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Marketing, stores and supply chain are fully connected, and Gome joins hands with Tencent to create a full retail ecosystem

2022-05-07 12:46:22Rao Xiangyu

15 month 5 Japan , Gome and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement , Both sides will be in big data / cloud 、 Internet technology 、 Advertising and marketing 、 Carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in smart stores and other fields .

According to the cooperation agreement , Gome will use Tencent's users in digital intelligence connection 、 Products and tools , For its full retail ecological network 、 Supply chain 、 Integration, innovation and sharing of operations and services .

such as , Gome will integrate Tencent's cloud services , Enhance and strengthen the big data resources of Gome's whole retail ecological sharing platform 、 Cloud computing capability and full link connection efficiency ; From the application layer , Tencent is based on the retail characteristics of Gome , Share with Gome to create smart marketing tools and accurate advertising , Improve the efficiency of Gome's whole scene 、 Enterprise user service depth 、 The effect of community marketing is better than that of advertising .

It is worth noting that , Offline store link , With the help of Tencent big data 、 Cloud computing technology , Gome can quickly analyze the advantages of business district , Realize intelligent location , Improve store operation capacity and efficiency , Further improve customers' daily shopping experience .

“ Gome ‘ home · life ’ Since the second phase of the strategy , Digital store is Gome 、 One of the strategic cooperation projects between Tencent and China .”

Gome CEO Wang Wei to titanium media App Express , Gome's offline stores are being upgraded , The expected goal is to build Gome's physical stores into a digital platform for local life . Take advantage of Tencent's technology and user advantages , Gome will improve the traditional way of getting customers based on local promotion , And increase the stickiness with users . Based on the deepening strategic cooperation of the whole link , Gome's offline stores will certainly make a profit , At present, the expected profit margin should be in the... Of revenue 15%-25%.

“2021 Gome announced the opening of ‘ home · life ’ Since the second phase of the strategy , The core infrastructure has been 、 Digital technology and other native capabilities are integrated into online 、 Offline 、 Supply chain 、 logistics 、 big data / Cloud and sharing jointly build six platforms . This year, , Gome's first task is to integrate its current technical capabilities , Completely open to society , Serve more businesses .”

Fang Wei, senior vice president of Gome retail, told titanium media App Express , The opening-up and cooperation reached , Gome expects the repurchase rate to at least double , Accurate customer group marketing will increase the gross profit margin by at least three percentage points .( This article first titanium Media App, author / RaoXiangYu , edit / Zhong Yi )

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