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Is there still a chance for drones?

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When the first UAV takes off as a training target , Few people can foresee its future in the civil market . From the popular aerial photography live broadcast a few years ago , Up to now, it is widely used in logistics 、 plant protection 、 Security 、 Surveying and mapping and other fields , Civilian drones are no longer novel . According to public data , By 2020 end of the year , Our country has 55.8 Million registered drone users , Total registered drones 51.7 Ten thousand frames , The market size is close to 600 One hundred million yuan , Form a broken circle .

stay IDC In the released ranking of global civil UAV enterprises , Dajiang surpasses... In the consumer market 7 The proportion of Cheng is at the top of the list , Another Haoxiang 、 Six domestic enterprises such as Yihang ranked top 10. Affected by the epidemic , The scale of the global UAV industry has shrunk , But in such an adverse trend ,2021 In, China's UAV enterprises further expanded their trade surplus , Exports have more than doubled , It has maintained China's leading position in the civil UAV market .

From consumption level to single growth , To consumer grade 、 Industrial grade , In the context of unmanned transformation , Domestic UAVs are ushering in a golden age of development .

01 take off

2012 year , Dajiang launched a product called Phantom The consumer drone .

stay Phantom before , UAVs often use fixed wings , This kind of wing has high robustness , Strong endurance 、 Long voyage , It can still carry a large load when the battery is low , It is very suitable for military and industrial civilian scenes . But with the new hot spot of aerial photography , The weakness that the fixed wing cannot hover at a fixed point is exposed , The inability to take off and land vertically also limits its application scenario .

Wang Tao, the founder of Dajiang, liked aircraft models since childhood , Have their own pursuit of flexibility and interest of aircraft . In order to achieve “ Debugging free 、 Easy to operate 、 Easy maintenance ” The goal of ,Phantom Innovative installation of multi rotor , Meet the requirements of aerial photography lovers for dexterity , Multi rotor UAV can complete vertical takeoff and landing without runway , The design of direct motor connection makes the wing components easy to install ; With mature flight control system , It can not only realize accurate hovering in the air , It also has the function of returning out of control , The operation difficulty of amateur pilots is minimized , Can be carried GoPro The design of Jean Phantom Become the world's first all-in-one aerial camera .

It's tools , It's also a toy ,Phantom The innovation of makes UAVs from enthusiasts A small circle Zi came into the public view , It also made Dajiang famous .2010 year , There are only 300 Ten thousand yuan of revenue , wait until 2013 year , Revenue data has grown to 8.2 One hundred million yuan . Five years later , With an aerial camera 、 Handheld pan tilt 、 Flight control system and other product lines , Dajiang has won the domestic consumer UAV market 7 A share of , Sit firmly in the top position of domestic UAV enterprises .

Other drone players are not willing to fall behind , From a small industrial market to a consumer market , Among them, the one that once posed a threat to Dajiang was Zero degree intelligent control . Founded on 2007 year , Previously, zero intelligent control has been focusing on the industrial market , Although the research and development of multi rotor products was started at the same time with Dajiang , But in order to prepare for the “ AVIC Cup ” UAV competition , We had to postpone the release of multi rotor products , Finally, Dajiang was ahead .

stay Phantom After mobilizing the enthusiasm of the public , Zero degree intelligent control launched pocket UAV Dobby, Because the release time is just in the gap period before the launch of Dajiang new product series , Less than 200 G's fuselage weighs more than before Phantom More portable ,Dobby Quickly won more than... With differentiated positioning 20% Market share , Be successful in the second industry .

thus , The domestic consumer UAV market has been determined “ Nandajiang , North zero ” Pattern , Followed by Haoxiang 、 Zhendi and other enterprises , Take aerial photography effect as the main breakthrough point , Make the market of consumer UAVs bigger and bigger . As the public pays more and more attention to UAVs , The industrial market has also ushered in a new turn .

02 routes

Differentiated requirements , It is a necessary prerequisite for the emergence of market segments .

With the stability of UAV 、 Security 、 The load capacity is continuously improved , The speed of integration with industry is also accelerating . As has 18 A large agricultural country with 100 million mu of basic farmland , Plant protection UAV is just a kind of rigid demand in the domestic market , Therefore, it has become the primary consideration for UAV enterprises to open the industrial market .

stay Phantom After a great success , Dajiang has increased its investment in technology , On the one hand, keep the leading edge of the aerial camera market , On the other hand, he devoted himself to the research and development of plant protection machines , On 2015 The first agricultural plant protection machine was released in MG-1, Officially entered the agricultural UAV market .

10L Liquid medicine loading capacity 、4 A sprinkler 、 The spray range can reach 4-6m、 Low altitude operation , These hardware indicators now seem to be out of date , Compared with traditional manual , The spraying efficiency has reached 30 times , It also reduces the possibility of pesticide poisoning during spraying . Plus MG-1 The price of is lower than that of imported drones 、 More stability , Therefore, it is sought after by agricultural production and operation units .2014 year , The number of plant protection UAVs in China is only 695 frame , Total working area 426 Million mu ; here we are 2015 end of the year , The number of plant protection UAVs in China has reached 2324 frame , Total working area 1152.8 Million mu , The growth rates are 234%、170.6%.

Just like the consumer market , In addition to walking in the front of Dajiang , There are many strong followers in the market . In the field of plant protection , Jifei is often compared with Dajiang . Also established in 2007 year , The development strategy of Jifei in previous years is basically consistent with zero degree intelligent control , It is also aimed at the industrial market , In Logistics 、 fire 、 In the field of scientific research , Even produced express drones for SF .

here we are 2013 year , Under the pressure of Dajiang , Jifei began to narrow its encirclement , Look for areas of expertise . At that time, the Ministry of agriculture was carrying out specialized unified prevention and control of crop diseases and pests ,“ The whole process of rice mechanization ”、“ Accelerate the research and development of plant protection machinery ” And other strategies have been put forward one after another , Founder Peng bin turned decisively , Adjust the positioning of Jifei to an agricultural technology company , Start to make efforts in the agricultural field that can't cover up the sky with one hand in Xinjiang .

chart :2015-2020 The scale and structure of China's civil UAV market in (Frost & Sullivan data , New eyes draw )

2015 year 4 month , Jifei launched a plant protection UAV that can operate semi autonomously P20, Than Dajiang MG-1 A few months earlier . Although the popularity is not so loud 、 The market response is not as good as Dajiang , But on the technical level , They are equal . thereafter ,“ A fresh eat all day ”, Jifei launched its business in the field of Agriculture , And developed an unmanned vehicle 、 Self driving instrument 、 Internet of things equipment and other product lines , Among the first echelon in the field of domestic agricultural intelligent equipment .

Except in the field of plant protection , In other application scenarios , There are also a number of domestic brands with excellent quality , Like the main air media 、 Billion Airlines managed by smart city , Design the vertical and horizontal of VTOL fixed wing aircraft, etc . In terms of market size , China's industrial UAV has reached nearly 300 The market level of 100 million yuan , And 5 Less than years ago 50 The scale of 100 million yuan has long been different ; Break it down , fire 、 Security 、 Geographical mapping 、 On-Site Inspection The application scale in other fields has also exceeded 10 One hundred million yuan , Gradually catch up with the performance of the consumer market .

03 Landing

“ It's not realistic in the short term ”, It's Wang Tao ( Founder of Dajiang ) Answer when asked about the delivery of express by UAV . Not just in the field of Logistics , In other application scenarios , UAVs also face the problem of difficult popularization .

On the one hand, the reason lies in the price . From the perspective of consumer market , The price of aerial camera is basically at the level of 10000 yuan , Plus all kinds of subsequent advanced accessories , It's not a small amount .“ Three generations of photography are poor , SLR destroys life ”, Like other photographic equipment , There is an economic threshold for starting aerial photography of UAVs , Far beyond the ordinary level of aircraft model toys , Therefore, it can only be used as a small circle hobby , It's impossible to achieve something like 3C Popularity of products .

The same is true in the industrial market , Wait in security 2B、2G In strong application scenarios , The price is not a big problem , But in the field of agriculture, forestry and plant protection , The price of tens of thousands of yuan is not what ordinary farmers can consume . Now? , The users of plant protection machines are mainly young people living at the junction of urban and rural areas , Provide UAV pesticide spraying services to surrounding villages ; Or the village committee will spend money on equipment , Arrange special personnel to serve each family regularly .

In fact, the price problem has improved compared with previous years , Due to the high coincidence between the industrial chain and mobile phones , The price of UAV parts has also decreased with the development of mobile phone industry , Like sensors that are key to UAVs , In the past, the price was more than 1000 yuan , Nowadays, we should achieve the consumption level of mobile phones , Only one digit is needed .

The deeper reason why it is difficult to popularize , In the security , Especially in the consumer market 、 After the precision of UAV components decreases . In the military 、 Mainly industrial grade , UAV components have high precision 、 Low failure rate , The flight area is mainly in areas with low population density , Less potential safety hazards ; Nowadays, with the range of UAV flying closer and closer to densely populated areas , Potential dangers are also increasing , Not counting the bombing and so on , Falling from a height alone can pose no small threat .

besides , Civilian UAVs often enter sensitive areas by mistake . Zero degree intelligent control is the first enterprise in China to set a no fly zone in the flight control program , Then Dajiang joined the no fly zone under pressure , But this does not stop Black flight incident happen . This year, 2 month , A group called “ An old expert in flying ”( Sealed ) Tiktok release video , Operate a cracked UAV to fly black over Shenyang Taoxian Airport , It's higher than 800 rice , Constitute a great potential safety hazard .

In addition to public safety , From the perspective of personal privacy , Drones also have many controversial points , Therefore, there are many anti UAV products in the market , For example, a drone that can capture another drone 、 Radio frequency jammer, etc , There are even researchers who specialize in training Raptors to attack and disable drones . Some e-commerce enterprises once envisaged the use of drones for the last kilometer of distribution , Although it is possible , But from the current policy 、 technology 、 In terms of public attitude , It's too early , Or Amazon's Prime Air The UAV delivery business will not fail to land after five years of development .

Just look at the technical level and market performance , Civil UAV has great potential ; It can be seen from the overall environment , China's model aircraft 、 The management of civil spacecraft such as UAV mainly stays at the local level , There are many gaps . The development of industry before law will inevitably lead to a period of chaos , This can not be solved by simply setting a no fly program . How can you fly high 、 Fly far again , It is an issue that all stakeholders of civil UAV need to consider .

This article is from WeChat official account. “ New eyes ”(ID:xinmouls), author : Liu Sixuan , edit : Sang Mingqiang ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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