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Elemental OS 7 released its code name

2022-05-07 13:47:03Linux China

In an earlier blog post today , Founder and CEO Daniella Fore released elementary OS 7 Release notes and plan updates .

elementary OS 7 Notice

elementary OS 7 The code number of is “Horus”, It will be based on  . The development of this version is coming to an end , The team is fixing some key regression testing issues involving window managers and other areas .

First , Functional aspects ,elementary OS 7 We get from  Ubuntu 22.04 LTS The latest software packages and upgrades . Besides ,Flatpak Run time update 、Granite 7、 Style sheets and icons update   It is expected to be in the... Of this release 7 Appears in versions . It will be based on  .

secondly , The software in the app store will get   Automatic software update function   And the new   Power profile options for laptops . It is expected that the power configuration file will follow the traditional “ Balance Balanced”、“ performance Performance” and “ Energy saving Power Saver” Options , Like the others Linux The distribution is the same .

Besides , One   New beautiful music app   Will debut in this version , It redesigned some icons , The visual effect on the desktop is also improved . Some software in the native app store has been used GTK4 technology , stay Elementory OS 7 in , They will give users a smooth performance experience .

New upgrade tools

But that's not all . The team is also excited to announce , One elementary  Version upgrade tool   The available prototypes are ready , Currently testing . therefore , stay elementary OS 7 After the release of , It will be officially unveiled , To help users realize from elementary OS 6 To 7 Migration .

at present ,elementary OS The biggest challenge is to upgrade the version of , Because it doesn't have any official way to upgrade .“ Version upgrade tool ” It's exciting news , It will attract more users to use this beautiful Linux Distribution version .

however ,Wayland The migration is still planned , Has not been given priority . When Wayland After being fully supported ,elementary OS Users will have an exciting experience .

Release date ?

For any one elementary OS Distribution version , Users are most concerned about the release date . Um. , The release date has not been finalized .elementary OS 7 “Horus” Will be released when ready . My optimistic guess is at the end of this year , stay Ubuntu 22.04 The first point of release ( Due in 2022 year 7 month ) after .

Last , Please read elementary OS 7 , Learn more about this version , as well as elementary OS 6 “Odin”(6.1 edition ) Many updates for .


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