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The world's largest hydropower station under construction has generated more than 10 billion kwh of electricity this year

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IT The home of 5 month 7 Daily news , Learned from the Three Gorges group , By 5 month 5 Japan 00 when 22 branch , The world's largest construction in progress 、 Hydropower projects with the highest comprehensive technical difficulty —— Baihetan Dam 2022 The annual cumulative production of clean electric energy 100 Million kilowatt hour .

 China's Baihetan Hydropower Station has generated more than 10 billion kwh this year

The Three Gorges group said ,100 100 million kwh of clean electric energy can save about 306 Ten thousand tons of , Reduce carbon dioxide by about 838 Ten thousand tons of , Equivalent to planting 3.3 Ten thousand hectares of broad-leaved forest .

Since the first batch of units were put into operation , The cumulative power generation of Baihetan Hydropower Station has reached 256 Million kilowatt hour , The operating state of the units put into operation is stable 、 The operation index is excellent . at present , The final assembly of the last two units of Baihetan Hydropower Station is coming to an end , The project has entered the sprint stage of full production .

IT Home learned , Baihetan Hydropower Station is located in the main stream of Jinsha River at the junction of Ningnan County, Sichuan Province and Qiaojia county, Yunnan Province , It's implementation “ Send electricity from the west to the East ” Major national projects , Total installation 16 Taiwan is independently developed by China 、 The world's largest single unit capacity of one million kilowatt water turbine generator unit , Total installed capacity 1600 kilowatts , The average annual power generation is about 624 Million kilowatt hour .

According to the Three Gorges group , Baihetan Hydropower Station and Wudong Germany 、 Xiluodu 、 Xiangjiaba 、 Three Gorges 、 Gezhouba and other cascade hydropower stations constitute the world's largest clean energy corridor . After Baihetan Hydropower Station is fully put into operation , The hydropower units completed and put into operation by the Three Gorges group in the main stream of the Yangtze River will reach 110 platform , The total installed capacity is 7169.5 kilowatts , Equivalent to the installed capacity of Three Three Gorges power stations .

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