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Cadillac lyriq's first pre production vehicle goes offline

2022-05-07 13:10:18TechWeb

【TechWeb】5 month 7 Daily news , With SAIC General Motors strictly and orderly promoting the resumption of work and production , today , Pure electric medium and large SUV-LYRIQ The first pre production vehicle goes offline in Cadillac factory , This marks LYRIQ Before mass production, carry out the final stage commissioning and verification of the whole production link .


since 2021 year 11 month 17 Since the official release and opening of pre-sale on the th , Despite repeated outbreaks 、“ Core missing ” Such influence ,LYRIQ The mass production process of is still accelerating . This time LYRIQ The off-line of pre production vehicle is one of the important links in the mass production process .


This stage ,LYRIQ The final stage of production full link verification before mass production will be started in Cadillac factory , Including optimizing the production line process to meet the mass production standard 、 Improve the quality and stability of the whole vehicle and parts ,LYRIQ The whole vehicle technology will also be gradually adjusted to the optimal state . meanwhile , Verification of vehicle function integrity in pre production stage , Including localized adaptation of entertainment system and driving assistance system , And vehicle reliability test will continue , by LYRIQ The quality of luxury lays a solid foundation .


before , Cadillac officials have announced LYRIQ It is expected to reach all sales markets this summer , Open to booking a price 43.97 Ten thousand yuan .

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