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This is the hottest track. This year, it has run a number of 10 billion unicorns

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This is an ordinary scene at the power battery track .

Four years old Hive energy Estimated to be 460 RMB ; Wanxiang 123 After completing the latest round of financing , It is expected that the post investment valuation will exceed 400 One hundred million yuan ; Rippler energy is looking to close 300 A valuation of 100 million yuan , Raise funds from new and old investors for about 30 One hundred million yuan ; The valuation of Weilan new energy has reached 150 RMB 100 million ; Xinwangda Car batteries are valued at 124 RMB ……

5 month 5 Japan , Add another unicorn to the power battery industry . A power battery enterprise incubated within GAC group Juwan Technology Research Institute complete A Round 10 RMB 100 million financing . Just over a year , It becomes 80 Billion valuation Unicorn .

This Unicorn , It originated from the advanced energy storage material research team within GAC group . After years of painstaking research , Developed by Juwan Institute of technology “XFC High speed battery ” It's basically mature . at present , Independently developed by the company 6C Magnification XFC The high-speed battery has been installed on GAC's ai'an model , And created “ The fastest electric vehicle charging technology ” World record of .

Under the hot wave of new energy , It's not just Juwan technology research , Many enterprises have gained capital support in the past year , China's power battery enterprises can rise . Except for the one who is firmly at the top of the list Ningde era , BYD Has also been among the best , New dark horse, honeycomb energy and other second tier manufacturers are catching up .

The market competition has been very fierce , In this long war , Leave Juwan technology research time , Not much .

01 The doctor led the team to make 80 Billion Unicorn

5 month 5 Japan , Juwan Technology Research Institute declared in its official official account that , It's done A Round 10 RMB 100 million financing . It means , The company took only more than a year , From a start-up to 80 Billion Unicorn .

The data shows , Juwan Technology Research Institute was established in 2020 year 9 month , It is the first private holding mixed ownership high-tech enterprise incubated internally by GAC group , Focus on XFC Research and development of power battery, next generation high-performance energy storage device and its system 、 production 、 Sales and services .

But in fact , The company's roots go back to an earlier time .

Let's start with GAC group , GAC group is a veteran in the automotive industry , It is also the first in China A+H A large state-controlled automobile group listed on the stock market , Now the market value has exceeded 1200 Billion . Under the background of automobile enterprises exploring new energy one after another , GAC group laid out its layout early .2007 year , Dr. Pei Feng has just graduated from South China University of Technology , Work in GAC Research Institute . Under the strategic needs of the company , He was instructed to set up a research team of advanced energy storage materials , Mainly engaged in the research and development of electric vehicle energy accumulator and its system . In the course of research , The team realized that breaking through the core three electricity technology is a necessary proposition for the development of new energy vehicles . therefore , Pei Feng began to lead the team to do the basic research and development of three electricity , The company also invested heavily .

After years of painstaking research and development , This team is successfully in 2019 Complete the function test of super fast charging battery sample in , And announce the development of “XFC High speed battery ” Basically mature .

2018 year , In order to better translate the research results into products , Energizing new energy vehicles , GAC group decided to incubate this team . at that time , The government is also promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises “ Double hundred action ”, At this opportunity , Juwan Technology Research Institute was established with the trend .

Under the leadership of GAC group , GAC capital 、 The leading technical team of GAC Research Institute and the third-party strategic partner jointly funded the establishment of Guangzhou Juwan Technology Research Co., Ltd . As a high-tech enterprise , The core teams are veterans in the field of new energy vehicles . Once served as the leading technology department of GAC Research Institute 、 Dr. Pei Feng, Minister of new energy, is the legal representative of the company 、CEO; The chairman and CTO Professor and doctoral advisor of South China University of Technology 、 Fellow of China Society of Automotive Engineering 、 Huang Xiangdong, the first president of GAC Research Institute .

Interestingly , Pei Feng also disclosed a small detail at the beginning of its establishment :“ When Juwan was founded , The share of GAC group is 49%, We just joked , We take the 49% The salary of . therefore , The people who came in later , Including me, my salary is basically cut in half .”

This self decreasing team , Soon ushered in the development of The fast lane .3 Months time , Completed the negotiation and signing of the first R & D and production base settled in the National High-tech Zone ;5 Months time , The construction of Nansha battery system factory has been completed ;6 Months time , Completed the second generation of hard core technology — Giant capacitance / Licensing of battery core foundation patents …… meanwhile , Within one year , The Juwan team also started from the initial 10 People expand to 100 More than one .

02 GAC hatching 、 Tencent blessings accelerate overcharge research and development

This time A Round of funding , Let Juwan technology research become a popular person in the venture capital circle .

actually , At present, Juwan technology research has completed 3 Round of funding . Except at the beginning of its establishment , GAC has invested 6000 In addition to the incubation fund of 10000 yuan ,2021 year 7 month , Juwan Technology Research Institute has also completed Guangfa Xinde 、 Guangfa Qianhe 、 GF financial holding fund leads the investment , BOC Yuecai 、 Guangzhou Fund 、 Potential energy capital, etc Pre-A Rounds of hundreds of millions of yuan financing .

But until 2022 year 4 month , When it is reported from the market that Juwan technology research has been completed for nearly 10 One hundred million yuan A When financing round , This enterprise has attracted wide attention .

In this round of financing , tencent 、 Shanghai Shunwei 、 Guangzhou Shengjing entrepreneurship Co., Ltd 、 Borun capital 、 New group 、 Guangzhou financial holding group 、 Kejin Holdings 、 Guangzhou Urban Construction Investment Group 、 Guangzhou Nanyue fund group 、 Hanhui capital 、 Guangzhou Development Zone Investment Group, etc 11 Shareholders participate in , near 10 The capital injection of 100 million yuan directly makes Juwan technology research step into the row of Unicorn animals .

Among a number of well-known investment institutions , Tencent's contribution attracted attention . Check the inner eye The equity penetration chart shows , As A Round investor , Tencent investment holds Juwan technology research 2.26% Shares of .

One side , Tencent began to lay out new energy tracks many years ago , Invested Wei Lai automobile 、 Tesla and other new energy vehicle projects ; On the other hand , As early as 2017 year , Tencent began to cooperate with GAC . At the time , The two sides cooperated and launched the... Independently developed by GAC group in the world iSPACE Zhilian electric concept vehicle .

after , Tencent, together with GAC and other investors, has jointly funded the establishment of a mobile travel platform, such as Ruqi travel , Total investment exceeds 10 RMB 100 million . Project on 2019 year 6 It was officially launched in June , Now it has entered Guangzhou 、 foshan 、 Zhuhai and other cities . According to Zeng Qinghong, chairman of GAC group , Ruqi's trip is scheduled for 2023 Launched in IPO.

In the past two years , Both sides are still digitizing their products 、 Business digitalization 、 Information security system construction 、 Build a new travel ecology 、 Carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in autonomous driving technology .

For this investment , Although Tencent did not disclose the specific investment logic behind it , But here's the thing , Some organizations mentioned “ Giant Bay XFC Fast charging technology is the first in the industry and takes the lead in entering the fast lane of industrial landing , Firmly believe that it can become a new leader in the industry in the future ”. It's curious ,XFC What is fast charging technology ? What is the strength ?

Simply speaking , The mission of this technology is to achieve “ Charging is as fast as refueling ”, It can charge a large amount of electric energy into the battery in a short time . According to the definition of the U.S. Department of energy , Fast charging XFC That is, the specific energy of power battery ≥200Wh/kg、 charge Electric pile power ≥400kw, Can be found in 10 Charge to the vehicle battery within minutes 80% Of SOC、 Add more than 55 KWh or more 322 Kilometers of vehicle endurance ( Average charging rate 6C And above ).

Juwan technology research has been focusing on the research and development of fast charging technology . at present , Juwan XFC Charging rate coverage of high-speed battery products 3C~6C, Vehicle / Battery pack press 3C or 6C Charge , Complete at room temperature 0-80%SOC Fast charging requires only 15 Minutes or 8 minute , Than the U.S. Department of energy 2023 The short-term goal of the year is still fast .

In the market , Independently developed by Juwan technology research 6C Magnification XFC The high-speed battery has been installed on GAC's ai'an model , And created “ The fastest electric vehicle charging technology ” World record of . Display according to the third party data ,2022 year 4 month , GAC AIAN new car sales 10212 car , It is the only new brand with sales of more than 10000 vehicles ; front 4 Months , Cumulative new car sales 55086 The amount , Much higher than the second Xiao peng car . Behind good data , In addition to the endorsement of GAC group , It is also inseparable from its fast charging technology .

in addition , GAC AION V plus models , Equipped with giant Bay 3C Magnification XFC High speed battery , At present, it has been sold to the market . With technical blessing , This model can realize “ Charge 5 minute , travel 207 km ”;2021 year 9 month 30 Japan , Configure Juwan 6C Magnification XFC Models of the same brand with high-speed batteries have also been announced by the state , It is expected to be listed in the near future .

After the completion of this round of financing , Juwan technology research will continue to strengthen XFC Research and development of high-speed charging technology 、 Accelerate the ascent XFC The capacity of high-speed battery , Actively promote XFC Overcharge ecological promotion . Due in 2023 In, the construction and operation of phase I project in Nansha District were completed , newly added XFC High speed battery capacity 8GWh, for 12 10000 new energy vehicles provide supporting services . To 2025 The annual production capacity will reach 120GWh, And in Central China 、 south China 、 southwest 、 The layout of many places in North China . meanwhile , Juwan technology research will take Dawan district as the starting point , Actively promote XFC Overcharge ecological promotion .

03 Power battery circuit , Unicorns are frequent

There is no need to talk more about the popularity of new energy vehicles . As the core component of new energy vehicles , The power battery track has also been surging .

At present , Domestic power battery manufacturers are mainly divided into three categories : Such as Yiwei lithium energy 、 Xinwangda and other enterprises that cross the border from the consumption of lithium batteries ; Such as honeycomb energy 、 Juwan technology research, an independent business division separated from automobile enterprises ; Such as China Innovation airlines 、 Funeng technology 、 Such as GuoXuan high tech “ native ” Power battery manufacturer .

Sky eye examination shows , By 2022 year 4 month 1 Japan , Our country has more than 9500 A power battery related enterprise . From the time of establishment ,67.7% Power battery related enterprises were established in 5 Within the year . among ,2021 Newly registered enterprises in 1100 home , Speed up 13.0%.

This situation is reflected in the primary market , Manufacturers need huge capital scale to complete production expansion and development , The capital is also optimistic about this track , Multiple investment . such as ,4 month 11 Japan , Maxon energy complete B+ Round of funding , from GGV Jiyuan capital investment . This family was founded in 2018 New energy battery enterprise in , since 2021 year 4 Since the angel round financing was obtained in June , It has been completed within a year 4 Round of funding , Behind it is the innocents Angel Fund 、 Source capital 、 Junlian capital 、GGV Jiyuan capital and other well-known institutions .

3 month 29 Japan , As an important battery business segment of Wanxiang Group , Wanxiang 123 obtained the shares of PCCW capital and other shareholders 9 Billion yuan of capital injection .

3 month 28 Japan , Weilan new energy obtained strategic financing . at present , The enterprise has completed 7 Round of funding , The capital camp behind it is also luxurious , Including venture capital of Chinese Academy of Sciences 、IDG capital 、 Weilai capital 、 Hubble invested 、 Capitals 、 Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Fund 、 Geely holdings, etc . Besides , And Xinwangda car battery 、 Zhongkehai sodium 、 Ruipu energy 、 Honeycomb energy and other enterprises obtained financing in the first quarter of this year .

With hot money pouring in , according to an uncompleted statistic ,2022 First quarter of 2009 , The total number of new power battery projects in China is 29 individual , The total investment is up to 3391.1 One hundred million yuan , The planned power battery capacity is close to 877GWh.

On the other hand , Set off by the hot atmosphere of the new energy track , A surge in valuations is inevitable . Unicorns have emerged in the field of power batteries : On the same day that PCCW capital announced its stake in Wanxiang 123 , Wanxiang money flow It also announced that , Proposed capital contribution 40 Million yuan invested in Wanxiang 123 . According to the media , After Wanxiang 123 completes this round of financing , It is expected that the post investment valuation will exceed 400 One hundred million yuan ; Honeycomb energy has been completed 7 Round of funding , The officially disclosed transaction amount alone has exceeded 200 RMB . At the completion of 2022 year 1 After months of strategic financing , Honeycomb energy is valued at 460 RMB ; And media coverage , Rippler energy is looking to close 300 A valuation of 100 million yuan , Raise funds from new and old investors for about 30 One hundred million yuan .

Besides , Xiao peng car 、IDG capital 、 Ideal car 、 The valuation of Xinwangda automobile battery invested by Weilai automobile is 124 RMB ; The valuation of Weilan new energy has reached 150 RMB 100 million ; Guohong hydrogen energy, which focuses on the industrialization of hydrogen fuel cells, is opening a new round of financing , The pre investment valuation has reached 70 Billion . Hubble invested 、 Zhongke Chuangxing 、 At present, the valuation of zhongkehai sodium, a sodium ion battery company invested by institutions such as guokejia and, has exceeded 50 One hundred million yuan , Compared with the same period last year 800%.

Invest heavily in R & D , Power battery manufacturers from China have made great achievements all over the world . According to the global market research organization “SNE Research” The latest data ,2022 In the first quarter of, the top ten enterprises in the global power battery were Ningde times 、LG New energy 、 BYD 、 panasonic 、SK On、 China Innovation airlines 、 samsung SDI、 GuoXuan high tech 、 Hive energy 、 Yiwei lithium energy . It is worth noting that , In the top ten , Chinese power battery manufacturers occupy six seats . The market share of the top ten power battery manufacturers is 91.8%, Chinese power battery manufacturers occupy 55.7%.

Behind this , We can see the strong growth of Chinese power battery enterprises . however , As the market share continues to be snatched by leading enterprises , The power battery industry has also shown “ Heng Qiang the strong , The weak are always weak ” The trend of .

Back to Juwan Technology Research Institute , Compared with the above enterprises, the advantages are not obvious . It can be seen that , The customer structure of leading enterprises is very diversified . The largest customer of Ningde era is Tesla ,“ Circle of friends ” It also includes the public 、 saic 、 SAIC general 、 Goodway 、 The Great Wall 、 changan 、 BMW brilliance 、 Dongfeng motor 、 Yutong and other domestic mainstream auto enterprises .

Although BYD's power batteries are mostly used for its own brands , But there are rumors , BYD has won Tesla 10GWh The order of . New customers of dark horse honeycomb energy except Great Wall motor Other than its own brand , It also includes Geely 、 dongfeng 、 Which zha 、 Zero run at home and abroad 25 Home car companies .

And Juwan technology research XFC At present, the high-speed battery is mainly used in the models of GAC ai'an . To catch up with the giants , While developing , We also need to open up the market , Cooperate with more car companies . To be fair , It's only one year old , The establishment of Juwan Technology Research Institute has been very bright , Contrast giant , Juwan technology research still needs to go through a necessary and common dormant period . But in a constantly squeezed market , How much market and time is left for it ?

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