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I heard Dumbledore ordered a song "one hundred years of solitude"?

2022-05-07 13:20:4436kr

lately , a section “ Dumbledore ordered a song for grindworth ” The video is popular on the Internet , Even once boarded the hot search .

presumably , seen 《 Harry Potter 》 My friends are no strangers to them .

When they were young, they came together because they were like-minded , But soon broke up , From now on “ Love that kill ”.

Order a soda green 《 A hundred years of solitude 》

“ Two months of confusion , A century of unspeakable ; There is no summer in newmond , My love and I died in the tower .”

The host read it seriously , However, netizens who are familiar with the delicate relationship between the two , I've already fainted with laughter in front of the screen .

This outrageous song ordering video , In fact, a livelihood news program from Guangdong Station ,@DV The scene .

At the end of each program , There is a short song ordering session .

Although only a few minutes , But it opens with the brain hole of the person who asks for the song , Become a source of happiness for netizens .

In this second and fifth dimension , Boiling sheep will order a song for the beautiful sheep they have been secretly in love with 《 waste 》:

“ How long has it been , I haven't changed , Love you , Six years .”

Netizens who also love and can't help sighing :

And Niu Hulu, Zhen Huan, who returned from blackening , I ordered a song for the Emperor 《 My sister is the queen 》.

“ Every moment around you after returning to the palace , I feel like a year .”

This heartbreaking line , So that the host who has always been serious and steady can't hold his breath .

We are professional , Unless I can't help it

As the song ordering link becomes more and more popular , many B Stations UP The masters are also gearing up , Join in one after another .

@ Biddle THU While breaking my heart for graduation exercises , Don't forget to @ Eat pepper sauce A song on demand 《 Like you, 》.

Tan sir@ Tan Qiao Although not in the front line of law enforcement , But I still care about my old friend, uncle erxianqiao 、 Uncle Fugui , Send a song 《 I wish you peace 》.

Erxianqiao uncle, who was dragging a few meters long cargo at high speed on the motorway

As a policeman ,UP Lord @ Uncle desert In the video, we often use “ Village tyrant ” The image of .

UP Lord @ Uncle desert came to the village , The villagers fled one after another

therefore , The villagers ordered a song 《 Thousands of miles away 》, Expressed their “ Send uncle Mo away ” My urgent desire .

In order to convey as much as possible B Standing on the hearts of netizens ,@DV The scene It also launched “B Stop and limit the song ordering link ”.

This wave of operation , What's more, it aroused B Wide participation of website users .

Someone gave a song to his classmates 《 Great Xia Zhou 》, While revealing that he had passed the math exam 17 The glorious deeds of Fen .

Someone confessed online , Use one 《 I want to go to the seaside 》 Yell across the air, ambiguous object ,“ We can turn a two-way secret love into a hot love ”.

according to an uncompleted statistic ,Beyond Of 《 as boundless as the sea and sky 》 It's one of the most frequent songs on demand .

Many people use this classic old song to inspire frustrated friends , I hope they “ Not afraid to start over ”.

In the song , Whether it's humor or fun , Or the truth , Netizens who squat silently in front of the screen will always show a knowing smile .

But what they didn't expect , Innocent people will be hit hard one day .

Some netizens failed to confess , I'll sing a song easily 《 single af 》 Send DV The audience .

Regarding this , You can only say :

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