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It is reported that the production capacity of Ningde times Shanghai factory has returned to the pre epidemic level, and the return rate has reached 90%

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IT The home of 5 month 7 Daily news , According to the Financial Association , The number of returning employees in Ningde times Shanghai factory has exceeded 1000 people , The rate of returning to work is up to 90%, Production capacity has returned to pre epidemic levels , The factory plans to continue to increase production as conditions permit .

Ningde times previously announced , The factory that produces power battery modules has been in 4 month 18 Daily resumption of production . The factory is located in Lingang, Shanghai , Adjacent to Tesla Shanghai Super factory . Tesla was the largest customer of Ningde times power battery products last year . Ningde Times said , This round of epidemic has led to increased uncertainty in logistics and supply chain , Some employees are blocked from returning to their posts , Bring certain challenges to the production and operation of the company .

The company disclosed , As the first batch of key enterprises in Shanghai to resume work and production “ White list ” Enterprises , The government department has handled... For Ningde times Shanghai factory 300 Multiple passes across provinces and cities , Effectively ensure the production logistics , Help the Shanghai factory achieve a steady increase in output .

 Ningde era

IT Home learned , Ningde era 5 month 4 The record of investor relations activities was disclosed on the th ,2022 At the end of the first quarter of the year, the book balance of inventory goods and issued goods accounted for 6 Become left or right , Compared with the end of last year , The proportion of goods in stock is slightly lower , The proportion of raw materials is slightly higher .

When it comes to the impact of the epidemic , Ningde Times said that part of it is the recent epidemic in Ningde area where the company's headquarters and main production bases are located , With the rapid response and action of the government, it has been basically unsealed before May Day , It has little impact on the operation of the company ; The second is that the epidemic in Shanghai and other places has reduced the production of vehicle factories , Terminal consumption may have an impact , With the gradual resumption of work and production , The overall impact is also small . The company's annual production capacity is expected to meet customer demand .

The recovery of gross profit margin in the second quarter , Ningde times means ,3、4 The price of lithium carbonate and other raw materials is relatively high in January , It has an impact on the cost in the second quarter , However, the progress of price adjustment negotiated by customers is relatively smooth , The gross profit margin will be gradually and reasonably repaired .

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