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Li Ning, shuyishaoxiancao and China Post have poured across the border, and the coffee war has kicked off?

2022-05-07 13:21:2236kr

2017-2018 Around the year , Tea brand ( Like tea 、 Naixue's tea 、 Answer tea 、 Lujiao Lane 、 Lele tea, etc ) Rookies are born in the tea category , Consumers in first tier cities are overwhelmed by the rise of tea rookies , They are either waiting in line at Xi tea or at Naixue tea and other brands , On tea consumption , Consumers have no so-called Loyalty , But multi consumption also made these new brands have unlimited scenery at that time , And how did you expect it 2022 year , The voice of other tea brands instantly lost momentum , Mostly left out in front of the door , Even the share price of Naixue tea, which is the top stream, also fell , Xi tea has also been exposed to the news of layoffs recently . 

The brands that have attracted much attention are so , Those unknown stores are even more difficult to find a way out , Or say , The drastic changes in the development of these brands all illustrate a trend that the public has to pay attention to : The big play of new tea drinking has come to an end . 

The problem lies in : New tea goes backstage , Which category will guide the trend of drinks ? As one of the world's beverages, will coffee take this stick ? It's worth thinking about . 

We set our sights on coffee , From the latest financial report of Starbucks , Starbucks' latest same store sales in the Chinese market 、 The average customer unit price has declined to a certain extent , Although there are fluctuations in the epidemic , But it can not be ignored , It seems that the world-class brand of coffee is not easy . 

Some practitioners clearly pointed out that , There is really nothing to see in the tea play , The future of new consumer drinks will also depend on coffee . 

Coffee and new tea are both new consumer drinks at present , They were inseparable earlier , And why should the spotlight on drinks turn to coffee ? 

Milk tea 、 New tea 、 The three categories of coffee taste similar , The development trend and logic are different

2017 year , With the new tea drinks coming onto the stage , The category of milk tea also retreated behind the scenes , But based on a certain development context , New tea drinks must contain the connotation of milk tea category . Of course , Today we talk about milk tea , It actually refers to the new tea . 

In contrast, coffee , Although it has a history of hundreds of years , But it has only been 20 or 30 years since it became popular in China . For Chinese people , New tea and coffee are actually new creatures . 

stay Chopsticks play thinking ( It seems , For coffee, the 20-30-year starting history can be ignored , What we need to figure out is , Why milk tea / The drama of new tea has come to an end ? What is the difference between new tea and coffee ? 

Let's start with milk tea , Speaking of milk tea or new tea , This category is usually mixed with Chinese tea , Most of the market will also graft the culture of Chinese tea onto milk tea by mistake , But with a little research , We can find Chinese tea and milk tea 、 New tea is not the same species at all , To be clear is : Chinese tea is just milk tea 、 Just one of the raw materials of the new tea . 

For example, trees are one of the main raw materials of physical books , But the value of a book does not attach much importance to the variety of wood , So of course we can't mix Chinese tea with milk tea , Besides, their customers 、 How to drink 、 Catering connotation 、 Applicable scenario 、 Cultural memory is different . 

Specifically , Milk tea is a kind of sweet tea 、 Milk flavored retail tea drinks , New tea drink is to add fresh fruits and other new raw materials to the logic of milk tea ( Including upgrading the milk source ), Objectively speaking , In the moment of paying attention to quality , The era of milk tea is over , And under the logic of new tea , It takes its craft 、 The process is becoming more personalized 、 complicate , For example, most new tea brands have special fruit processing posts , Cover peeling grapes 、 Mash strawberries, etc . 

The era of milk tea is over , The main reason is the Qualitative Restriction of milk tea , With the addition of new tea and fruit , The fruit flavor of milk tea is eliminated , It naturally decays into milk + tea + This single product of the prototype of sugar . Have to say , Milk tea gives the aura of diversified products to new tea drinks , Give the new tea a chance to live , The new tea drink is homeopathic through a variety of fruits 、 Coconut Juice 、 The addition of soymilk and other raw materials has triggered a certain degree of diversification . 

But this also makes the process of new tea more and more complicated , This leads to a higher and higher degree of handcraft , Labor costs also drive up consumption costs , In the current new tea drinks , Its price is often 20 Yuan up and down . 

New tea drinks are becoming more and more voluminous , At present, it has gradually evolved into fruit tea , In Beijing Xiaoman tea field For example , It mainly uses twelve cherries to make a cup of milk tea , Then launched a strawberry bomb made of 16 strawberries , The unit price has reached 39 element . Let's look at Wang Ning, the main lemon , It uses good tea and lemon , Sold a cup of lemon tea to 20 Yuan up and down . 

The market potential of milk tea has come to an end , This seems indisputable , And the new tea is about the pricing route 、 Ingredients upgrade 、 The operation ceiling of playing method upgrading has also appeared , Even the previous grand scene of queuing is rare today . 

Why milk tea 、 New tea will turn to coffee ? From the perspective of taste type , The cultural heritage of coffee is more long-term , In terms of production , Its process is more standardized , It can even be produced directly ( Like American ), Even lattes and other dairy coffee , Its products are also more convenient than new tea , also , Coffee can be made into various flavors , Seasoning is not limited to “ sugar ” This flavor , More deadly , Coffee can make a similar taste to milk tea , And it can sell better than milk tea 、 New tea is more expensive . 

Smoke everywhere, but also full of vitality , New elements of coffee category development are quietly brewing

People always want something to drink , I'm tired of drinking milk tea 、 After the new tea , Coffee may be the only remaining substitute . 

We found that , Most new tea brands also try coffee products early or all the time , Trying to use coffee as an antidote to the development of new tea . 

Take Wang Ning as an example , The price of Wang Ning's lemon tea is 18-21 Yuan between , The launch of lemon coffee has raised the price 26-28 element , Added coffee , This has an indispensable charm for the price playing method of Wang Ning . 

Hi tea has also launched 16-25 A latte series of about yuan , Although the price is relatively “ populist ”, However, it can be seen from the major platforms that the acceptance of tea loving and coffee selling is not high , Maybe the genes of tea brands making coffee do conflict , But Xi tea has already started B plan , Boutique chain coffee brand Seesaw The list of shareholders has a place for Xi tea . 

More sensitive to smell Snow Ice City Before 2017 Created a sub brand in “ Lucky guy ”, It takes the low-cost route of honey snow ice city , A cup of freshly ground coffee costs only 5 Yuan can buy it . 

Lucky coffee sells a cup of coffee 5 element ,%Arabica But sold a cup of coffee to 65 element , And in the whole coffee category ,65 Yuan is not the ceiling ,50-60 Yuan a cup of coffee is just mass consumption . Consumers have a high tolerance for coffee consumption , This may also be one of the reasons why beverage owners like coffee . 

Coffee has a broader future than new tea , This is also because coffee is a world-class category , American 、 Italian style 、 Japanese style is a popular drinking method in China's coffee market , We also note that , At present, Vietnam's coffee consumption is also gradually becoming popular in China , All kinds of Vietnamese restaurants 、 Vietnamese coffee can also be seen in Southeast Asian restaurants . 

Besides , We also found a new category : The rise of Chinese coffee , With Seesaw For example , In addition to regular coffee products , Other coffees also add fruit 、 Dry Fruits 、 flower 、 Five grains 、 Cheese 、 Tea and other raw materials , This move has two connotations : First, the new tea drinking of coffee , This allows tea drinkers to switch directly to Seesaw; Second, tea is mixed into the camp of coffee as a raw material , This makes us seem to see a new way from milk tea to new tea —— Into the new tea , The new Chinese coffee has completed the systematic play upgrade . 

The reason why it is named Chinese coffee , It's because we saw Yunnan coffee in boutique coffee shops all over the country , This is a new product brought by the localization and maturity of high-quality coffee beans , With the addition of local raw materials and local products , Then add the production of new Chinese tea Product play Law , The logic of new Chinese coffee has been systematized . 

We also noticed the sinking of boutique coffee shops , Some small coffee shops in third and fourth tier cities not only have more expensive coffee machines than chain stores , Even pay more attention to the delicate flavor of beans than chain stores , But judging from the public comments , The sinking of boutique coffee in third and fourth tier cities is not smooth , Most brands do business in general , Perhaps the sinking of coffee category still needs some heat . 

Don't be superstitious , The protracted war on coffee has just begun

The reason why coffee can sell at a good price , It is inseparable from the support of category Technology . Consumers want a cup of freshly ground coffee , In addition to going to the coffee shop to buy or take out , In addition, you can only buy your own coffee beans and coffee equipment ,2C The price of a better coffee machine is as high as 100000 yuan ,2B Better coffee machines range from more than 100000 to hundreds of thousands . 

Choosing a coffee machine is also a technical job , The American coffee machine is simple and easy to use , Siphon pots and hand washing pots need some technology , It's usually coffee lovers who start , The espresso machine needs not only craft and hobbies , More need petty bourgeoisie . 

So strictly speaking , Freshly ground coffee is not close to the people , The development history of coffee is actually the civilian development process of noble drinks ( So is Chinese tea , But the popularization and development of Chinese tea has a certain cultural buffer , It's far from coffee “ cruel ”), Not to mention honey snow ice city and lucky coffee , In today's fast food market , McDonald's 、 KFC also sold freshly ground coffee 10 yuan . 

Cheap good coffee is a trend , On e-commerce platform , Just coffee capsule This category has 7 ten thousand + goods , starbucks 、 Nestle 、 Delong and other brands compete among them , With Three and a half For example , It's in JD.COM The single product evaluation of the platform exceeds 20 ten thousand +, The price of a single item is 8 yuan , Although the price is more expensive than lucky coffee , But it broke into the family 、 Office and outdoor scenes . 

From the perspective of channels , The tentacles of coffee are extremely rich , Consumers can buy coffee drinks on various platforms 、 Instant coffee powder 、 Freeze dried coffee 、 Coffee concentrate 、 Coffee powder , Even fresh coffee extract , The price of these items is 4-10 yuan ;10-25 Coffee consumption in the yuan range is CoCo、 Tea shops like Xi tea and freshly ground products of brands such as Mai coffee occupy ;25-60 Coffee consumption in the yuan range is controlled by Starbucks 、%Arabica、O.P.S.CAFÉ And other professional coffee brands ; High end coffee is more common in Western restaurants or bars 、 Hotel, etc . 

It can be seen that the consumption logic of coffee category is very clear : 

① Convenience floor : high frequency 、 Convenience consumption 、 Item 4-10 element

about 10 Coffee less than yuan , Users are willing to add their own milk 、 sugar 、 Alcohol 、 water , In essence, it is a kind of consumer demand available everywhere . What's interesting is that , There are also many coffee lovers who consume capsule coffee , Because heavy coffee lovers obviously can't go to Starbucks for a drink every day ( Not just the price , It's the cost of time ), At present, as high-quality coffee beans become ubiquitous , Many quality coffee audiences have also entered this range . 

And with the development of big competition , The quality and convenience of convenience coffee will also be upgraded , Convenience coffee will gradually cover 10-15 The coffee consumption range of yuan . 

② The store is now ground : Mass consumption 、 Item 10-25 element

Such consumers may not be particularly fond of coffee , I'm too lazy to make it myself , So spend a few more yuan to Ruixing 、CoCo This kind of store is very convenient to buy , This kind of consumption is mainly milk coffee , What consumers want is refreshing and taste 、 I don't care much about the original taste of coffee . Of course , Some coffee lovers will also go to the store to buy a cup . 

③ Fine coffee / Professional coffee layer : Retail consumption of petty bourgeoisie 、 Item 25-60 element

The price of a drink exceeds 20 element , Consumers should see the necessity of consumption , It needs to be supported by the professionalism of the store , These stores usually have professional baristas , Consumers in this range will gradually pay attention to the taste of coffee 、 Category of coffee beans 、 The professionalism of the barista's preparation, etc . 

For per capita 40 A boutique coffee brand of about yuan , Some stores also sell coffee beans to customers , It can even provide grinding and repacking services for beans . In this consumption range , coffee + Alcohol 、 Fruit and other novel play methods are also normal products . major + Good drink + Taste curiosity + Cost performance is the most important point for consumers in this range . 

④ Coffee dining floor : Petty bourgeoisie leisure consumption 、 Per capita 100 About yuan and above

stay 60 Coffee consumption of about yuan and above , We see that most of them are accompanied by catering , Consumers are no longer standing when they come to drink coffee 、 No longer take away , They can sit in the shop and slowly taste 、 Experience . This section is mostly seen in five-star hotels 、 Medium and high-end Western restaurants, etc . 

Go back to the category itself , After milk tea and new tea , Whether the air outlet of coffee products has come ? From the above four levels , Even if coffee consumption does have a lot of room , But the market is full , Big competition in the coffee industry , It's just the beginning . 


From the release of 《 Shanghai coffee consumption index 》 Look at ,2021 In, there were... In Shanghai 6913 A cafe , Its number far exceeds that of New York 、 In Paris, 、 London 、 International cities such as Tokyo, Japan , Shanghai can be said to be the city with the largest number of cafes in the world . It means , The current development of coffee in China also depends on the category . 

This makes us more sure , Coffee category in the current tuyere is actually a shuffle storm , Or there is no coffee outlet , Some are just the sudden global reshuffle of categories . In the past 2021 Year as an example , This year, there are a total of... Coffee categories in China 24 A financing event , In addition to regular financing , Among them is 5 Pen Angel round financing ( Including seed wheel )、6 Strategic financing , New brands enter the market hand in hand with capital , This will inevitably accelerate the competition efficiency and difficulty of coffee products . 

Since it's so cruel , Then why is the new story of coffee just beginning ? 

Looking back ,2010 About years ago , Milk tea shops are blooming everywhere in our country , here we are 2020 About years ago , Milk tea shops have been incorporated into new tea drinks , Traditional milk tea shops have completely disappeared in first tier cities , Even honey snow ice city , It is also the logic of new tea . here we are 2022 year , We have seen the new logical evolution of coffee category , The coffee category also got the baton handed over by the new tea drink , At this time, the coffee category is not just tea , It also shows us the emerging trend of this new category of new Chinese coffee . 

And in the future , New Chinese coffee may not only erode the existing market of new Chinese tea , It will put the traditional way of playing coffee in the cold . Besides , Coffee and new tea didn't kill each other , They chose to merge 、 Created a new category . 

Chopsticks play thinking prediction , The new Chinese coffee may just be a transition , The future trend of drinks may be to complete the ultimate upgrade of new Chinese drinks , It's for coffee and tea “ New era ”, And this future , Who will complete , Is it the step of new Chinese coffee or the development and reconstruction of new Chinese tea ? This will naturally have an answer in a few years .

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