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Dairy intake in Chinese adults is associated with cancer risk

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Yu canqing, associate professor of the school of public health of Peking University, and his collaborators used the Chinese Kadoorie biobank for a prospective study from 510146 Data collected by Chinese adults , The relationship between dairy intake and cancer risk was analyzed . The study was conducted in 2004-2008 From all over the country 10 Two different regions (5 City areas and 5 A rural area ) The recruitment age is between 30 to 79 Year old volunteers . this 10 Regions were selected to cover a wide range of risk factors and disease patterns ,97% The participants were Han Chinese , among 59% For women ,44% Live in rural areas .

Trained medical professionals set up special investigation points locally , The frequency of consumption of major food types including dairy products was collected from participants in the form of questionnaires , And their sociodemographic characteristics 、 Information about disease history and lifestyle . Included in this study 51 Among more than 10000 people ,20.4% People often eat dairy products ( At least once a week ),68.5% Never or rarely eat dairy products , The average consumption of dairy products in the population is... Per day 37.9 g , The average consumption of regular consumers is... Per day 80.8 g .


On average 10.8 Years of follow-up , A total of 29277 Between the ages of 35-79 Year old cancer case . Yes, including age 、 region 、 suffer education Degree of 、 Family income 、 smoking 、 Drink wine 、 Physical activity 、 Family history of cancer 、 Body mass index (BMI)、 Intake of soybeans and fresh fruits and chronic hepatitis B virus infection ( For liver cancer ) After adjusting for a series of factors that may lead to confounding effects , The researchers found that , There was a significant positive correlation between dairy intake and cancer risk .

Researchers found that , Those who regularly consume dairy products have an increased overall risk of cancer 9%、 Increased risk of liver cancer 18% And women's increased risk of breast cancer 22%. Every extra intake per day 50 Grams of dairy products , Overall cancer risk 、 The risk of liver cancer and the risk of female breast cancer will increase respectively 7%、12% and 17%. They also found that , People who regularly eat dairy products have an increased risk of lymphoma 23%, However, this association lost statistical significance after multiple test correction . The study did not find a link between dairy intake and colorectal cancer 、 There is a significant association between the risk of prostate cancer or other types of cancer .

“ Our study is the first and largest study on dairy intake and cancer risk in the Chinese population so far .” The study's corresponding author 、 Du huaidong, a doctor from Oxford University, said .


Up to now , The overall evidence on whether eating dairy products affects cancer risk is inconsistent worldwide . Du huaidong said , In China, , Dairy consumption is much lower than in Europe and North America , And the types of dairy products people usually eat are also slightly different . for example , The dairy products consumed by Chinese people are mainly milk, while the consumption of cheese and butter is very low . in addition , Most Chinese people are lactose intolerant ( Cannot produce enough lactase to break down and digest lactose in milk ), Therefore, dairy products cannot be metabolized well . Therefore, it is very important to study the association between dairy intake and cancer risk in the Chinese population .

The author reminds , The study still has limitations , Including the number of cancer cases may not be enough , There is no reliable statistical analysis of some less common types of cancer ( For example, lymphatic cancer and prostate cancer ). The study is an observational study rather than a randomized controlled trial, so the observed association cannot be used to determine the causal relationship between dairy intake and cancer risk . Further research is needed in the future to explore causality and potential underlying mechanisms .

“ Although our results suggest that there may be a direct link between regular consumption of dairy products and some cancers , But we must be aware of the protein contained in dairy products 、 Vitamins and minerals are very important for health . It is unwise to limit the intake of dairy products only based on the current research results .” The author cautions that .

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