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Exposure of Musk's humble house: only one block from SpaceX starship base, worth about $50000

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IT The home of 5 month 7 Daily news ,《 The daily mail 》 The first exposure of Musk's rented musk in Texas 5 $10000 residential . A swing in the shape of a rocket is built in the backyard , The roof is covered with Tesla solar panels , Equipped with star chain network receiving end , Residential distance SpaceX The Starship base is only a block away .

IT Home learned , The world's richest man had vowed to sell all his luxury homes , Then I stayed in the hotel and temporary hut next to the factory , His ex girlfriend, Grimes, also roast about him . It is reported that , Musk decided two years ago to shrink his real estate , By appointment 1.27 Sold seven luxury homes in California for $100 million .

He also denied that he had secretly lived in a friend's in Austin 1200 In the $10000 mansion , He insisted :“ In fact, I'm mainly “ home ” Actually, I started from SpaceX The rented one is located in Boca Chica / Starbase The value of 5 A little house for ten thousand dollars …… ”

《 The daily mail 》 Last week, we found a dusty coastal base outside Brownsville, Texas , And try to figure out who this man is 2190 Does the billion dollar contemporary tycoon really live there .

The neighbors told 《 The daily mail 》, Musk does live in boccachica, just two miles from the Mexican border , At least for some time . This is far from his Starbase The production facilities are only one block away , The size of a ranch family of three .

In his SpaceX The shady side of the Starship launch base , It's musk, the humble “ home ”. It is worth mentioning that , Musk and his ex girlfriend Grimes have a son , So he built several children's amusement facilities here , For example, the swing in the backyard , Although this little thing looks a bit like a rocket .

Records confirm ,SpaceX On 2019 year 10 Snapped up this single storey seaside property in June , And adjacent open space and independent garage .

76 Year old neighbor Jim Crawford Told reporters ,“ You'll see ,Elon Musk It did come , Because you can see SpaceX People pick up garbage and tidy up facilities in this place .”

“ He's never alone , He always has his bodyguard with him . He usually arrives late at night , He went straight in , Rarely come out ”“ He waved , But he never invited us over or said hello . Don't knock on his door , Because the bodyguard will be out soon .”

It is reported that , His bodyguard lives next door , This statue is 1970 The house in the s was guarded by more than a dozen Cameras , Several of them happened to be on the towering palm trees .

The man who has been divorced for three times has recently been with his intermittent partner Grimes With his seventh and eighth children , He also built a custom theater and swing in the backyard , Very similar to SpaceX The rockets .

The locals will 1580 The square foot courtyard is called “ The courtyard ”.“ They also have a terrace and chairs . Once I saw him with two ladies and a little boy , I think that's his youngest son ,” Jim said , He has so far refused to SpaceX Selling real estate “ Die hards ” One of .

“ I don't like rockets , And I'm a little too old , There's no need to think about going to Mars ”, He added “ I care more about SpaceX What you do on earth ”“ This year we only wait for a few migratory birds , It may be because of the noise and light during construction “.

Unlike previous owners , Musk doesn't have to worry about the Internet even if he lives in this suburb , Because his house is equipped with Starlink The antenna , You can accept the star chain Internet at any time .

But here's the trouble , If he wants to buy something, he will have to drive 20 Miles to the nearest supermarket , And drinking water has to be sent to Cameron County once a week , Fortunately SpaceX There are plans to build a desalination plant .

There are rumors that ,SpaceX About... Was spent on the property 200000 dollar —— It was estimated by the county tax assessor last year (62334 dollar ) Three times more .

“ We are very satisfied with the quotation we received .75 Year old Richard told 《 The daily mail 》.

“ I've seen the fence he put up , I think you can understand why privacy is very important to this person . I sincerely hope that the people living there now enjoy it as much as we do .

Musk at 2020 year 5 Month announced , He is cutting back on his living expenses , And tweeted :“ I have now sold almost all my tangible property , Say goodbye to the real estate ”.

According to the 《 Wall Street journal 》 reports , In that year 6 Month to 2021 year 11 During the month , He is about 1.27 Sold seven luxury homes in California for $100 million .

Musk was on a recent TED The interview further claimed that , He will surf on the sofa with his friends , It depends on which city he needs to be in .

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