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Shiquan launches new t-force Vulcan Z series 2.5-inch SATA game SSD

2022-05-07 11:47:56Chinese industry information station


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Shiquan declared T-Force Vulcan Z SATA SSD A carefully selected 3D TLC NAND Flash new products , Can provide up to 550 MB/s In order to read 、 as well as 500 MB/s Sequential write rate —— Performance is traditional HDD Four times the size of , It can bring a new game experience to gamers .


Vulcan Z SATA SSD Also built into the ECC Automatic error correction , Greatly improve the accuracy of game data storage , And fully support Windows TRIM Optimize instructions and SMART Health monitoring technology .


Thanks to the optimization of relevant functions ,Vulcan Z SATA SSD The wear balance will be balanced to prolong the service life of the drive , So that the majority of game players can safely store their cherished game data .


T-Force Vulcan Z series SATA SSD Provides 240GB / 480GB / 1TB / 2TB Fourth gear capacity option ( There is a slight gap in reading and writing performance ), The nominal write durability is 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 TBW, Supplemented by a five-year limited warranty .


Unfortunately , At present, no online retailer has released T-Force Vulcan Z series 2.5 Inch SATA SSD Purchase link for .


But Shiquan technology said , It is expected to 5 It officially landed in the retail market in mid June .

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