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How far is the live broadcast of Sohu supported by Zhang Chaoyang from grassroots popularity?

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Financial commentator of Yangcheng Evening News Qi Yaoqi

Media reports ,4 month 12 Japan , The securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Sohu 、 Financial all in one account, etc 12 Home equity companies join “ Pre delisting ” list , This is the 3 Since June, the fifth batch of Zhongyu stock companies included in the list .

Now? , The market value of Sohu has just passed 7 Billion dollars , Baidu is its 66 times 、 Alibaba is its 386 times 、 Tencent is its 596 times . In contrast, Zhang Chaoyang is still fighting in the front line of business , Teach English and physics every week . This is inevitably regrettable , The Internet is a gathering of countless folk wisdom 、 Where users automatically produce content . How can Sohu become a manual mode like traditional media 、 Labor intensive 、 What about the situation of dominating the content by yourself ?

2020 At the end of 2021 sohu WORLD At the conference , Zhang Chaoyang said , Sohu Video is a live broadcast of CCTV , Through five golden flowers , Sohu News client 、 Mobile phone Sohu 、PC Gateway 、 Sohu Video and fox friends . The problem lies in , How does Sohu plan to find a new way by live broadcasting ?

Not only the traditional media properties are obvious , Sohu is still acting like we media , Relying on Zhang Chaoyang alone , Let Zhang Chaoyang become a symbol for everyone to remember Sohu , Weakness is evident . Zhang Chaoyang is now the most valuable broadcaster of Sohu live broadcast , Sohu Video's most influential value live broadcast list , Zhang Chaoyang ranks first in physics . Other heavyweight broadcasters are also more focused on “ In the field of scientific live broadcasting ” Instead of “ Pan knowledge domain ”. And there are many large in the platform V, No one can do better than Zhang Chaoyang , Either big V With moisture , Or the data has moisture . Compared to beep beep beep , How can we incite the general public's enthusiasm for Pan knowledge .

The shortage of content supply side will affect the user base , The lack of user base will affect the attraction of the platform to creators . The value of Sohu live broadcast , Although it has improved taste 、 The idea of occupying the commanding heights . But the live broadcast is also good , Video is good , All need to continue to have a physiological response to the audience , Its essence is entertainment and leisure , Even learning , It is also a passive absorption . This is similar to the feature of TV, which allows the audience to lie flat and watch the play ; The feature of newspapers and periodicals is to let the audience think actively , The two are difficult to be compatible with each other . Who would hold a small bench and notebook , While listening to the class , While controlling the progress bar , Look again and again , Repeated listening , Honestly absorb the essence of human knowledge ? If the audience doesn't have this attitude , Then the knowledge status of the speaker is not the most important .

Let users rush to the content of Sohu , This leads to dependency , So as to form a paid , This chain is the usual logic . Just getting used to being free is always the biggest thing , There are still very few people willing to pay . The content is highly authoritative 、 Professional or profound , Only then can someone pay , But these people are naturally knowledge-seeking class, not the general public . The general public, including professors and doctors , The willingness to pay for movies may be much higher than knowledge , So the way of Sohu remains to be explored .( More news , Please pay attention to Yangcheng sect

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