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In 2022, the "code assembly" global challenge was launched

2022-05-07 13:10:03TechWeb

【TechWeb】5 month 7 Daily news ,IBM、 Relevant United Nations agencies and  Linux Foundations and founding agencies David Clark Cause Jointly launched 2022 year ” Code aggregation number ” Global challenge .

since 2018 It was held for the first time in ,” Code aggregation number ” The global challenge has entered its fifth year  , It has assembled from 180 More than... Countries and regions 50 10000 independent developers 、 Students and actors respond to the call and form a global developer community , Create cutting-edge based on state-of-the-art technology 、 Open source driven hybrid cloud and AI solutions , To meet some of the world's most serious challenges .

2022 year ” Code aggregation number ” The deadline for submission of the global challenge plan is 2022 year 10 month 31 Japan . The champion team will receive a cash reward , And by the IBM Our eco partners help deploy their award-winning programs .

“ Code aggregation number ” Participants need to participate as a team and register on the global challenge website , Each group will focus on a sustainable development challenge . After registration , Players can participate in ” Challenge accelerator ” Activities , This will help them quickly create projects , Learn from industry experts , Acquire skill learning materials , And use by The Weather Company and IBM Exclusive technology kit from eco partners 、API And datasets .

According to introducing , The team was asked to innovate in various challenges related to sustainable development and the impact of climate change . for example , The solution can be a new way to improve a series of problems , Including sustainable production 、 Consumption and resource management , Or reduce pollution 、 Protect biodiversity, etc . The areas that can be covered by the scheme include : Improve the ability to measure and analyze carbon emissions ; Improve the transparency and traceability of the supply chain , So that when there are sustainable development problems, we can quickly 、 Accurately visualize the problem ; Reduce the need for materials that produce the largest waste footprint ; Encourage opportunities for recycling and reuse .

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