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Can Musk's idea of neuralink really work by "curing" tinnitus with brain computer interface?

2022-05-07 13:18:5136kr

A sophisticated brain , So that human beings can perceive all kinds of emotions , With the ability to think …… Although we use our brains every day , But up to now, I still haven't fully understood this complex organ .

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Although we still have a lot to explore about the brain , But it doesn't prevent people from 「 Feel the stone to cross the river 」, While understanding, try to make use of it .Elon Musk( Elon · musk ) As one of the founders, American neuroscience and brain computer interface company Neuralink, It's just 「 Brain-machine interface 」 The idea of .

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not long ago , Face Twitter users about 「Neuralink There is hope to treat tinnitus (tinnitus) Do you ?」 When you ask a question , Musk's reply is : This may be less than 5 It will be realized in years . Because the current version of Neuralinks Is about 1000 Semi universal neural reading with two electrodes / Write device , And the next generation Neuralinks The number of electrodes will increase by an order of magnitude .

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Tinnitus is when a patient lacks an external sound source , Buzzing in the ear or intracranial 、 Abnormal sound hallucinations such as hissing . It is not a disease in itself , But the symptoms of some diseases . At present, it can be improved by treating the root cause or other treatments to reduce or mask noise , Make the tinnitus less obvious .

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There are... In the human brain 860 Billion neurons responsible for sending and receiving information , Neurons communicate through electrical signals .Neuralink Nerve implants and electrode array equipment developed by the company 「Link」, It needs to be connected directly to the brain , Place electrodes near neurons to detect action potentials , Then the current is transmitted through the electrode to stimulate .

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When the nerves that connect the inner ear to the brain ( It's called the vestibular cochlear nerve ) Because of the loud noise for a long time 、 Injured or damaged by insufficient blood supply Time meeting Cause tinnitus ,Neuralink The device is connected to the cerebral cortex , It can make up for the damage to the brain's ability to process motor sensory input or output .

In fact, it has long been practiced to treat ears in a similar way , Such as cochlear implant . Combined with theoretical assumptions and Neuralink Follow up development plan of the equipment , It seems that brain computer interface technology can be used to treat tinnitus , But can it really work ?

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Neuralink These technologies , It was originally intended to help paralyzed patients regain independence by controlling computers and mobile devices , With the help of devices, people can communicate more easily through text or speech synthesis , It may also be used to treat a wide range of neurological diseases in the future , In restoring sensory and motor function ( For example, reduce the movement disorder caused by Parkinson's disease ).

From the current development of equipment and Technology ,Neuralink Many of my ideas seem to be just blueprints on paper , Ethereal and timeless .

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in addition , Speaking of Neuralink Brain computer interface technology , We can't help but mention its risks .FDA( Us food and drug administration ) take Neuralink Classified as III Class a medical devices ( That is, the kind with the highest risk ).

That means , Before conducting human trials ,Neuralink Must succeed through strict FDA regulatory . To get approval , The company also provides detailed clinical trial data from non-human test subjects . Used to justify entering the next stage .

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Neuralink I've had a before 「Monkey MindPong」 experiment , In the monkey Page r Brain computer interface devices are implanted in the brain and connected to the computer running the game , Successfully realized playing table tennis with the help of monkey's brain . However ,Neuralink Tests have also led to the death of monkeys , It has aroused a lot of criticism about animal welfare .

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Although musk is right Neuralink My future is very optimistic , But the unknown danger makes the road seem less easy . What's more, musk once said before 2019 Tesla will realize fully automatic driving technology by the end of the year , Now it is 2022 year , Boastful 「 haikou 」 Did not achieve . It seems that there is hope for the development of brain computer interface technology , Maybe we should be more cautious .

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