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How to learn from cattle?

2022-05-07 13:19:0536kr

Hello, everyone , I'm a Xiu .

Learn from Tauren , Probably the fastest growing way .

Why do many entrepreneurs , Growing faster and faster ?

Because the more he studies , The more high-level people you come into contact with , The higher the quality of information obtained , The more he can correct his previous cognition and behavior , So as to grow faster .

by comparison , Reading may be the least efficient way to learn .

Learning from cattle is exponential growth , Tauren can stand in a higher dimension , Directly break the puzzle , Less detours .

And reading is linear growth , You have to explore independently first , Reading is not ruled out 、 Poor thinking skills lead you astray .

That's why the rich are getting richer and richer , Because of knowledge , Their knowledge is gradually approaching the customs clearance manual , But we ordinary people may have to stumble for many years , Find a feasible way , But I've missed the best time .

For ordinary people , It's important to learn 「 Learning methods 」, Sharpen and polish the axe before cutting firewood .

But in the process of learning cow man , Or it's easy to taste , Or it's easy to cut leeks , Or you can't learn the key points , There is no progress in learning .

So let me share with you today , How do I learn from cattle .

in addition , I find that everyone's attention is getting shorter and shorter , So I try to reduce the length of the article as much as possible , Cover more knowledge .

01 What kind of people should you learn from ?

The first is to learn from older people . They have a lasting foundation for fifty or sixty years , You can't just rely on luck .

For example, Buffett in his nineties 、 Li Jiacheng , Ren Zhengfei, nearly 80 、 Zong Qinghou , Or Ma Yun of the younger generation 、 Lei jun .

No matter how future generations praise or criticize them , And whatever their position , Regardless of their personal morality , Their wisdom that can travel through time , That's what we have to learn .

The second is to learn from people with achievements , Having achievements means doing something right . But the important thing is not to copy his successful experience , But generalize the common successful experience .

For example, some people say that what is the use of learning from Lei Jun , Can you still be a golden mountain 、 millet ?

Of course not. , What matters is not specific experience at all , But to learn Lei Jun's entrepreneurial ideas , The fighting spirit of Zhongguancun model worker , The enterprising attitude of unwilling people .

As for a specific experience , It's not that important .

The third is to learn head players in different fields , Don't always focus on the people around you .

The so-called seeking is right , I want to win .

You're targeting ordinary people around you , Then you can only get worse results .

If you're a little promising , Just target the best player in the industry .

The fourth is people who have similar experiences with you .

We learn from cattle people , To inspire yourself , Or learn from relevant experience , So those with similar experiences , Their practice and idea is a living map , It can be used for reference by us .

02 How to learn from cattle people ?

This method comes from Feynman learning method , It is known as the most efficient learning method for human beings , It can not only be used to learn from cattle people , It can also be used in many fields .

1) Collect as relevant articles as possible 、 speech 、 works , Learn his thinking mode and behavioral logic .

Many people are in this step , It's easy to indulge in stories .

But what really matters is :

He's at that pass , What choice did you make ;

The logic behind his choice 、 idea 、 What is the pattern ;

If I put you in that position , What choice would you make .

What matters is not what story you hear , But to find the difference between yourself and the ox man , Learn each other's thinking mode and judgment logic .

2) Take the initiative to bring questions , Looking for knowledge and power .

Many people learn a lot of things , But it doesn't produce value , An important reason is that there is no problem consciousness , Learning is not targeted .

It's like you're in the whole Bohai Bay , Cast a huge net , The harvest must be , But the efficiency must be very low .

It's better to take the question and find the answer , Think about the cow man on this issue , What choice did you make , Do you have the ability to learn from him , Or what kind of accumulation should be made .

Go fishing where there are fish , Means efficient .

Of course, some people will think that this practice is utilitarian , But I'm actually opposed to that kind of aimless browsing and learning , Growth is too slow , And lack of purpose , Your attention will soon be distracted .

3) Share your gains with more people , Promote input through output .

I have a friend , Every time you learn something new , At least share it with five groups of people .

There are several advantages to doing so :

Check whether you really understand , I still don't understand ;

Consolidate knowledge through repeated sharing , Get inspired in the process of speaking ;

By sharing knowledge , Build your own professional design on this track .

You'll find that the more he talks , The clearer the map of his knowledge in this area , The bigger it is .

4) Put what you have learned , Put it into practice immediately .

Don't indulge in learning , Because the purpose of learning , Just to practice , Not for the satisfaction of learning .

This is also the most useful point for me , When I learn something , I'll immediately think about where it can be used , Even if you can't use it for the time being , Also remember in one place , Review regularly and be ready to use .

5) Find problems in learning and practice , Go back to the first step .

03 A little advice on learning

1) Always keep an open mind , Maybe public opinion has all kinds of praise and criticism for your learning object , But it doesn't prevent him from having a bright spot worth learning .

Moral judgment , And whether it's worth learning , Two different things. .

2) The key to learning is not 「 learn 」, And lies in 「 Acknowledge a mistake 」.

Can you admit your mistakes quickly , It is the key to judge whether a person is open-minded .

3) Who do you worship , You'll be more like who , So choose your idol carefully .

4) Shadow mode : At the critical moment , Think about how your idol will choose .

Tesla studies autopilot , It uses 「 Shadow mode 」, Is to let the server learn driving skills from thousands of drivers , To surpass human drivers .

Learning is the same , Ask yourself by the standards of idols , Even if you can't 100%, We should also do it 30%, It will also benefit a lot .

5) Stay active .

You're smart , You also have a lot of access to knowledge , You also have many favorite idols , You've also read a lot of good books 、 Good writing .

But the reason why your life hasn't improved , Just because I'm not active enough , You don't search the knowledge treasure house for the answers you need , And I didn't use the answer to change my life .

You just wait quietly , Waiting just automatically changes your life .

But friends , Change never happens automatically .

You are your own master , You need to take the initiative to bring about change .

come on. .

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