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"Cycling for ten minutes, parking for an hour", why is it difficult to share a bike?

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After the May Day holiday , Because some subway stations are closed 、 The bus is out of service , There are more people sharing bicycles on the streets of Chaoyang District, Beijing . And then , It is the surge in the number of shared bicycle parking on the street and at the subway entrance , And some users may face the embarrassing situation of difficult parking .

5 The morning of , Some netizens finally stopped their car near the company after riding for nearly an hour , But I received a text message from the bicycle platform : You are not riding in P Return the car at seven , The car lock has automatically popped open , The system will continue to charge . Please open the APP Look on the map for P spot , Stop the vehicle between two circular spikes , See rules for details xxx.

Something embarrassing happened : Shared bike can't stop , And continue to look for P spot .

Sweep code 、 The lock 、 Cycling 、 Parking 、 be locked , This is the whole process of users using a shared bike , But in recent two years , There will always be users like the above netizens who ride to work , Stuck in the last step .

Just a month ago , Beijing Bicycle Association and meituan 、 hello 、 Didi Qingju three bike sharing enterprises , For the first batch 319 People are included in “ List of illegal parking and joint restricted riding in Beijing ” User information for ( Mobile phone number for privacy processing ) Make public announcements and reminders , And refers to from 3 Month begins , Users included in the joint restricted list , Will this year 6 Restrictions on bike sharing began in August .

Parking a bike seems like a no - brainer , However, in real use scenarios , Indeed, many people have had the problem of leaving the lock unlocked . According to the previous report of CCTV Finance , During a visit to the streets of Beijing ,“ Electronic fence ” It happens from time to time that you can't stop in the . How to solve this problem , Become the focus of work management of relevant local departments .

Bike sharing was originally for people to travel “ Last mile ” Provide convenient , Now it's “ The last meter ” In trouble . When encountering the dilemma of sharing bicycle parking , How should we solve it ?

01 P Where is the point ?

In order to cooperate with the competent department to manage the standardized parking of shared bicycles ,2021 Around, three bike sharing enterprises gradually opened in batches and points in some areas of some cities “ Return the car at a fixed point ” Pattern . This particular return area is called “P spot ”. implement “ Return the car at a fixed point ” Regular areas , Most people flow a lot 、 The traffic conditions are complicated , Therefore, there is an urgent need for standardized management , For example, Wudaokou area in Beijing , It was implemented earlier “ Return the car at a fixed point ” The rules .

Shared bicycle APP Parking specification tips in

According to the person in charge of relevant departments and the single vehicle platform party ,P The point is determined after the field survey of the urban management department and various enterprises , According to the flow of people 、 User demand , Avoid blind paths 、 Green belts and entrances and exits , Set up and delimit without affecting the traffic . There's a lot of traffic 、 Areas with high demand ,P The point setting will be more dense , Visitors flowrate 、 Areas with less demand ,P The interval between points will be large .

P The range of points is on the mobile phone APP The display in is clear , But in the process of actual use , Many users have encountered that they can't find P Point question .

In order to catch the latest bus , The sheep who was going to school swept a bike , But when you get near the bus stop and get ready to return the car ,APP But it always shows that her car is not in the parking spot .

“ I pushed the car around for more than half a circle , I just can't find it P spot , But there are a lot of bicycles parked there . Finally I parked in the middle of a lot of cars , Who wants or can't , Direct collapse .” In a hurry, Yang Yang had to take a picture of the car , Then run quickly to the station , As a result, I saw the bus I expected to take leave in front of me . Originally, I chose to ride to the station in order not to rush to walk , But I missed the bus I could have caught because of the parking problem , Yang Yang was half an hour late for class .

Not only the gathering point of sharing bicycles can't stop , The government designated standard areas for bicycle parking are sometimes “ To accept ” Can't share a bike .

You can see the parts framed with white lines on the roadside everyday , It is the parking standard area designated by relevant departments . It is reasonable to park your bike here in line with the management norms of government departments , However, these white box areas are not necessarily in the shared bicycle system P spot . We randomly observed the white box areas around some residential areas , Not marked as... In the shared bike system P spot .

At the door of xiaoweng's residence, there is a specified return point for sharing bicycles . The white line is right in front of you , But xiaoweng can't do it all the time “ Standard parking ”. There are more than a dozen cars of the same type safely parked on the white line , Xiaoweng didn't see the difference between his car and them .

Can't , Xiaoweng had to continue to push the car to find P spot .“ drop ——”, The prompt sound of successful locking announced xiaoweng's freedom , She finally untied the car . But look around , The residence has long disappeared from sight . After walking home , Xiaoweng sent a circle of friends , Pray that you don't sweep any more cars that can't be returned within the white line .

Shared bicycle APP The system of Chart of respondents

When someone insists on returning the car in a parking area not recognized by the system , Sometimes it is judged as “ Illegal parking ”, And it needs to pay a certain scheduling cost .

When Xiao wa rides her bike to the subway station and wants to stop , But it's not in the parking area . Because I'm in a hurry for an interview , She parked her car in the bicycle parking area designated by the roadside government , Allow the system to deduct fees by itself . Originally 1.5 Yuan for cycling , Just after looking for a parking area for a period of time, because the use time is longer than 30 Minutes turned into 3 element , It's also small 5 Illegal parking fee of yuan .

02 What's going on with positioning drift ?

Through the above practical cases, we can find , The parking difficulty in the user's use scenario is mainly that you can't find P spot 、 Parking specification area and system P Points don't coincide , And the division of parking areas . This can be explained from two aspects: technology and relevant norms and policies .

Hello, the bike responded to us by saying , Parking frame line marked on the road surface , Displayed as... On the user's mobile client map P Point area , The back corresponds to the setting of electronic fence . When there is a certain deviation between the vehicle position recognized by the background system of single vehicle operation platform and the actual position of the vehicle , The system will determine that the vehicle is not in the electronic fence , Then let the vehicle automatically spring lock and continue charging . This phenomenon is commonly known as “ Positioning drift ”.

about “ Positioning drift ” Why , Meituan 、 Hello gave us a similar statement : Due to civil GPS There is a certain deviation in positioning , The positioning of the vehicle by the system will be offset . meanwhile , The signal in some areas is weak or disturbed , It will also have an impact on mobile phone positioning . These areas tend to have a large flow of people , Or a large area of high-rise buildings 、 Substation box, etc . These factors may cause the delay of mobile network signal 、 The location was not updated in time , Cause positioning drift .

Aiming at the problem of positioning drift , All bike sharing operators are solving the problem from two aspects of technology and service .

Meituan changes the chip adopted by the intelligent lock from 2G Upgrade to 4G, And supplemented by GPS And Beidou's dual positioning mode , To improve the accuracy of intelligent lock positioning and system positioning . Besides , Meituan also accurately draws the offline parking area on the online map through the positioning box , To achieve professional and accurate collection of offline parking areas , Give Way “ Electronic fence ” The boundaries become clear . Hello also said that it would gradually upgrade the hardware in Beijing , Replace vehicles with higher precision positioning capability in batches .

According to Hello's data , The user reported that they couldn't lock the car , It only accounts for a small proportion of the current complaints of Hello cyclists . Since Hello, all bike sharing across the country from 2020 year 6 Since the full application of Beidou Positioning in January , Compared with the same period, the total number of cycling orders remained at about one ten thousandth every month due to customer complaints caused by vehicle positioning drift , Significantly lower than in the past .

Of course , It's hard to share a bike parking “ pan ” We can't let the technical backstage carry it all , How much is the parking area 、 size 、 Location and other problems will also cause inconvenient parking . The solution of these problems needs to be systematically planned from the level of urban governance , It is inseparable from the city managers' understanding of the actual number of local vehicles 、 Comprehensive consideration of real-time road conditions and other factors .

In terms of standardized parking area division , Local transportation committees make different treatments according to local conditions . Take Beijing for example , The Municipal Transportation Commission 2019 In, it issued a total of... To Beijing 2.6 Coordinates of 10000 shared bicycle parking spots , Hello cycling is based on this in the background system P Point settings , And travel in hello app Alipay app The electronic map in the vehicle interface is displayed to the user .

It is reported that , The other two do the same . But in the actual operation and maintenance work of the three bike sharing enterprises , There will be a situation where each family occupies a piece of space , In fact, this is the result of friendly negotiation between several enterprises responsible for the operation and maintenance of relevant regions and the division of sites .

03 What about users ?

“P spot ” The original intention of setting is to respond to the call of urban standardized management . Now around P Although there are some corresponding parking problems , But it is also an inevitable pain on the road to standardization . As far as we know , Technical development and operation and maintenance services of various bicycle platforms 、 Standardized governance and supervision of relevant management departments , Both play a role in improving the user experience .

For problems caused by positioning deviation , Each company has a customer service team to deal with such help and complaints . If it is the problem caused by positioning deviation , As long as users can submit photos 、 Video and other materials to prove that the vehicle is in the frame line , Generally, the relevant riding expenses will be refunded to the user .

Besides , Shared bicycle APP Or small programs will also have the function of assisting in locking , Click on “ Can't close the lock ” perhaps “ Forget to lock ”, The background will assist the user to end the trip , There is no need to complete by manual incoming line . according to the understanding of , This operation will not affect the user's credit . The backstage will verify the actual location of the bike ,“ It's really near the parking lot, but if you can't stop, just use this ,” The relevant staff told us .

Close the... On the lock page “ Can't close the lock ” And “ Forget to lock ” Chart of respondents

User for P It's not something that can only be accepted passively , Each platform will apply for additional P Point of entry . Hello, said , For the parking demand of new users every year , They will regularly collect these incremental parking information and local user opinions , Submit the summary to the industry management department , Unified application and planning . They will also communicate with local street management committees and other institutions , Open up parking space .

On the surface ,P Points are artificially divided points , This seems to go against sharing bicycles “ Stop and play ” Design intention of . But if not P spot ,“ Stop and play ” It can easily evolve into “ Stop and put ”. One side , The sidewalk is blocked 、 Blind road occupation and other problems will affect the travel convenience of more people , The dirty and waste cars parked in the unmanaged area not only affect the beauty of the city , It also causes a huge waste of resources ; On the other hand ,P The setting of points enables the single vehicle platform to move in time 、 Accurately grasp the vehicle data , Arrange operation and maintenance personnel to dispatch at any time “ Desilting ”, Speed up the circulation of bicycles around the city to the greatest extent , So as to ensure more people's “ share ” Experience .

Due to technical constraints and improper planning , It is an indisputable fact that it is inconvenient to share bicycles and Park . But whether it's technology or planning , There are possibilities for further improvement , City managers 、 The platform operator and every user have the responsibility to make P The point becomes to maintain “ convenient ” and “ standard ” The point of action of the delicate balance between . And if you deny it P Point value , Even revoke P spot , That would lead to “ convenient ” and “ standard ” The imbalance of . By that time , Perhaps people are no longer more worried about “ Stop and play ” It is difficult to achieve , It is “ Ride and walk ” The convenience of no longer exists .

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