 、 Floor singing and dancing , Xi Xi fragrant dust lotus step bottom . The sound of the flute is broken 、 About cailuan to return , Not afraid of Jin Wu getting drunk . Very chariot road 、 The noise stops . Listen to the song of niannu . Father and old man still remember the declaration of peace . Copper fairy 、 Clear tears like water . Still looking forward to 、 Shahe dolly . Fuyang Mingguang Liandi . Curtain shadow frozen 、 Scattered red light into Qi . The moon soaked grapes for ten miles . Look at 、 Immortal talent . Ken smashed the water chestnut . Children with broken intestines , Empty see say 、 Three thousand music fingers . Wait a long time and spring will not return , Sleepy in spring . Say to 、 Hold a bun in front of the lamp . Dark drop shark Bead Pendant . Lunch day 、 See neon clothes , Heaven and earth dream .


[ The song dynasty ]

Liu Chenweng

《 Never met le · It's sunny at the beginning of the month 》

Don't embarrass yourself . So according to his voice , And ask it to be easy to be safe and self-evident . Although the words are less than , And suffer too much .

It's sunny at the beginning of the month , Dai Yun is far from light , Who is in charge of spring Affairs . The Forbidden Garden is tender and cold , The lake embankment is tired and warm , The advance is so sudden . Fragrant dust and dark street , Bright lights light the day , Long is lazy, go hand in hand . Who knows , No smoking, no night , The whole city seems to be worried about the wind and rain .

Xuanhe old days , Lin'an Nandu , The fragrant scenery is still the same . The net drifts away , Wind temples three or five , It is bitterest to be able to give words . There is no road to the south of the Yangtze River , Jiazhou tonight , Who knows if this pain . Empty relative , Residual red without sleep , Full village community drum .


[ The song dynasty ]


《 Embroidered Phoenix and Phoenix flower criminal / Flower offender Narcissus 》

Chu River Mekong , Xiang'e sees at first sight , Speechless shed clear tears . Indifferent spring . The air leans alone on the east wind , Fangsi who sent . Lingbo road is cold and autumn is endless . The fragrant cloud rises with the step . Remember , Han Palace fairy palm , At the end of the month . Ice string is more sentimental , Poets hate , It's useless to give fragrant orchids and secluded Zhi . Spring thinks far , Who admires 、 National flavor . The two sides will share 、 Winter companion . The small window is clean 、 Shen Yanxun Cuimei . A deep dream , Trickling dew , In the shadow of a lamp .


[ The song dynasty ]

Wang Yuanliang

《 It is said that the jade girl Qiantang New Year's Eve 》

A romantic scene , Who are you having fun with tonight . Platform flower Hall , Filled with dust and indifference . Luxury swing , Only green mountains are like Luo . Qiantang is still , The tide rises and falls .

Ten thousand lights , Shame shines, dance, and sing . Yumei is thin , Hate the life of the Eastern Emperor . Zhaojun tears , Hand twist Pipa string rope . Leave sorrow to chat and send , Draw the sad corner of the building .


[ The song dynasty ]


《 Female crown Yuan to evening 》

The fragrance of Cymbidium is also . Xueqing pool museum is picturesque . The spring breeze flew to , Baochai upstairs , A piece of Sheng Xiao , Glazed light shines . Now the lights are everywhere . Not the dark dust and bright moon , At that time, Yuanye . Over the years 、 Lazy and timid , Ashamed to play with moths .

Jiangcheng people quietly fight at the beginning . Ask who understands , Then borrow from God . Pick out the remnant red . But in the dream , Dian Che luopa . Wu Jian silver powder calendered . Take the scenery of your old home , Write gossip . Smiling green servant girl , Leaning against the window still singing , Westward declines the sun .


[ The tang dynasty ]

Zhang Hu

《 On the fifteenth night of the first month 》

Thousands of doors open and thousands of lights are on , In the middle of the first month, it moves the imperial capital .

Three hundred wife's sleeve dance , For a moment, words were heard in the sky .


[ bright ]

Wang pan

《 The Lantern Festival is full of fun 》

The sky wind blows away the rosy clouds in Chicheng , Scattered in the world as nine flowers .

Jialu planet leaves the horse , Burn empty fire trees and return to crows .

Sing songs and drink wine at home , The curtain peeps at the flowers everywhere in spring .

A cloud 《 Shao 》 The sky is far away , I don't know who Xianyu has been to .

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