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The value of the game may be seriously underestimated

2022-05-07 12:16:36Chinese industry information station

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modeling 、 binding 、 Motion capture is the key link of virtual human production . To achieve efficient and high-quality 3D modeling 、 Animation production 、 Real time rendering , You need to use a lot of game technology .

Now , Game technology has jumped out of the game product itself , To play a role in more fields .

Of game technology “ transboundary ” And “ dilapidated wall ”

Game is a kind of “ Super complex interdisciplinary products ”. Entertainment is just one of its many functions and effects . On a technical level , The impact of games on other areas is more “ Bottom ” and “ intangible ”.

One application field that game technology is often used to talk about is film and television .

stay 2019 year Disney+ Hit series 《 The Mandalorians 》 in , The production team and the Unreal Engine ( A tool for game development and production ) In depth cooperation , Real time camera synthesis is realized ——“ See the final scene directly on the set ” The effect of . A few years ago ,《 No. 1 player 》 and 《 Silver wing killer 2049》 And other films have also used Unity Game engine to help make visual effects .

When the audience is watching a movie or drama , It's almost impossible to think of the game technology behind its shooting , And just have an obvious feeling —— The movie is better .

 Picture source :《 The Mandalorians 》 Official stills of the first season
Picture source :《 The Mandalorians 》 Official stills of the first season

The use of game technology goes beyond the film and television industry , And automatic driving .

A very important part of automatic driving is testing . Tencent has launched an automatic driving virtual simulation system TAD Sim, It is used to efficiently build highly restored test scenarios , Complete autonomous vehicle perception 、 Closed loop simulation test of decision and control algorithm . stay TAD Sim In the construction of the scene , It applies to game related technologies such as 3D reconstruction and game engine .

Game technology spillover cases that make the public more aware , More in the construction of social infrastructure .

such as education field , Schools in some remote areas , Because there is not enough equipment and resources to carry out some natural science experiments , So a game engine company has developed application software to conduct experimental simulation in virtual scene , So that students can “ be personally on the scene ” Experience the effect similar to the real experiment .

Another example is the medical field , before , There are game companies cooperating with hospitals , Developing new drugs for digital therapy “ Attention intensive training system ”. according to the understanding of , The system has been put into clinical trials for the treatment of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in children .

There is also the field of cultural relics protection . Mature photo scanning technology in the game industry 、3D Modeling and physical rendering , So that cultural relics can not only be preserved in digital form , Recapture “ vitality ”, Moreover, innovative interactive experience can also allow more people to have close contact with cultural heritage .

According to pinplay observation , Game technology through the engine 、 Algorithm 、 Simulate interaction 、 Feedback and other characteristics , Applications in other areas also include smart cities 、 Aircraft repair and maintenance training 、 Construction Engineering and so on .

One trend of these applications is , Game technology is jumping out of the game industry , Cross border integration into real industries . Game technology is increasingly showing the and social production 、 The close side of the real economy .

In the game , There is also digital productivity

The value of game technology , Is being seen by more and more people , Among them are some technology giants .

This year, 1 month 18 Japan , Microsoft The company officially announced the acquisition and development of 《 Warcraft series 》、《 diablo 》 and 《 Call of duty 》 Wait for a hot game IP Well known game manufacturer Activision Blizzard . This acquisition sets a new record for the acquisition amount of the game industry , Also became near 20 The largest acquisition in business history in years .

Most outsiders interpret this acquisition as Microsoft's strong entry into the game industry 、 The symbol of the meta universe . But if combined with future trends , Microsoft is not only interested in Blizzard's game content , And the game technology of this company .

As mentioned in a comment on people's daily : This acquisition represents the forward-looking judgment of the current global technology giants on the new round of industrial layout of the digital economy , Games are an important part of the digital economy , Or say , There is also digital productivity in the game .

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We are now discussing the wide application of game technology , An important premise is , The development of game technology , Many times it is ahead of other industries , And have the ability to support the development of other industries . actually , We experience a new technology in our life 、 New development scenarios , It often starts with the game .

A typical example is , intelligence mobile phone When the industry started ,《 Angry birds 》 and 《 Fruit ninja 》 And other games are designed to meet the operation habits and use time of smartphone users , Not only make game practitioners realize that it's simple 、 leisure 、 Games that make good use of fragmented time can succeed on mobile platforms , It has also promoted the rapid popularization of smart phones with its own success .

A similar path appears in AR、VR And the development of the meta universe .

According to the statistics , For now AR、VR The use of Technology ,70% It's all about games ; Now normalize the concept of meta universe , Its best experience entrance and important terminal scenes are also games , The game engine used in game development 、3D modeling 、 Real time rendering, etc , It is considered to be an important technology to support the development of the meta universe .

A lot of times , While stimulating technological innovation, games , Its achievements are also constantly radiating to other fields .

such as , Vibration feedback technology originally born in the game to provide a better game experience , Now it is also widely used in the field of accessibility —— Visually impaired children can learn different knowledge in different vibration sets ; When visually impaired people use the Internet , It can be confirmed by vibration 、 Different operations such as cancel and select ; When traveling , People with visual impairment can also choose according to the size of the objects they encounter 、 Density and shape define different sets of vibrations , Free from danger .

Cross industry application of game underlying technology , It just reflects the digital productivity contained in the game . Or say , Game technology has become a driving force for traditional industries to move towards digital real integration 、 An important tool for building digital twins .

All this actually points to a fact : Games are becoming the experimental field and incubator of future technology .

The technological capability and value boundary of the game will continue to expand , And will really change people's lives .

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