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Bonus newsletter | home office for all employees in Chaoyang District; Baidu's new round of cadre rotation; BYD fell into a negative storm; Apologize to those who "force employees to work overtime on May Day"; Follow up to the workplace event of "making c

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36 krypton 「 In the workplace Bonus」(ID:ZhiChangHongLi)


May Day holiday ends , In order to prevent and control the epidemic , Chaoyang District issued the home office brochures for all employees ; Zhongqingbao During the May day meeting between the official wechat and the top management of the company “ Mandatory overtime work ” Apologize , During May Day , Did you work overtime ? BYD After the staff jumped off the building continuously , Today, a banner was pulled at the door , Or being defended by residents ? Well quickly Employees say they encounter workplace PUA Lost contact after leaving a will , The police responded ;Robinhood First quarter revenue fell year-on-year 43%, its 9% Your employees will be fired .

Crazy Thursday , The editorial department offers you fresh information about the global workplace , Bring new vision to workplace life .


01 Chaoyang District all staff work at home


5 month 5 Japan , According to Beijing Chaoyang client , Issued by the office of the leading group for the prevention and control of COVID-19, Chaoyang District, Beijing 《 Guiding opinions on advocating the implementation of home office for employees of enterprises and institutions in the region 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 opinion 》). 《 opinion 》 mention , The current situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex , In order to curb the risk of epidemic spread in Chaoyang District as soon as possible , Effectively prevent the occurrence of aggregated epidemic , In ensuring the social operation of Chaoyang District 、 On the basis of epidemic prevention and control and the basic life of the people , Advocate the implementation of home office in enterprises and institutions in the region . The specific guidance is as follows : 

One 、 Compaction dependency 、 department 、 Company 、 Personal responsibility , Actively implement the requirements of home office , Minimize flow .

Two 、 The territory and relevant departments should pay more attention to the region 、 Be in charge of the work guidance, supervision and inspection of the industry , Except medical treatment 、 logistics 、 Market supply of living materials 、 Outside enterprises and institutions such as urban operation guarantee , Advocate the full implementation of home office .

3、 ... and 、 All enterprises and institutions should actively respond to the requirements of the urban area , Make arrangements for employees to work at home , Do not arrange employees to work in the office space unless necessary ; Must be on duty , Strictly control the number of people on duty , Do as little as you can , And provide convenient transportation for employees on duty , Scan the code every day 、 Thermometry 、 verify 48 The nucleic acid test results work within hours , Ensure the spacing of on-the-job staff 、 Reduce internal aggregation of units . meanwhile , Strengthen the education and management of employees to consciously fulfill the requirements of epidemic prevention and control .

Four 、 Buildings 、 The property enterprises in the park should strengthen the entrance and exit management , Strictly implement the registration 、 Sweep code 、 Thermometry 、 verify 48 The nucleic acid test results work within hours , Control access ( Enter the garden ) Number of people ; We should intensify disinfection and sterilization in public areas , Limit the number of elevator passengers , Strictly prevent personnel gathering .

5、 ... and 、 Employees of all enterprises shall carry out home office work according to the arrangement of their own units , Reduce going out during home , Don't gather 、 No party 、 No door to door ; Must be on duty , Try to drive by yourself , Personal protection , To achieve two first-line units and families .

6、 ... and 、 In addition to undertaking epidemic prevention tasks, party and government organs and relevant institutions 、 In addition to the personnel who guarantee the basic operation , According to the spirit of home office , Take the initiative to report to your community , Participate in epidemic prevention and control .( )


02 Baidu's new round of cadre rotation right


5 month 5 The morning of , Baidu founder 、 The chairman and CEO Robin Lee sent an email to all the staff , Announced the launch of a new round of cadre rotation : Shen Shuan, executive vice president of Baidu group, served as the Intelligent Cloud business group (ACG) person in charge ; He Junjie (Jackson) Promoted to senior vice president of the group , And take turns as Baidu mobile ecological business group (MEG) person in charge ; Dr. Wang Haifeng continues to serve as the group's executive vice president and CTO, No more part-time ACG person in charge . 

The internal message shows , future , Wang Haifeng will continue to lead the development and innovation of Baidu technology platform system , Provide technical support for Baidu's businesses , And make timely judgment and layout on major technical directions and trends ; Shen Shuan will be responsible for leading ACG The team , Accelerate the implementation of the cloud intelligence integration strategy .( The securities times e company ) 


03 BYD is caught in a negative storm


Today, a netizen posted a post to reveal that someone pulled a white banner and shouted slogans at Changsha BYD Yuhua factory, which is suspected of safeguarding rights . The white banner says “ Preach good fortune, preach poison every day , We want happiness, not poison ”“ Detoxification day and night , miserable , Maiming the people , Toss and turn ” Etc . The specific details of the incident are yet to be further informed by the official . 

This incident is suspected to be “ Environmental pollution ” problem . There are similar complaints by consulting relevant materials . Ask about politics in Hunan 2022 year 04 month 24 An article on the th shows that “ BYD automobile factory in Yuhua District Environmental Protection Science and Technology Park emits toxic gas day and night ”. The content of the article is “ Changsha Yuhua District Environmental Protection Science and Technology Park BYD automobile factory , Discharge poison gas day and night , Living nearby , And the children in the surrounding primary schools have nosebleeds day and night , Most adults have cough . The surrounding residents have repeatedly fed back to the superior departments without results , Ask the superior leaders to attach great importance to , Carry out special supervision and rectification on the problem of toxic gas emission from the factory , Give citizens a mouthful of clear and clean air , Save these flowers of the motherland , No more harm to them .”

BYD has been in constant trouble recently , Car recall 、 Employees jump off buildings 、 Auto spontaneous combustion 、 Sudden death of an employee 、 The employee stabbed the worker to death .

4 month 27 Japan , BYD employees said they were in the company's dormitory in Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan , There have been a series of jumping events in a week . The employee said there were three jumping incidents in a week , Those who jumped from the building were all employees in the factory .27 Japan , The staff of the local police station said 25 Day and 26 Two building jumping incidents occurred in the company's staff dormitory on the th ,25 The day's jumper has unfortunately died ,26 The jumper was dissuaded by the police on the spot , Present security . The staff said that at present, relevant renovation work is being carried out on BYD's Park , The case is under investigation .( electric Know the home


04 Well quickly “ Die to express one's will ” Follow up to workplace events    


4 month 26 Evening news , A screenshot shows , A circle of friends of a Kwai employee is suspected of issuing a will saying “ I can't bear the humiliation of Kwai , More than a year PUA Already physically and mentally exhausted ”“ At Shangdi West Road 6 Die to express your will ”.

According to the official website of Kwai , Kwai headquarters is located in Shangdi West Road, Haidian District, Beijing 6 Number . It is also called... In the online content , The Kwai company is in flagrant violation of the labor law , Relevant recordings have been uploaded to the cloud for backup storage . The staff of Haidian District administrative law enforcement department in Beijing said , No relevant complaints have been received for the time being , If the employee does encounter labor disputes , It is hoped that the parties concerned will complain to the administrative law enforcement department in time , If it's inconvenient for me, I can entrust other people to complain on site , Relevant departments will help the complainant solve the problem according to law and regulations . Another staff member also said , Will report the relevant situation to the leaders , As long as they are within the scope of their duties, they will strictly perform their duties .

26 Sunday night , An internal screenshot of Kwai shows , The police reported that the lost employee was safe , Sleep at home when found . For this matter , Kwai has no response at present .( Sina science and technology )


05 “ Force employees to work overtime on May Day ” Apologist


5 month 1 Japan , Li Ruijie, chairman of zhongqingbao, a listed game company, was exposed to force employees to work overtime on May Day, which attracted attention . The chat records exposed by netizens show , The chairman of zhongqingbao forces employees to work overtime on May Day , said “ Unconvinced , Fire... Right away .”

After the matter aroused widespread concern , Zhongqingbao official wechat 5 month 1 Recently, the company's senior executives made inappropriate comments on the internal group A statement of apology : at present , Our company is making every effort to overcome the impact of the epidemic , Accelerate R & D Progress , Pay close attention to business performance , Strive to achieve the established business objectives . In the process , We will also strictly implement the provisions of the labor law and other legal rules on the May Day holiday and overtime system , Protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees . For the improper actions made in this hurry , The chairman himself has deeply realized the seriousness of the matter and made self-examination , Follow up companies will be more people-oriented , Work together , Repay all shareholders with better performance .( Goods association )


06 Robinhood Layoffs to be made 9%


Eastern time 4 month 28 Closed yesterday ,Robinhood Released 2022 First quarter results .

data display ,Robinhood First quarter revenue fell year-on-year 43% to 2.99 Billion dollars , The number of active users per month decreased year on year 10% to 1590 ten thousand people . Its share price closed in regular trading on the Nasdaq market 10.09 dollar , Increase is 6.10%. But after the financial disclosure , Share prices plummeted after hours 11.4%.

Robinhood Has been betting on cryptocurrency transactions and digital assets , And as part of a long-term growth strategy . According to the Robinhood stay 2022 It was revealed in the first quarter financial report of , The roadmap of this year's plan is to open the cryptocurrency platform to international users . It is worth mentioning that , The price trend of cryptocurrency has been very weak this year , Bitcoin has fallen about... So far this year 15%, Down from last year's record high 42%. and Robinhood The share price performance is even worse .

“ We are facing a very challenging macro environment .”Robinhood Chief financial officer Jason Warnick In a conference call with analysts .Jason Warnick Pointed out that , stay Robinhood For most of the past nine years , The company operates in an environment of low inflation and low interest rates , And this environment has changed dramatically in recent months .

So ,Robinhood Announce that due to poor management , its 3800 Of the employees 9% Your employees will be fired , It means 342 Employees will lose their jobs .( Sina finance and economics )


36 krypton 「 In the workplace Bonus」(ID:ZhiChangHongLi)


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