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NFT collective "cooling down", big factories transfer digital fashion

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Bytes to beat , Continue to move towards the virtual world .

According to the Tech Planet news , Tiktok has entered the field of digital fashion , The plan is to launch the “ Boiling silence (pheagee)” The business of .“ Boiling silence ” It will become a new digital fashion community , Involving virtual clothing 、 Virtual human 、 Virtual social and other aspects , Tiktok 、PICO And other businesses .

( source : Check the inner eye )

Sky eye examination shows :“ Boiling silence (pheagee)” The main company behind is Shanghai boiling silence Technology Co., Ltd , Founded on 2022 year 1 month 14 Japan , Wholly owned by the company , Its legal person is byte VR Business “PICO” Person in charge: Ren Lifeng . The business scope includes Internet information services , The second type of value-added telecommunications services , Production and operation of radio and television programs , Network culture management , Publication retail, etc .

New choices for virtual worlds

Digital and fashion collections (NFT), It belongs to the subdivision field of meta universe , But there is a big difference in essence .NFT My scientific name is “ Heterogeneous token ”, each NFT It's all different , Have uniqueness .NFT Whether it's fashion or collectibles , All have unique codes , Once purchased , You are the only person in the world who has it .

Digital fashion is more like clothes in the digital world , Just like fashion shoes in reality , Have the circulation of goods . Simply speaking , It's like the early days of the Internet QQ Show , It can be matched arbitrarily in the virtual world .

NFT And digital fashion have a common feature , It's the clothes you spend money on , Can't wear it in reality .

Compared with VR/AR/XR And other high-tech cutting-edge technologies , The trend of digital fashion has swept the fashion world . at present , More and more digital fashion has entered our world , Top luxury tide card , Such as LV、Gucci, Down to sports brands , Like Nike 、 Lining , Are launching various digital fashions , Let this evil wind blow harder and harder .

From the bag 、T T-shirts to shoes , Traditional clothing brands focus on the digital field , Redesign the fashion dress , combining Z Generational collection culture , Create online goods for sale and display , Leading the new trend of wearing .

Have to say , More and more like QQ Show it .

( source :DRESSX)

At present, the development of meta universe virtual scene in China , Has been dominated by virtual people and virtual idols , When users become more and more aesthetic tired of virtual people and virtual idols , Big factories began to focus on digital fashion .

According to the Tech Star report :“ Boiling silence ” It is an online fashion creative platform for fashion designers , At present, it is still in the early stage of exploration . For the future “ Boiling silence ” In what form will it be commercialized 、 Whether you can play with the Tiktok virtual idol “ Liu Yexi ”、“ Li Weike ” There's interaction , Everything is unknown .

But byte hopping is important for “ Boiling silence ” And digital fashion are very important , At a time of constant layoffs , We need to recruit more digital fashion product managers , It is clearly required to be responsible for digital wear scene exploration and function iteration , Implementation of solutions and tools for virtual fitting , Including but not limited to App End fitting effects 、 Pictures, virtual fitting, etc .

Interested in digital fashion , Byte is not the only one . Tencent now 、 Huawei 、 Xiaohongshu and other Internet companies , Are actively laying out digital fashion business .

QQ Show super evolution

2022 year ,QQ already 23 year .

tencent QQ The team also prepared a birthday present for the Penguin : Super QQ Show .

So-called “ Super QQ Show ” It's the original 2D edition QQ Show , Through the Unreal Engine 4 Driver upgrade to 3D edition , In addition to the same support for purchasing clothing , And support AI Pinch your face and DIY expression , Complete new interactive functions .

Get virtual clothes 、 background 、 face 、 Make up, etc , Through different combinations to create their own “ Virtual image ”……

wait , It sounds familiar , This is very similar to virtual fashion , Almost the same ?

( source : Super QQ Show )

Virtual image is the premise of virtual social communication , It is also the basic disc of digital fashion . Through a more refined virtual image , Make virtual social networking more generative , Complete the mapping with the real world , Make users' self-expression more knowable and sensible .

In super QQ Xiuzhong , It's not just pinching your face and changing your clothes , Tencent carefully weaves all kinds of virtual social scenes for users . Introduction “ Caveolae ” function , Create your own space .

If we say super QQ Show is QQ Elegant 3D edition , that “ Caveolae ” That was QQ Spatial 3D edition .

This space can be completely by the user DIY, Users can shop through different furniture stores , Any collocation of furniture 、 Drag and drop 、 Arrangement , House expansion and other operations . Then by adding friends , Invite each other to their cabin to listen to music , Realize a variety of interactive scenarios .

Reshape with the logic of digital fashion QQ Show , Through the construction of virtual scene , Open virtual social play , This is already the rudiment of metacosmic social . Plus QQ As a product of the early Internet era , It has a very high user group , At present, a large number of netizens have applied for super QQ Show internal test qualification .

( source : The little red book )

As “ Senior fashion guide ” The little red book , The trend of fashion will not let go .

Little red book first created “R-SPACE”, As storage and display NFT And digital fashion virtual scenes . Then starting this year , Xiaohongshu united with many native artists of the platform to launch different forms 、 Online virtual digital fashion activities with different themes .

During the Spring Festival , The little red book R-SPACE go online “ Yuan universe temple fair ” Activities , Hand in hand 22 An original designer 、 The artist , Sell original digital collections with the theme of the Spring Festival ;2 month 14 Japan , Held on Valentine's day, the digital collection cabbage dog as a gift , It is also loved by the majority of users ;4 month 18 Japan , Little red book and XINTIANDI Xintiandi launched a virtual fashion event , Hand in hand 9 A well-known Chinese designer brand , In little red book R-SPACE First episode 18 Limited virtual fashion line .

Users can also visit xiaohongshu's home page R-SPACE In the function module , With VR/AR And other forms to experience the digital clothes designed by these trend brands ; The little red book provides additional exposure , Encourage users to take notes and experience digital fashion , And share with platform netizens , Take advantage of this novel fashion , Drive the social atmosphere in the community .

More Than This , Little red book from 4 month 15 Daily start “ Little Red Book Virtual fashion recruitment plan ”, Invite people who love virtual fashion 、 Creative 、 Thoughtful Designer 、 Artists and other creators settled in xiaohongshu . The platform will invite the settled creators to jointly plan the digital collection theme activities , Help sell its original digital works , And give support to the flow of works , Jointly enrich the ecological content of virtual fashion .

fashion , Practical or practical ?

Some people put digital fashion 、 Virtual clothing is the rudiment of the meta universe ; Some people also think it is just a new tool for cutting leeks .

The most sought after fans of digital fashion , In European and American countries . As a virtual product , It has an advantage that is hard to surpass , Is its environmental protection .

Digital fashion startup in Los Angeles DressX, In their own digital fashion goods all indicate :“ This commodity 100% It doesn't include any physical fibers 、 water 、 Carbon dioxide ; There is no need to ship 、 Delivery . It provides a blueprint for traditional fashion Colleges , To optimize the 21 Art Education in the 21st century .”

DRESSX released 《 Digital fashion sustainability 2021 The report 》 Show : Per production 1 A digital dress , Carbon emissions can be reduced compared with the production of physical clothing 97%, It can also save 3300 Premium ( Almost alone 3.5 Annual water consumption ).

To some extent, this represents the attitude of foreign consumers towards digital fashion : Environmental protection is above all else .

But this is also the biggest trough of opponents : It's all virtual 、 fake , Of course, environmental protection .

( source :Gucci)

Famous luxury brands Gucci, stay Roblox The game platform is open Gucci Garden Online store , Mainly selling digital fashion virtual goods . One of them Dionysus Virtual goods , Sold 4115 The dollar “ sky-high ”.

It's equivalent to buying one QQ Show bag accessories , It will cost more than 27000 yuan . After all, it is poverty that limits my imagination .

For designers , Digital fashion 、 Virtual clothing helps them achieve “ freedom to create ”, Not limited by fabric , You can create in a wild way ; But for most ordinary people in the world , He just needs a normal 、 Something you can wear 、 Ordinary clothes that can be used everyday .

But anyway , Digital fashion has become the next outlet , Is being noticed by more and more capital . In the future, more and more virtual clothes will appear in front of us .

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