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36 krypton's exclusive "hydrogen aviation technology" won tens of millions of yuan of a-round investment to promote the diversified application of fuel cells

2022-05-07 13:20:2036kr

36 Krypton learns , Hydrogen fuel cell R & D enterprise Zhejiang Hydrogen aviation technology Co., LTD. ( hereinafter referred to as “ Hydrogen aviation technology ”) Recently announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan A Round of funding , This round of financing is led by Twilight venture capital , Xinghua made great efforts to follow the investment , Obsidian capital acts as a financial advisor .

Hydrogen aviation technology said , This round of investment will be used to increase R & D efforts , Build R & D center and fuel cell automatic mass production line . It is reported that , As the business grows , Hydrogen aviation technology will start follow-up financing during the year , Raise more funds for large-scale promotion of application products .

Hydrogen aviation technology lightweight hydrogen fuel cell multi rotor UAV

Hydrogen aviation technology was founded in 2017 year 11 month , Is a hydrogen fuel cell R & D enterprise . Its development concept is to take value as the standard to guide scientific innovation , Committed to the research and development of lightweight hydrogen fuel cell 、 Production and innovative applications , Cover Hydrogen power aviation 、 Airborne power supply 、 Hydrogen powered portable power supply 、 Hydrogen energy storage for power generation 、 Hydrogen powered motorcycle 、 Many application directions of hydrogen energy, such as ships and vehicles .

Hydrogen aviation technology further carries out the selection in line with the value science from many application scenarios of hydrogen energy , Choose to start with the application of aviation power , Give play to the advantage of high energy density of hydrogen power system , Then expand to mobile power 、 Independent applications such as small vehicles , Do not rely on infrastructure construction , Reduce dependence on surrounding industrial environment . 

This year, 3 month 23 Japan , National Energy Administration 、 Jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission 《 Medium and long term planning for the development of hydrogen energy industry (2021-2035 year )》, It is clear that hydrogen energy is an important part of the future national energy system . Before that 《 White paper on China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry (2019 Edition of )》 The planning : To 2050 year , The demand for hydrogen will increase from the current 2000 More than 10000 tons to about 6000 Ten thousand tons of , The value of hydrogen energy industry chain will exceed 10 Trillion yuan . The terminal selling price of hydrogen will be reduced to 20 element /kg, The number of hydrogenation stations will reach 12000 seat , The number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has reached 3000 Thousands of cars .

Hydrogen energy as green energy , Its development will also enter the high-speed channel for a long time . At present, China has 7 Ten thousand drone companies and 10 More than 10000 robot companies , As a potential user of small stacks , This market is estimated to reach... Every year 400 Billion yuan demand . Considering China's huge two wheeled electric vehicle market , The increment will be more substantial .

At this stage , Because the downstream industrial chain is not complete , Hydrogen aviation technology is based on the theory of industrial development cycle , Carefully formulated the development strategy . The company uses the mature small UAV industry chain , A small hydrogen powered UAV is designed and developed , By solving the activation time of air-cooled fuel cell 、 High and low temperature environmental adaptability and other problems , So that air-cooled fuel cells can be quickly and stably applied to hydrogen powered UAVs , at present , The maturity of its hydrogen powered UAV is at the forefront of the industry , Hydrogen powered multi rotor products have passed the inspection of professional institutions , It has been launched in the State Grid 、 Nanwang 、 Guoneng 、 CNOOC 、 pipe network 、 Application cooperation in maritime and other fields .

In the field of larger aircraft , Hydrogen aviation technology has positioned itself as a provider of hydrogen power systems , And has actively cooperated with COMAC Shangfei company 、 aviation industry 602 And other well-known enterprises , I hope that by taking advantage of their respective advantages , Accelerate the iteration of hydrogen fuel cell array management technology , Assist in the construction of hydrogen powered aviation industry standards . The first flight test of hydrogen aviation technology . Besides , The company with 602 Jointly developed AR-20 Hydrogen powered variable pitch multi rotor , It's done 3 Full flight time experiment with load for more than hours . 

Hydrogen aviation technology is also making efforts to expand the diversified application of hydrogen energy , Its portable power supply products have passed the test structure of party a recently 40℃ Deposit 、 Below zero 25℃ Cold 、 Above freezing 55℃ Use harsh high and low temperature environment adaptability test . These environmental adaptability indexes are difficult to achieve for air-cooled fuel cells , Hydrogen aviation technology has broken through the above difficulties under the air-cooled fuel cell system . Mobile power , Hydrogen aviation technology will carry out scientific and technological cooperation with a state-owned enterprise on emergency power supply , The prototype of portable power supply has been developed and tested , It is lighter than the original fuel oil generator of the same specification imported from Japan 60% above , Low noise 、 Zero carbon emission .

In the application direction of hydrogen energy vehicles , Hydrogen aviation technology focuses more on hydrogen electric two wheeled vehicles 、 Small logistics vehicles 、 Independent application of bottle changing mode such as UAV driving vehicle . Hydrogen aviation technology believes that the large-scale application speed in this direction will be faster than that of other large vehicles . In recent days, , Hydrogen Airlines has been in contact with Jinhong gas And other enterprises have signed strategic cooperation agreements on hydrogen supply , Lay a large-scale foundation for a wide range of hydrogen energy applications in the future 、 Low cost hydrogen supply network .

at present , Hydrogen aviation technology has an annual output of 1000 Jacketed reactor capacity , And has developed a variety of lightweight stack application products , Has a patent 31 term .

Liu Haili, founder of hydrogen aviation technology, is a continuous entrepreneur , Graduated from Beihang University and Utah University , He has worked in many well-known energy companies in North America 、 Science and technology company , He is a key liaison expert in Zhejiang Province , He said : This financing marks the direction of diversified application of hydrogen energy , Professional investment institutions began to recognize the application of lightweight fuel cells in aviation power 、 Application prospects in energy storage and other fields , It also marks the recognition of the technical level and industry status of hydrogen Aviation Technology .

Low light venture capital, the leading investor in this round, said , One of our business directions is to carefully look for enterprises with innovative spirit and development prospects in the electric aviation industry chain , And make long-term investment . Low light level is optimistic about the development prospect of hydrogen fuel cell in aviation power and other fields , We expect hydrogen airlines to lead technological innovation , Contribute to the field of aviation power .

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