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Lululemon overturned again. When did "Yoga Lv" take off the label of "poor quality"?

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Lululemon The car overturned again because of quality problems .

5 month 5 Japan , According to credit China website , Lulu lemon (Lululemon) Associated companies —— Lulumen trade ( Shanghai ) Ltd. for violating Article 50 of the product quality law ( Adulterate the product 、 Adulterate , Fake as true , Inferior is better than inferior , Or fake the unqualified products as qualified products ), Fined by Xicheng District market supervision and Administration Bureau of Beijing 8.142 Ten thousand yuan .

The decision on administrative penalty shows that ,2021 year 10 month 1 The date of , Luluolemong will some of the above products ( common 59 Pieces of ) Used for its... In Beijing 9 This shop sells , Price 1380 element / Pieces of . By 2021 year 11 month 3 Japan , Co sold 51 Pieces of , The total sales amount to 67205.34 element . The products sold have not been recovered . Lulumen made a profit 23431.05 element , The value of the goods amounts to 81420 element .

Xicheng District Bureau of market supervision and administration of Beijing Municipality issued an order for it 81420 Yuan ticket , Confiscate their illegal gains 23431.05 Yuan and illegal property .

After this information was exposed by the media, it quickly boarded the microblog hot search .

Under the pressure of public opinion ,Lululemon Apologize on the official microblog , Admit that it sold Navigation The filling amount of men's down vest is inconsistent with the national standard . They also said , Once the problem is discovered , The company took off the shelves of relevant batches of products for the first time , And carried out internal verification and rectification .

Lululemon go by the name of “ Yoga world LV”, A pair of Yoga Pants costs thousands of yuan . But with its close fitting comfort 、 Fashionable and stylish features and accurate online marketing , Quickly captured a large number of female users .

Started with yoga clothes Lululemon It also created a myth in the capital market :2007 Market value at the time of listing in 16 Billion dollars ;2021 year 11 month , The total market value once exceeded 620 Billion dollars .

at present ,Lululemon The market value has fallen , But still close 440 Billion dollars . This makes it second only to Nike , Become the world's second largest sportswear giant by market value .

Make the market value break 500 $100 million mark , Adidas used 71 year , Nike used 41 year , Anta used 27 year ,32 Li Ning has not yet reached this height ; and Lululemon It only took 22 year .

Such a cutting-edge giant in the sportswear industry , But overturned on the quality problem , such “ Fine score ” The image of is really shocking .

stay Lululemon In the development history of , It has overturned many times due to quality problems , Behind the supply chain is the key Bug Where .

It is worth noting that , With Lululemon Expand to a variety of categories such as sports shoes and clothing , It will face greater supply chain challenges .

Rollover due to quality problems , Not for the first time

Because of the down jacket “ Inferior is better than inferior ” Be punished , This is just Lululemon One of many quality problems .

Browsing Lululemon The comment area of the official website and China's social networks , Users' roast about their quality problems can be seen everywhere .

On the black cat complaint , Consumers about Lululemon Complaints about quality problems include pilling after wearing shorts for less than three months ; The trousers are worn twice and they will break ; The yoga mat smells of plastic ; Clothes hook silk, etc . These problems have not yet been dealt with .

In the history of ,Lululemon Has repeatedly overturned the car due to quality problems , I have suffered losses .

2013 Beginning of the year ,Lululemon A batch of black Luon Yoga pants are too thin and transparent because of the fabric , It is easy to cause women to go naked and suffer a large number of complaints .

Lululemon Recycled this batch of yoga pants off the shelf , A few months later , They have introduced new and improved products , But customers still pointed out that it is too thin and transparent .

According to the article of Oriental Securities Research Institute , The recall indirectly caused 2013 Late delivery of new products in autumn , Expected revenue loss 6700 Thousands of dollars .

The quality problem this time is for Lululemon It brings far more than economic losses .

The recall made the then chief product officer of the company ShereeWaterson Take the blame and resign immediately . After a few months ,Lululemon CEO of ChristineDay Also announced his resignation , Once triggered a sharp drop in share prices .

2013 end of the year ,Lululemon founder Wilson And the crisis of public opinion caused by improper remarks . He said, , The fabric of the recalled yoga pants is thin , Because I can't help the friction of fat consumers' thighs , Their figure is not suitable for wearing Lululemon The clothes of .

This a , Public opinion is in a uproar , Give Way Lululemon The recall has become more complex .Wilson Not only apologize publicly for your inappropriate remarks , And forced to 2013 year 12 Resigned as chairman of the company in June , Retain only the position of director .

2015 year ,Lululemon It was revealed that it was for sale 20 This hooded jacket and top has potential safety problems , Because the company uses elastic material to make the tie of coat and hat , It's caused 7 Face and eye injuries .

Lululemon Conduct large-scale recall again , In the United States and Canada 13.3 Ten thousand and 18.5 Ten thousand coats . thereafter , They also changed the lace up to an inelastic material .

The recall also caused a shock to the company's management , Chief product Officer TaraPoseley Dismissal .

Two recalls resulted in Lululemon Fall into... For a long time 5 The trough of the year .

From the company's financial report ,2013-2017 year ,Lululemon The year-on-year growth rate of revenue hovers at 12.9%—16.13%; stay 2013 Years ago 3 In the year , Its revenue growth is 37%—57%.

and 2012-2016 year , The compound annual growth of yoga clothes in the United States has reached 20.2%.

Lululemon In the fast-growing market, the reputation and performance continue to decline due to quality problems .

In terms of net profit ,2013-2017 Year ,Lululemon The growth of net profit slowed down , Even in 2014 and 2017 Negative net profit growth in the two fiscal years , The year-on-year declines were respectively 14.6% and 14.5%.

Long term supply chain risk

One Lululemon The average selling price of Yoga Pants 1050 element , About equal to Nike Twice as much as similar products .

Lululemon With what ?

If you summarize the selling points of its products in one sentence : That's functional 、 Excellent balance between comfort and fashion .

Thanks to Lululemon Our design and development team adopts technologically advanced fabrics , And continue to seek innovation in product design and production technology .

Lululemon They do not produce raw materials and products , Instead, we buy Fabrics from a third party , And outsourcing the production process to third-party manufacturers .

They work with fabric suppliers , Develop exclusive fabrics , Including the main fast drying Everlux、 Mainly soft Nulu And Nulux etc. .Lululemon Also work with independent third parties , Carry out a variety of tests on fabrics , Including pilling 、 shrink 、 Wear resistance ,、 Color fastness and other dimensions .

Lululemon By agreement 、 trademark 、 Trade secret protection and other ways to ensure the exclusive use and market competitiveness of these fabrics .

But so far ,Lululemon Among the patents applied for , Most of them are process design patents , A method of knitting brassiere fabric including dynamic properties 、 Bra design with storage bag, etc , Not fabric patents .

Lululemon There is no long-term contract with any manufacturer or raw material supplier ; They're producing 、 There is competition with other companies in terms of fabrics or raw materials .

In the risk warning part of the financial report , The high dependence on the supply chain is Lululemon Long term risks .

How high is the risk ?

2017 year 7 month , Amazon wants to recruit a large sportswear supplier , The news of building its own sports brand makes Lululemon Our share price fell in response 4%, Some analysts will also Lululemon Our stock rating is “ Sell off ”.

Because the news says ,Lululemon Our top supplier EclatTextileCo. Will make clothes for Amazon . after ,EclatTextileCo. Always for Lululemon Develop its iconic Luon Fabric . According to market analysis , Amazon's new sports brand will be divided up Lululemon Market share , And squeeze its profit margin .

2017 From the year onwards ,Lululemon Start diversifying supply chain risks , Including increasing the number of suppliers 、 Reduce reliance on individual suppliers , And the layout of production and manufacturing in many places around the world .

contrast 2017 Years and 2021 Data found in ,Lululemon The proportion of the top five fabric suppliers ranges from 59% Down to 56%; The proportion of the top five manufacturers ranges from 64% Down to 57%.

At the same time ,Lululemon The proportion of the largest single fabric supplier ranges from 35% Down to 27%; The proportion of single largest manufacturer ranges from 25% Down to 15%.

Despite years of efforts ,Lululemon The current supply chain risk is still not small .

stay 2021 In the annual report ,Lululemon Disclosed a number of risks related to the supply chain .

These include , Many special fabrics used in the company's products are developed and produced by a third party , In the short term, there are only one or a limited number of channels to buy .

If the supply chain is interrupted , May cause various problems , The company cannot guarantee to find additional fabric suppliers or raw material suppliers 、 Manufacturer .

In terms of geographical layout ,Lululemon Gradually purchase more and more fabrics from Chinese Mainland , The proportion of fabric supply in Chinese Mainland is from 2019 Year of 14% Up to the 2021 Year of 19%.

In the manufacturing process ,2017-2018 year ,Lululemon Change the proportion of China from 10% Upgrade to 12%.

but 2019 year -2021 year , The proportion of China has changed from 11% Down to 7%, There are also 2% Distributed in Taiwan .

The three years , The proportion of Vietnam and Cambodia is increasing , The former comes from 33% Up to the 40%, The latter from 16% Rose to 2020 Year of 20% But in 2021 In, it fell to 17%.

The Chinese market is Lululemon High hopes . Outside the United States , China has the largest number of stores 、 The fastest expanding market .

2020 year ,Lululemon In China 55 Stores ,2021 Year to year 86 individual , A new year 31 home . and 2021 year ,Lululemon It has just opened in the world 53 stores .

One side is the improvement of the contribution of China's market revenue , While moving more production out of China . In the years when the epidemic spread , Under this practice , Supply chain risk is visible to the naked eye .

With Nike 、 ADI, for example , In recent years , They think about cost and other factors , The agent factories will be successively relocated from China to Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam .

2021 year , China has made remarkable achievements in epidemic control , but Euromonitor The data show that , Nike and Adie's market share in China fell to 40%; and 2020 In, their market share was 43%.

Behind this , A very important reason is the shortage of productivity , Because they produce most of their products in Vietnam . The epidemic has forced Vietnamese factories to shut down .

Lululemon Also can not escape such risks . They are 2021 The annual financial report said , The whole garment industry, including us, is facing the challenge of supply chain . These challenges stem from the COVID-19 、 Political instability 、 Inflationary pressure 、 And the reduction of freight capacity 、 Cost increase 、 The port is blocked 、 Plant shutdown 、 Labor shortage and other factors .

Due to cargo interruption and port congestion ,Lululemon Increased use of air transportation , This also leads to increased costs . They are expected to 2022 year , The company's costs in this area will continue to increase .

The challenge of multi category expansion

From Nike 、 ADI and other giants' expansion path ,Lululemon We should continue to expand , Only Yoga Pants 、 It's not enough to serve only female users .

And it has shown many scenes many years ago 、 The ambition of multi category expansion .

2013 year ,Lululemon Start the men's wear business , And in 2014 Opened the first independent men's clothing store in New York .

To 2017 year , The company has regarded men's wear business as one of the three business growth points .

2019 year ,Lululemon 's executives revealed in an interview with the media , The growth rate of men's wear business of the company has been higher than that of women's wear , In the future, the scale of men's clothing may reach the level of women's clothing .

2017 year ,Lululemon Worked with sneaker manufacturers Athletic Propulsion Labs Co launch sneakers . however , This sneaker didn't succeed , Finally silently off the shelf .

This year, 3 month 9 Japan ,Lululemon Launched four footwear products , Announce the official entry into the footwear market .

among , The first women's running shoes Blissfeel On 3 month 23 Japan is in Chinese Mainland 、 Available in North America and the UK , The price is 1180 element .Blissfeel yes Lululemon It is the first time to make independent brand sports shoes for women .

For clothing brands , Supply chain capability is one of the core competitiveness . Expand into multiple categories , It will undoubtedly make us highly dependent on third-party suppliers Lululemon Facing greater supply chain challenges .

2017-2021 year , although Lululemon Trying to reduce supply chain risk , However, the total number of fabric suppliers and manufacturing suppliers has not changed significantly .

In the past few years , The total number of manufacturers ranges from 2017 Year of 47 Home falls to 41 home , Fabric suppliers from 65 Home has grown to 2019 Year of 76 Home, but down to 2021 Year of 65 home .

From the perspective of supplier resources ,Lululemon There is still a huge gap with Nike .

Nike 2020 Annual financial report , They are 12 Countries share 122 A shoe factory , Among them is 4 Shoe Suppliers account for more than 10%; They account for about... Of Nike brand footwear products 61%.

meanwhile , Nike in the world 38 Countries own 329 A clothing factory , The largest supplier accounts for about... Of Nike branded apparel products 11%.

This time, ,Lululemon Be exposed “ Inferior is better than inferior ” Our product is its men's down jacket .

Besides , Sports shoes and men's wear are both huge markets , But the competition is also fierce . To enter these markets ,Lululemon Need to deal with from Nike 、 Adidas 、 Anta 、 The encirclement, pursuit and interception of giants such as Li Ning .

Opponents have been working in the corresponding field for decades ,Lululemon It's not easy to run fast in markets such as shoes and men's wear .

Facing more and more rational consumers ,“ Poor quality ” yes Lululemon Labels that must be removed .

As “ Yoga world LV”, Now that the brand temperament has been set off to today's share ,Lululemon If you want to continue to win, you must first be able to afford its price .

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