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Marshall Emberton II experience: 30 hours longer endurance, more environmentally friendly, and more fun

2022-05-07 12:37:39Xiang Ou

Speaking of Marshall The brand , Young rock stars should know , His speaker is especially suitable for listening to bass 、 Electronic music 、 Heavy metal and other songs . And in the shape design , Cool litchi skin with a layer of metal Marshall brand logo, Let you take it all the way to be noticed , And it will be different .

As Marshall The smallest volume in , Can be carried by hand , With battery Marshall Emberton, It's the third time 2 Generation product: . Compared to the previous generation ,Marshall Emberton II There have been many improvements :1, The endurance time is from 20 The hour has been raised to 30 More than one hour .2, Protection grade from IPX7 Promoted to IP67 Dustproof and waterproof , signify Emberton II It is waterproof and dustproof .3, Newly added Stack Mode allows you to connect multiple Emberton II, To get a more three-dimensional sound .4, Product packaging and body materials are more environmentally friendly .

Let's share Marshall Emberton II This week's trial experience .

In order to reflect the awareness of environmental protection ,Marshall Emberton II The box contains 70% Recycled materials , The pressed pulp used is 100% Recycled materials . and Marshall Emberton II The body adopts a more environmentally friendly structure . Its plastic composition contains 50% Recycled plastics , All from waste electronic products 、 Water bottles and car lampshades , also 100% Not included PVC.

therefore , Although the appearance and size look the same as the previous generation , Weight is also 700 g , There is no change , But the materials are more environmentally friendly , This is reflected. Marshall Efforts to reduce carbon emissions .

On the front metal grid Marshall logo Black gold color matching is adopted, which conforms to Marshall The consistent style of , It looks more noble and has texture . meanwhile , The outside includes silicone material, in addition to providing better protection and fall resistance , The material texture is also upgraded to Marshall The consistent litchi peel texture , Increased grip feel .

Marshall Emberton II The operation buttons are concentrated on the top : The black key on the left is used for Bluetooth pairing , The gold metal button on the right integrates all media control buttons . This golden multifunction button , Press and hold to start the machine / To turn it off , Click to play / Pause . Push or press the button in the specified direction to adjust the volume / Up and down switch .

The indicator light bar next to the gold button can display the current speaker power status , On the side of the speaker is a USB-C Charging port , Support fast charging , Charge 20 Minutes to renew 4 Hours , Full of need 3 Hours , Can provide 30 More than one hour's endurance , Go out and play with it. Don't worry about the power problem .

In the actual audition experience ,Emberton II Very suitable for listening to pop percussion , Also good for bass , and , Yes Marshall Brand Endorsement , The interpretation effect of music is quite excellent .

Thanks to the built-in two 2 Inch full frequency drive unit and two passive radiators , actually ,Emberton II There are horns at the front and back , So there is no need to tangle with facing the front or back to yourself . The benefit is , At an outdoor party , You can Emberton II Put it in the middle of the crowd , In this way, all teammates can get excellent stereo source .

It is worth mentioning that , This time, a new connection mode is provided :Stack Pattern —— Put more than one Emberton II Speaker interconnection , This mode can be activated through the control button on the speaker . Connect any number of Emberton II Loudspeaker box , You can get a louder sound by playing music repeatedly , A wider sound field .

For such a portable “ Small brick ”,Marshall Emberton II Suitable for those literary and artistic young people who pursue the retro trend , Classic retro look , Excellent sound quality , exceed 30 Hours of battery life , Not afraid of beer splashing at the party after skiing , Even when you don't play music , It's also a beautiful decoration at the head of the bed in the bedroom .( This article first titanium Media App, Photography 、 author / Xiang Ou , edit / Zhong Yi )

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