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The winter of network integration starts from the lack of business recruitment

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Live producer Amin stayed in Tangshan for nearly two months , In addition to eating and sleeping every day , Just lie down and play games . before this , He shuttles between different variety shows , Mobile phones are often bombarded with all kinds of work information .

The worst part is , Because there's no work to do , Amin's bank card hasn't been paid in for a long time . since this year on , Amin's team only undertook 《 Indomitable blue 》 This is a project , It was also the closing work of last year's project .

Not just Amin , Now many people in the online variety industry , Feel the cold wave of the industry .

Screenwriter Wang Hailin tweeted some time ago and exclaimed “ The high-quality variety show on the long video platform is already in the twilight of the West Mountain ”, He thinks that , Today's online variety shows are facing low-quality content 、 Cold sponsorship 、 The triple challenge of cliff falling attention , Showing a general decline .

Wang Hailin holds Tencent Q1 Head variety 《 Semi familiar lovers 》 For example , The variety show lasted until the end of the broadcast , Didn't get brand sponsorship .

Third party advertising data released by the platform , from 2019 Year to 2021 year , The number of variety shows implanted in the domestic variety market has declined year after year , from 635 Gear reduced to 513 files . Another piece of data released by it shows , since this year on , The number of variety cooperation projects in various industries has decreased across the board .

The pressure is conducted from top to bottom , Individuals who have received dividends in this industry in the past , It's hard to avoid the pressure of losing everything , They are producers 、 It's a screenwriter 、 It's the director 、 It's post production .

Now? , Everyone in this industry is waiting for this cold wave to subside , Hopeless people have fled , Those who choose to believe still stick to .

01  From revelry to loneliness

When the cold wave of variety show comes , Many people are beginning to miss a few years ago .

Si Ming 2016 When I joined a small production company as a post intern in , Company only 50 The size of the rest , But by the end of the year, it had expanded to 200 Many people .

The rising tide also has personal treatment . When you become a regular after two months of internship , Siming's salary starts from... Every month 1500 block , Up to the hand 2-3 ten thousand , Earn more in the later stage of maturity .

Siming recalls , She often crosses projects with her colleagues , Follow up at the same time 2-3 A project , Most of the time, she followed up with 6、7 A project .

“ Everyone just jumped in , At that time, I felt that there were many people who loved variety shows , Everyone is full of confidence in the variety market , Work with high saturation makes everyone more motivated , At that time, any variety show made a sensation , High topic , There is a large audience watching the program .”

She said frankly. , At that time, variety show “ It's a place to make fast money ”, The income will be much higher than that of TV dramas and movies , And after each project , The project team will travel to relax , Year end dinner 、 Bonuses and overseas travel are more regular items .

The fire of variety shows is getting hotter and hotter .

2017 The summer of , The number of online comprehensive programs with video hits exceeding 100 million began to catch up with and surpass the TV copyright variety show , Network variety ushered in “ Super web ensemble ” Time .

In the same year , Iqiyi It took 2.5 Billion budget 《 Hip hop in China 》 Out of circle , And quickly become the of advertisers “ The bestselling ”, In the first season, this variety show is close to “ Naked recording ”, But in season 2 , The investment amount exceeds 10 One hundred million yuan .

Next , The long video platform fell into close combat , Whether it's the production team or the investment scale , Are significantly higher than that of Taizong . The quality and quantity increase rapidly , The integrated network market is booming .

For example, Tencent video launched 《 The children of tomorrow 》《 Create a camp 》, Iqiyi launched 《 There is your youth 》《 Idol trainee 》, Youku launched 《 In the name of group 》《 this ! Is the street dance 》.

If in the past, advertisers were more willing to put in verified types of network integration , That's in 2017 Years later , Past experience is no longer applicable , Domestic self-made network integration has entered a large investment 、 The era of big production , They were careless , You'll miss the next pop .

Whalebone A data from the Institute shows that , from 2017 Year to 2019 year , China's online variety market has always maintained a scale higher than 20% The growth of , And network integration 90% The above revenue comes from advertising and investment promotion .

Independent producer song Yan holds brand resources and projects of all sizes , Movies 、 artist 、 variety 、 advertisement 、 Live broadcast and other businesses are involved , She told me ,2017 in , The business negotiation of variety show starts from negotiation to review and then to payment , It only takes about a month .

The top-down Carnival didn't last long , Superimposed epidemic 、 Policy changes 、 The draft variety show was stopped 、 The video platform began to increase revenue and reduce expenditure and other factors , The online variety market began to cool down in an all-round way .

In Song Yan's hands, the investment of variety show projects began to become difficult , She said , The project that was discussed two years ago is still under discussion ; Siming later joined a domestic head video platform , But she also began to encounter bottlenecks , The proposed variety topics have been rejected one after another .

02  China merchants : The last straw

lately , Mango. TV Homemade variety 《 Welcome to the mushroom house 》 An unexpected small fire , But the production cost of this variety show is only that of a normal program 10%-20%.

Mushroom house actually only aired for three weeks , Although it produces a high degree of topic , But it will not be possible to enter the investment promotion link in the future .

Chief director Zhao Hao revealed , Except for what's on the air right now 《 Welcome to the mushroom house 》 outside , The team is building the next 0713(2007 Happy new year male voice all over the country 13 strong ) Tuan Zong , But the road of attracting investment is full of variables .

He revealed to the market value list , The producers are still actively fighting for , I hope some brand customers are willing to sponsor , At present, even if there are brands willing to invest , The amount is also far less than those big stars and a large flow of variety shows .

The industry suddenly got rid of the rapid growth of the past few years , The platform side no longer strides forward as recklessly as before , They began to worry about whether a variety show would lose money .

Youku will introduce new regulations after , Said that if investment promotion cannot cover 70% Cost of , Can't advance . Iqiyi producer Miao Fang also admitted , The current project should wait until the investment invitation is ready , Or slowly , Investment attraction must meet the project cost , Make sure you don't lose money .

Zhao Hao obviously feels that the money in the industry has become very small in the past year , Many negotiations need later programs , Are delaying investment promotion , Many projects fail because they have no money .

“ Last year was the last year of the variety industry . Starting this year , There is no more capital to grab projects , Hundreds of millions of projects , The platform dare not gamble any more .” He said that .

This is closely related to the dilemma of long video platform . Over the years , Aiyouteng people put a lot of money into the content , But has never been able to get out of the loss .

With the popularity of idol talent show variety show 、 An attempt to pay for advance VOD , Once let them see the hope of profit , But these attempts were later stopped , For aiyouteng, this is just like adding insult to injury .

From last year to now , Layoffs in the industry 、 The news of throttling continues , Their other move , Is to raise the price of membership fees , At the same time, it makes them face round after round of user questioning .

The investment choice of the brand side has also become more hesitant , They began to measure whether the launch was worth .

Siming revealed , Now the willingness and strength of customers to launch online variety shows are shrinking ,“ Each platform is basically not particularly good , It is also difficult to attract investment, including mango and Tencent , But Tencent has a big family and a big business , You can record first and broadcast first without attracting merchants , But some can't , Because there is no investment , Many projects will be yellow .”

Song Yan also told the market value list , This year's brand side , In addition to ceiling level enterprises , No category is very rich when pulled out alone .“ Especially small and medium-sized enterprises , They're too busy , There is no need to spend extra money to promote new products ,” She takes HP as an example , Its budget in Wuhan in recent three years is only 50-80 Ten thousand yuan , Even if you invest, you can't invest in variety shows .

Yuan Wei, the business director of a domestic head video platform, also called , Especially the brand side that has stepped on the pit , They are spending money without seeing an increase in income , Will be more carefully screened .

“ The broadcasting effect of variety show is a metaphysics .” Yuan Wei thinks , Now it's very Many guests Households are more inclined to do effect advertising , Brand investment in a variety show has a gambling component , Let the brand side often take tens of millions of yuan to bet whether a variety show will be popular , This is a problem .

That's decided , Nowadays, except for a few S+ Class variety ( Well known 、 Guest big name 、 High investment ) It can really attract investment successfully , Small and medium-sized variety shows can only be forced to end .

This is also another challenge faced by online variety on the investment side , That is, when more and more customers tend to do effect advertising , Long video duration setting , It has to face short videos 、 The impact of live broadcast and other content forms .

An employee who once worked in iqiyi told the market value list , Iqiyi in 2021 Personnel optimization at the end of the year , A large part of it goes to short videos .

With the growth of short video , The medium and short video platform began to layout self-made micro variety , The long video platform is also gradually developing . Different schools have different forms , Pay attention to the demands of users 、 serialization 、 Brand customization and micro variety in the form of combined broadcasting have appeared , Competition is becoming more intense and complex .

But after the industry cools down , Whether it's the brand side or the platform side , We need to be more careful to predict what content the audience likes to see 、 What kind of programs can find business , But it's too hard —— What the audience wants to see may not attract business , The content of advertisements may not be liked by the audience .

Niche variety on iqiyi platform 《 New life in drama 》 First proposed by actor Huang Lei , He found the director 《 Challenge the limit 》《 New generation of rap 》 Yan Min's team waiting for variety show , Cooperate with iqiyi platform to launch .

Yuan Wei revealed , The investment attraction of this variety show took about a year , Finally, Huang Lei found a brand he spoke for , Request title sponsorship , Just managed to recruit businessmen .

This program won... In Douban 9.2 A high score , I wanted to do the second season while it was hot , But it has fallen into the dilemma of no investment , Now two years later , Still not started .

03  Stick or escape

In that sigh “ Long video platform ‘ Boutique variety ’ It's already dusk in the West Mountain ” In the blog of , Wang Hailin mentioned , The current online variety needs active transformation .

“ Create high-quality content , Including high-end demand and layered creation of popular interest , Maybe the next direction , How to make entertainment 、 Commercialization plays a role under the current management mechanism , It is also an unavoidable problem in front of the platform .”

Many people who still stick to this industry , Also choose to continue to believe that this industry will survive the cold winter , The words reveal a kind of “ A blessing in disguise , Behind bad luck comes good luck ” Look forward to of .

Zhao Hao told the market value list , The variety industry is now facing a big reshuffle , It also means that the platform begins to return to rationality .

He also said , The whole variety industry is facing this crisis , It also means more opportunities ,“ mud and sand are carried along -- there is a mingling of good and bad 、 The era of intermingled content is slowly passing , The audience is verifying the sustainable development of good content , Good money will eventually drive out bad money , Eliminate inferior variety shows , Keep quality content , This is an inevitable process .”

In his eyes , The current dilemma faced by online variety shows , It is precisely the pain that the industry must go through in the transition period . One of the logic is , The platform is reducing cost and increasing efficiency , Cost determines style and form , Reduced access to investment , Variety artists can only rack their brains to plan 、 Make better variety shows .

Zhao Hao believes , There will still be popular variety shows this year ,“ So many colleagues bite their teeth together to make new things , There must be good content in the back .”

It's just , A more realistic problem for variety artists is , How do they think about the value of variety show work to themselves , This determines whether they stay or leave .

Because you have to stay up late to record 、 Film review, etc , Many of Siming's colleagues , There are some big or small physical states , Several leaders above her position have left one after another , She herself plans to leave in the near future , Ready to bid farewell to this industry .

Zhang Jin is 《 Star detective 4》 Later staff , Responsible for the copywriting of animated characters , Sabine's oxygen inhaler, which is made into an expression bag, is the result of the animated character group .

She told me , The work in the later stage is linked one by one , When the clip group is finished , Make copywriting from flower groups , Then the animation group makes animation , Show the interesting points in the form of animation with words , Submit for review . If there is a problem with the editing team or early shooting , All the work in the future should be reversed and redone .

A funny point was repeated dozens of times , It began to become dull , Zhang Jin began to question whether her work was valuable .

Colleague Meng Nan is more serious , She mocked herself as “ Sculptor ”, Facing the extremely rotten variety content, we still have to make great efforts to make it look good ,“ It's like facing a lump of × It still has to be carefully carved ”.

For a while , Meng Nan has to copy Buddhist scriptures after work every day to ease her mood , But things didn't get better in the end , After leaving office , Meng Nan went directly to the Taoist temple and shaved his hair .

《 Sister Lang 3》 An intern of also clearly expressed to the market value list , She won't be engaged in variety related industries in the future , Because it's common to stay up late in this industry , But she thinks a lot of staying up late is completely empty ,“ It doesn't make any sense ”.

There are also entertainers who are still sticking to . Yuan Wei later changed from business post to content post , Now reading the book until 3 a.m. is her regular work every day , She said she “ It's really burning yourself with love ”.

In Zhao Hao's context , He said he “ I like the poetic expression in the variety show ”.

When two opposite attitudes appear in the same industry , And these two voices become more and more fragmented and even extreme with the fluctuation of the industry , We have to admit that , That's part of the pain .

No one can predict how long the pain will pass , Those who leave will forget the pain , Those who love will continue to love , Wave after wave of entertainers , Will continue to witness the rise and fall of this industry .

( Respondent's request , Except Zhao Hao , The characters mentioned in the article are pseudonyms )

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