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In the era of the new national standard of milk powder, who is in charge of the ups and downs of Feihe, JUNLEBAO and Mengniu?

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2022 year , It is destined to be an important milestone year for the development of domestic milk powder industry .

This year, the milk powder market has entered the key time node of the second registration and upgrading of formula , In addition, the new national standard is about to be officially implemented ( The transition period is less than one year ), When the two are superimposed , Milk powder enterprises need to propose product formula registration according to the new national standard ( Including changes 、 continue ) apply , After registration, organize production according to the new national standard , It has brought new great changes to the milk powder Market .

In recent days, ,“ The first ” The list of infant formula milk powder conforming to the new national standard was officially released , Six series of Yili and JUNLEBAO brands appear in them , It means that the market transition period officially opens , Industry shock is coming quietly .

Look at marketing in the short term , Look at the policy in the medium term , Look at the population in the long run

After studying the development logic of milk powder industry , Xiangshan finance and economics has such a judgment : Look at marketing in the short term , Look at the policy in the medium term , Look at the population in the long run . These three points determine our view on the future of a milk powder enterprise .

First , Milk powder is still FMCG in essence , Follow the development logic of FMCG category . Marketing has always been the most favorable weapon for FMCG enterprises , Milk powder is no exception . In the short term , Marketing has the most significant impact on milk powder enterprises , Marketing investment determines the position of the brand in the user's mind , The more input, the stronger the mental occupation , It can quickly enhance the popularity of milk powder enterprises 、 Brand influence and other factors .

Among the domestic milk powder enterprises today, Feihe has a high market share , A very important part of the reason is marketing . It showed a profit , The sales and distribution expenses of China flying crane are from 2020 Year of 52.3 One hundred million yuan growth 27.9% to 2021 Year of 67.29 One hundred million yuan , But it should be noted that , The government has been vigilant about the marketing of the milk powder industry . In the last year , Xinhua News Agency once issued a document 《 Experts warn against the impact of formula marketing on breastfeeding 》, It is pointed out in the article that , Infant formula marketing campaigns have a negative impact on breastfeeding , Dairy stocks also suffered a setback .

According to the Check the inner eye pro APP Show , This year, 3 month 30 Japan , The market supervision bureau of Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province reported , Yashili International Infant Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as Yashili company ) Publishing illegal advertisements , Be punished by administration 20 Ten thousand yuan . The reason includes Pro milk publicity .

The second registration of this recipe , The supervision of marketing is also more strict . For example, on label identification details that are easy to be ignored , For the tank top in the product packaging 、 Box top 、 Tag 、 Labeling is included in the label of infant formula milk powder , It is necessary to prepare and declare in the sample . Increase publicity for tank bodies that are common in the market 、 Strictly regulate marketing and other phenomena .

secondly , There is no doubt about the degree of attention and impact of the policy on the milk powder industry , Determines the performance of milk powder enterprises in medium and long-term cycles . Milk powder enterprises need to constantly track policies , Research policy trends , Policy oriented , At least it won't deviate .

2016 year 《 Infant formula milk powder product formula registration management method 》 a , go by the name of “ The strictest milk powder new deal in history ”. The infant formula registration has a 5 Year term ,2021 Year is now 5 The last year of the year term , It means that the milk formula is registered again “ Gate opening ”.

in addition ,2021 year 3 month , The new national standard issued by the National Health Commission has entered a three-year period 2 The transitional period of , It's less than a year now . Compared with the last milk powder standard release , Twelve years apart , This is also a big policy cycle change . According to the new national standard , The domestic requirements for infant milk powder have really reached the highest standard in the world ,2 paragraph 、3 This milk powder will have its own independent national standards , Moreover, the regulations on the content of various nutrients are more strict .

Coupled with the external epidemic environment , The pressure on milk powder enterprises under superposition is self-evident . It is reported that , The total cost of a recipe series is 1000 Ten thousand yuan or so , The whole process may take one and a half to two years , According to a factory, you can register 3 Recipe series , Time and capital costs are high . It's another knockout for small and medium-sized enterprises , For milk powder giants , Enterprises that register successfully first will have more first mover advantages .

Last , Population is the absolute influencing factor for the milk powder industry . It depends on whether the newborn population in the main market of milk powder enterprises is increasing or decreasing , This determines the ceiling of milk powder enterprises .

At present, the increase of newborn population is not optimistic , Affected by the newborn population , The growth rate of mother and baby categories is also declining . Opportunities still exist , The key is that milk powder enterprises should learn to flow with the new born population . such as , Due to the great pressure of life in first tier cities , Baoma often raises her children in second and third tier cities ; In addition, the population growth of the three provinces in the Yangtze River Delta depends more on the migration of foreign population , The population growth of Guangdong Province mainly depends on the fertility rate , Then Guangdong Province is the market that needs to be taken care of .

in general , For milk powder enterprises , Three questions need to be asked : How about the marketing investment ? Whether it conforms to the trend of national policy ? Whether we can catch the increase of neonatal population ? These three problems determine the development potential of this milk powder enterprise .

After the new deal , How the industry pattern evolves ?

Next, let's look at the impact of this policy on the milk powder industry .

Many milk powder enterprises believe that the new national standard and the secondary registration of formula have brought a more severe test . actually , The domestic milk powder industry can achieve rebirth , What we should be most grateful for is the country's strict control and relevant policies and measures .

Think about it , without 2016 Implementation of the annual formula registration system , Can there be a prosperous situation in the domestic milk powder industry ? It is difficult to . According to Xiang shancai's judgment , In the industry environment after this policy , There is a high probability that domestic milk powder enterprises will have milk powder giants that can go global .

This can be seen from the development path of Japan's semiconductor industry .

stay 20 century 80 In the semiconductor industry competition between the United States and Japan in the S , Japan has completed the anti surpassing of global market share with the trend of destroying the withered and decaying . Toshiba corp. 、 SONY 、 These brands of Panasonic are in the most brilliant time , Capture countless believers around the world , Created... In the world “Made In Japan” The myth of quality .

But the first “ Made in Japan ” But it's not like that , Sony founder Akio Morita wrote in his memoirs :“ We used to be synonymous with counterfeiting and inferior quality , Anything printed with ‘ Made in Japan ’ All the goods left the impression of poor quality . So , We often have to print this line as small as possible .”

The turning point is that the Japanese government recognizes that inferior products 、 Bad reputation hinders the development of products in the international market , Set about establishing relevant laws and regulations . single 1949 In, it was successively promulgated 《 Industrial standardization law 》《 On industrial rationalization 》, Issued the first industrial standard , This massive quality reform movement also gave birth to Toshiba 、 Sony and other world-famous brands .

The development path of the domestic milk powder industry is very similar to that of the semiconductor industry in Japan . From the early chaos of inferior milk powder to the government's vigorous control , Nowadays, the quality of domestic milk powder products has exceeded the level of other western countries .

For example, the second registration of milk powder formula , For production 、 R & D capability certification materials are more detailed , process 、 equipment 、 Key monitoring points are more rigorous , The dimension of raw material qualification control has been widened and deepened . Regulatory requirements for overall supply chain resources , Quality related problems have been deeply rooted to the source .

in addition , The new national standard for protein in milk powder 、 fat 、 Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients set a stricter content range . therefore , Some media are also worried about the homogenization of the milk powder industry . In the view of Xiangshan finance and Economics , Milk powder giants are capable of differentiated development of milk powder products , The key is whether there is enough motivation or pressure to do it , The new national standard has become a catalyst for the differentiated development of the milk powder industry .

Heavy marketing is common in domestic milk powder industry , The phenomenon of light research and development , A lot of times , The scientific research attribute of milk powder enterprises only exists in oral marketing promotion , Even the dragon head flying crane is not immune to vulgarity ,2021 The R & D cost of flying crane in is only 4.26 One hundred million yuan .

2020 year , Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe, is in Sina 《 At least an hour 》 In an interview, he said :“ Our R & D is absolutely the first in the world .” If we just talk about R & D achievements , Every family has its strengths , There is no way to compare . If only from the R & D investment at that time , Flying crane's R & D investment may not be the first in the absolute sense . stay 2019 year , The R & D investment of Feihe is 1.71 One hundred million yuan , The R & D expenses of Yili, a comprehensive dairy enterprise, reached 5.42 One hundred million yuan .

if , Previously, for many milk powder giants , Scientific research is just a topic to choose . Now with the release of the new national standard , Scientific research investment will become a must answer .

One side , Domestic milk powder products have the characteristics of high gross profit , Milk powder enterprises have the capital conditions for scientific research investment . Still take the flying crane as an example , Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe dairy, said in an interview , When asked “ Your current product ( Price ), It should be lower than that of foreign capital ?” Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe, once replied :“ It's more expensive than foreign capital ! Converted into kilogram , Flying crane is ‘ The most expensive in the world ’.” next , He said :“ The perception of consumers is that good is equal to expensive , That's what the Chinese ancients said. It's so expensive , Good is expensive .”

Liu Senmiao, vice president of JUNLEBAO, was at the 20 It was also said at the pregnancy, baby and child industry summit that , Domestic milk powder is too expensive , Tens of dollars cost four or five hundred 、 Five or six hundred , But some people still buy .

In this regard, Jiang Zhengzhen, general manager of Aozi milk powder, once pointed out , Enterprises educate consumers through marketing , For consumers , Due to the lack of knowledge accumulation in milk powder , It's easy to be guided by the industry , Thus, consumers tend to have the commonness of high priced milk powder .

On the other hand , The end of milk powder is breast milk . according to the understanding of , There are thousands of amino acids and active substances in breast milk , But only a few of these active substances have been found , The number of practical applications is also very small . in other words , There is still a big gap between milk powder and breast milk . Although there is less and less room for enterprises to play in the basic nutrients of milk powder . meanwhile , The significance of enterprises' scientific research and innovation on new nutrients will also be more and more significant .

For the milk powder industry , Today's scientific research may just be synonymous with marketing . But in the future, it will become the embodiment of the real hard power of milk powder enterprises .

It should be noted that , When all brands go high-end , In the future, there may be new market gaps in the middle and low end . First of all, we need to understand why the price of domestic milk powder is so high ? In fact, the quality and safety of milk powder has long been a problem , It's more about parents' parenting 、 Chicken baby's anxiety , The so-called super high-end milk powder is sold more because of the anxiety of parents .

however , With the safety line of milk powder getting higher and higher , Even the middle and low-end milk powder also has high quality , Parents' anxiety is slowly alleviated by the sense of security given by the government . in addition , As information becomes more transparent , Consumers also gradually understand the cost of a can of milk powder , The consumption of milk powder will also become more rational .

If we rank the benefits of this new national standard : Domestic brands > Foreign brands > Small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) . SMEs are constrained by costs , Will further clear , Foreign milk powder enterprises are limited by the level of localization , Affect the efficiency of secondary registration of its formula .

Affected by the melamine incident , The market share of domestic milk powder enterprises has increased from 60% The above drops steeply to 30%, After that, the formula registration system slowly recovered to the original level . With the second registration of the formula and the release and implementation of the new national standard , What height will domestic milk powder enterprises reach in the future , We'll see .

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