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Meditation in China, when to wait for unicorns valued at more than $2 billion?

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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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meditation , Will it become a new way of life ?

In modern times , The ancient movement of meditation is reviving in a strange form .

It originated from Buddhism and Zen , But it has been corrected by modern medicine ; It goes back to the ancient oriental culture , But it is generally accepted by modern western elites ; With the development of scientific and technological civilization, it has been eliminated in modernization , Finally, it was completely destroyed by the mobile Internet “ resurrection ” And spread all over the world .

Meditation has been embedded in the modern cultural context , It may still be small , But against the background of post epidemic chaos and depression , Its positive significance for body and mind has a universal foundation .

Steve jobs 、 Dario 、 Celebrities such as Kobe Bryant who have created miracles in their respective fields all admire meditation , Silicon Valley elites manage and regulate themselves through meditation every day , The dissemination of meditation also has the color of infiltration from the center to the public .

In business , The body and mind industry is undoubtedly the direction of the future , But investors are concerned and hesitant , The biggest doubt is how to standardize these businesses ? As an offline representative, yoga hall has spread all over the capillaries of the city , meditation APP In the United States, two valuation super 20 Billion dollar Unicorn .

Online stories are always sexier , In the spiritual and psychological Internet track that the venture capital circle likes to talk about , Meditation has become the most standardized and large-scale product breakthrough point .

In China, , Will meditation be a good business ?

01、 From the minority to the critical point of just needed flywheel

No one knows where the critical point of the flywheel effect of meditation is , But I felt it was coming .

At least, , The mood of the times is showing some obvious signs .

In recent days, , Liu Fuhong swipes the screen ,4 Since mid month , Half a month , Its Tiktok fans are 600 Ten thousand heads rose to nearly 6000 ten thousand , flared up 10 times , It has successfully become one of the top ten fans of Tiktok V, From the central media to all kinds of stars to the general public , Are waving flags and shouting for it . After all , From any perspective , Fitness is a very positive thing .

Liu Jianhong's popularity has some drama , But behind the subsequent flow , It must be the result of the joint efforts of many parties , And can go to such a phenomenal volume , From the perspective of communication , It must have stepped on some mood of the times .

Liu Fuhong video screenshot

In the epidemic 、 Russia Ukraine war 、 Economic transformation 、 Against the background of career anxiety , The sense of security has become the strongest appeal in people's hearts , Since we can't change the environment , Then adjust your body and mind , Since the epidemic can't go out , Just follow the Aerobics in the live studio .

It has never been popular for no reason , Liu Jianhong's birth , It also indicates that the great health track is about to usher in a blowout .

The most direct expression , It's the surge in sales of surrounding sportswear . Even if Liu Jianhong hasn't started to bring the goods , On Taobao , Consult Yoga Pants 、 motion T There are many more users of T-shirts ,lululemon Online orders have directly increased 5%~10%.

Meditation as a mental health track , It has also been positively affected , According to meditation APP FLOW The data of , Nearly a month , Its weekly active user growth 22.8%.

The key lies in , Will this be a short-term phenomenon ? In a long-term perspective , This is closer to a necessity .

The psychological problems of Chinese people have a long history .

《2020 Public mental health INSIGHT REPORT 》 Displays more than 8 Percent of the respondents had depression and anxiety ,《 Report on the development of Chinese national mental health (2019~2020)》 Show ,2020 year , The detection rate of adolescent depression is 24.6%. among , The detection rate of mild depression was 17.2%, Severe depression is 7.4%.

《 Report on the development of Chinese national mental health (2019~2020)》

Anxiety and depression are the crux of the times , Insomnia is the most direct manifestation .

According to the Chinese Sleep Research Association 《2021 Exercise and sleep white paper 》, China Super 3 100 million people have sleep disorders , Nearly a third of them stayed up until early in the morning 1 I can't go to sleep until 12 o'clock .

Sleepless workers are everywhere , Open the morning 1 A circle of friends , Half in emo, Half secretly emo.

In the treatment of insomnia caused by anxiety , Meditation is getting more attention .

In little red book ,“ Meditation sleep ” The notes under keyword search are 1 ten thousand +, There are many bloggers teaching people how to fall asleep through meditation on major live broadcasting platforms .

From a business perspective , This is undoubtedly the most obvious and easy to cut into a pain point , So in product design , Major meditations APP They all take sleep function as their main function .

But assisted sleep is just the starting point , Meditate on the drivers behind commercialization , I want more than that .

02、 The ambition of the minority movement

The best business , Is selling a way of life .

How to define meditation , In the long run, it determines the scalability and vitality of this business , In the short term, it will directly affect its transmission route and efficiency .

In relevant interviews and reports , Whether it's investors or entrepreneurs , All try to convey more connotation and extension .

Investor Shao Yibo believes that investment meditation is “ Focus on the opening and growth of human mind ”, For emerging brands Heartly lab founder Vivienne for , Meditation can be reproduced “ Simple, peaceful and creative personal growth experience in childhood ”.

This actually comes from , Most of them are lovers themselves . Global meditation head brand Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe,22 At the age of, he went to a temple at the foot of the Himalayas to become a monk ; Shao Yibo is selling eBay to ebay after , Once trapped in deep self doubt , Then I found inner peace through spiritual practice ;FLOW Wu Zan, the founder of meditation, has a habit of meditation for many years .

In the opinion of meditation promoters , What matters is not meditation itself , But a way of life behind it , Related to self exploration 、 Spiritual discovery 、 More mysterious experiences such as wisdom growth , Meditation is more like a door , It is used to lead beginners into the wider world behind them .

Behind the concept of returning to nature represented by meditation , What is right is a more grand proposition of the times —— Reflection on commercial civilization based on rampant consumerism .

Under the global sweeping and transformation of capitalism , The whole world is facing a spiritual crisis , The epidemic has unveiled the last layer of warmth , Expose the chaos and vulnerability of mankind .

From consumerism to anti consumerism , From appealing to the outside world to returning to the heart , In a two-stage reversal of the trend , Meditation is obviously trying to take advantage of the latter , So as to spread and establish a new way of life .

Meditate on the ambition of this business , It is not limited to a small form of sports consumption .

But practitioners also know , It is also the epidemic , Pressed the acceleration key of industry development . Since the outbreak , Meditation and mindfulness apps have seen a surge in downloads .Sensor Tower Show ,2020 year 4 month ,Calm Downloads for 390 Ten thousand times ;Headspace achieve 150 Ten thousand times , and Meditopia As high as 140 Ten thousand times .2020 year 12 month ,Calm stay C In the round of financing 7500 Thousands of dollars , Push the company's valuation to 20 Billion dollars ,Headspace Health Our valuation has arrived 30 Around $100 million .

At home , According to the tide app The data of , contrast 2019 year 12 month -1 month , The tides 2020 year 2 month -4 The daily living rate of the month is 150%-250% Between , The number of new users increased by 220%-350% Between .

The tides APP Screenshot

With the long-term impact of the epidemic , Hot money continues to accelerate the influx of mental and psychological Internet tracks .

According to the orange IT data display , from 2021 - 2022 year 4 month , Co occurrence investment and financing in the field of mental health 17 Time , The accumulated investment and financing amount exceeds 15 One hundred million yuan . Meditative APP Also springing up , In addition to the old brand tide and NOW Meditation achieves explosive growth , Emerging star entrepreneurial brands FLOW Meditation and Heartly lab It's all in 2021 In the second half of the year, it obtained an angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan .

When referring to the powerful factors of product promotion ,FLOW Head of marketing cooperation Eason Yes One time Express , In addition to the growing concern about health ,“ The most favorable factor that cannot be ignored is the epidemic situation , Although it is particularly sad to say so , But the epidemic may be the only positive effect , Let's cherish our current health more 、 An orderly life , Inspire more people to care about their physical and mental conditions .”

But in the end , The nature of the epidemic is an unexpected factor , It's certainly right to take advantage of the situation , But how to find more power points , Let meditation go faster and farther in business , This is a more important proposition for domestic entrepreneurs .

After all, before the outbreak , The American meditation market has achieved considerable development , According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The report of , The number of meditators in the United States is 2012 - 2017 Over the course of the year 3 times , There are more than 3000 Ten thousand people practice , Has surpassed the number of yoga practitioners .

03、 How can slow sports break through slow business ?

Although meditation represents a certain forward-looking spirit , But there's no denying it , Meditation is still a slow business in China .

according to Sensor Tower Data show that ,3 The monthly flow of the monthly tide reaches 5 Ten thousand dollars , This is already a domestic meditation App The highest level of , And the tide is almost on the line 6 year . On the other side , American Unicorn brand Calm The annual income has reached 8000 More than ten thousand dollars .

A better vision for the future , How to break the current growth bottleneck is more urgent .

In the promotion of meditation products , There are at least three factors that restrict ——

First of all , Cultivation of market awareness .

What is worth pondering , Although meditation originated in Eastern Religions , But the west is more popular , In addition to its ideological pluralism and inclusiveness , It also benefits from a large number of research and experiments in modern medicine in Europe and America , Take the lead in transforming it into a modern sports model of physical and mental health in a scientific way , And it has been widely spread through the celebrity effect .

And in the domestic , The public's resistance to religious things is still relatively common , And modern psychology is far from universal , That is, meditation has encountered two obstacles in publicity ,“ The mass of 「 meditation 」 Our cognition is still in its infancy , When it comes to meditation, I feel religious 、 God nagging , But in fact, modern meditation has a wealth of Psychology 、 Brain science and other relevant basis , Also have clinical experience .”Eason Yes One time continued .

second , The spread of social money .

Compared to fitness and yoga , Meditation lacks the net red attribute .

Men are keen on fitness , Women punch in yoga , In addition to the pursuit of health , Social networking is also an important factor , On major social platforms , There are all kinds of beautiful photos showing your figure , especially Keep about “ Self discipline gives me freedom ” After much hype , In the public context “ Bodybuilding ” and “ Self-discipline ” This man is firmly locked , And fat people are considered “ Non self discipline ” The performance of the .

Fitness can take pictures of various concave shapes , How to take meditation ? Even if it means something ? Compared with the obvious shaping of fitness appearance , The spiritual improvement of meditation is difficult to present to outsiders . Showing off is one of the underlying motivations of communication , The idea of meditation and inner seeking is itself contrary to it , And in terms of functionality , It's more about experience , Instead of directly leading to some kind of utilitarian result , Whether it's fitness or yoga , Beauty is a kind of productivity .

Third , Economic externalities .

This is the fundamental difference between meditation and many consumer experiences , The development of fitness can drive a large number of surrounding industries , cover “ clothing 、 food 、 live 、 Practice ”,2020 year ,Keep Online consumer goods sales have reached 10 One hundred million yuan , More advertising and membership than the other two businesses combined . The development of Yoga , It will sell Yoga Pants directly lululemon Yes 500 Market value of US $100 million . Even camping , It also needs the support of the site and a large number of equipment , With refinement and petty bourgeoisie , There are more and more related surroundings .

The better the positive externalities of the economy , The more consumption driven , The more derived industries , Naturally contribute to the development of the industry itself .

By contrast , What peripheral consumption can meditation drive ? At least it's not clear yet .

From a business model point of view , At present, meditation APP They mainly rely on subscription system to earn income .

But domestic meditation start-ups obviously see the limitations of online , Whether it's FLOW Meditation or Heartly Lab, Are trying to travel 、 Explore offline models in the form of workshops , By enriching the user experience, more diversified peripheral business forms may be derived , Cut into the cultural tourism and great health track , That's the way to survive from the minority to the public , Like camping , And outdoor equipment .

No matter how positive the value starting point is , When it becomes a business , meditation APP The first thing we need is to survive , Live better , This requires meditation to be grounded enough , Can relate to people's lives , As Lang Qixu, the founder of tide, put it ,“ Make it a perceptible design and experience , And brushing your teeth 、 Combined with life scenes like commuting , Users can use it anytime, anywhere .”

04、 Live to the other side and wait for the flowers to bloom

Although as a sub category of mental health , Meditation is still climbing slowly , But the outlook is still promising .

Predictably enough , some time , meditation 、 yoga 、 Psychological counseling and other industries will be intertwined with each other , Prosper together in the big industry of body and mind , One time I was in 《“ Can't see ” Trillion market of : The body and mind under the iceberg 》 Analyzed , This industry not only has great potential , It also has counter cyclical investment value .

The gap between reality and the future , Is the huge development space of business .

Relevant data display , China's mental health investment is still at the level of developing countries as a whole , The per capita investment is no more than 2 dollar , High income countries such as the United States are as high as 59 More than $ . And according to Now Meditation Statistics , The United States has 14% Take meditation as a habit of life , But in China , This number may not exceed 1%.

Compared with many short-lived new consumption formats , The idea advocated by meditation is deeply rooted in the soil of the times , Return to self 、 Explore your heart 、 Develop wisdom , It is the indestructible spiritual verification of human civilization for thousands of years , In the impetuous and noisy contemporary , Maybe it can take us farther .

And entrepreneurs need to be prepared to fight a protracted war , just as Eason As I said ,“ Need to give them time to grow , China's new generation of young people are becoming more and more diverse , In the construction of personal life, they also have more and more autonomy and action , In fact, we don't care much about the so-called mass or minority , But how to find someone who really likes meditation 、 Audiences who need meditation , Serve them well .

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