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The high-level sense of Chinese stars has been destroyed by the English name of sand sculpture

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“ What ou Hao fears most , It happened .”

4 month , A sentence from an ancient program “ You are my God ”, Directly send Haiqing and ouhao to hot search . 

after , It caused a series of chain reactions , Netizens play crazy , joy

The number of related topics broadcast reached 1.1 Billion / Picture source : Flying melon data

There are netizens in their character relationship map ,P Out of a magical relationship chain . 

He , Became her “ god ”; she , Became his “ believer ”.

Stars are played by netizens a lot , But the amusing effect is so lasting , I'm afraid this is the first . 

It's not over yet , In a moment here we are 5 month , Netizens who still haven't given up playing stem found Huadian again : Ouhao's English name is Oho Ou ( Oh roar ~ Oh ~)?

“ How can I send voice !” 

“ Isn't his English name called God( god )?”

Ouhao, who has been in business for many years , I guess I can't think of anything , I can't believe that one day I will be popular because of my English name . 

Of course , What he didn't expect was : Start with this , Another Internet Carnival about English names has also begun in full swing .

At that time , Parties “ power ” All applied for war , Sun yourself or your own home Love bean English name of . 

01 The English names of stars , How many patterns can there be ?

It is said that stars are fashion 、 The benchmark and pioneer of the trend , Naturally, there are many strange tricks in the matter of English names . 

In order to achieve a unified impression of Chinese and English names to the public , Many artists work directly on their Chinese names , Try your best to make your English name “ The name is like a man ”. 

In the middle of it , The inspiration is far more than oho .

More intuitive and lovely are Zhou ye and Liu Ye . 

“ also ” Homophonic English mood particles when happy “Yeah”( " ), Such a lovely coincidence directly made two people choose to use pronunciation “ also ” As an English name . 

Search in the microblog search box yea, You can directly find two “ also ”. 

Liu Ye Yea( " ) He Zhou Ye Yeah( " )/ Picture source : Microblogging

also “ The name follows the heart ” Jia Nailiang of , The English name shown in all official information at present , All with the mouse in our childhood “ Jerry ” The same name .

Official information of Jia Nailiang  

I wonder if he has a name “ Tom ” Friend,

However Jerry In fact, it is the third English name published by Jia Nailiang , The officials in front also announced Happy( Happy ) and Smile( laugh ).

As everyone knows, in the eyes of foreigners ,Happy and Smile Not at all “ name ”, It's just a word .

“ Hello, my name is Xiao ”

“……”( Foreigners are crazy ing)

Fortunately , This has not dampened the enthusiasm of stars to choose English names .

It even makes them feel a little more frustrated and brave .

Call yourself Three Sun Rui seems equally casual , It's actually “ Witticism begets flowers ”. 

Numbers “3” At first glance, it seems to have nothing to do with the name , Even without nutrition , But as long as you speed up , You will find “ Sun Rui ” The pronunciation of two words , It's almost the same Three As like as two peas . 

Bai Jingting with a burst of variety , Then skillfully achieved the English name “ Copiously quote authoritative works ”.

Skillfully quote a few classic words that all Chinese people will learn at the beginning :Good bye. 

Combine your last name , It has an excellent English name for the public “Good Bai”. 

Both praised themselves Good, Also played a homophonic stem , I see , He is very satisfied with the name …… 

Satisfied to be directly registered as a trademark , It has become a brand for him to expand his personal business . 

But to say that the English name should be “ hit off ” Of , And admire Lei Jiayin . 

In an interview with , Lei Jiayin's joking tone , It seems that the English name will come . 

Cooperate with the daily characteristics of Northeast Railway , Because my last name is Ray , Just call yourself Honglonglong, It's a nickname “ Leizi ” Man . 

Intuitive and easy to remember 、 Human collocation 、 Moderate play stem is probably a three piece set of star English names .

Homophonic stem 、 Allegory 、 Free play is the core keyword for them to play with English names .

From the reaction of the people who eat melons , Have to say , Similar methods are summarized slightly , Can become our daily worry about English names “ Life-saving recipe ”.

Zhao Liying's English name :Zanilia 

02 《“ Play bad ” English name 108 type 》

Let's start with the name of homophonic stem . 

For this move , Homophonic stem routine , The written expression is the transliteration method we often use in English translation . 

As we call it Shakespeare For Shakespeare , His tragic lover Romeo、Juliet, It is “ Romeo. ” And “ Juliet ”. 

In order to conform to English word structure and pronunciation habits , Most of the stars who choose to be homophonic with their Chinese names choose “ name ” The last word in Chinese is used as the English name , Balance a sense of intimacy and a sense of humor . 

A reasonable export , But it can cause laughter. The effect is the best .

Huang Zitao introduces himself. His English name is Tao/ Picture source : Happy camp  

Of course , There are also those who directly use their own names as English names .

It's just like taking Xiaoting As an English name, Aidou is also popular with fans like Shen Xiaoting “ cordial ” The name is homophonic Shouting( to shout , homophonic “ Xiaoting ”). 

Chinese loud Xiaoting Direct change Shouting 

There is more than the star , As long as the homophonic stem is used skillfully , The English names of ordinary people are also very interesting .

Before ouhao's English name was broken , We probably won't believe , Someone's English name is God…… Because this person's Chinese name is : Shandi . 

Not to mention , One day, historical figures will “ Keep pace with the times ”, Be assigned a creative English name . 

Wang Anshi's name is Vans, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty called Woody, Zhang can't call Book, Hong Shi's name is Horse, Zhu Di's name is Judy, Aobai is called All Buy…… 

“ When my stupid classmate gets bigger and smarter in seconds ”/ Picture source :@ Actually, I'm from Ninja  

Be careful , Never think about English names , There are so many tricks .

In the hands of some friends , The conversion process between English and Chinese , It is entirely possible to push back .

Once locked his microblog name “ Try and try and try again ” The lay of , Official English name at the time of debut :LAY( homophonic : class ). 

About the English name , Zhang Yixing's own explanation is : I hope to be a handsome man .

It is the same as the original intention of many friends when they choose English names , Placed a lot of beautiful expectations . 

But on the show , The English name was directly destroyed .

Yang Zi and Huang Lei are in the program “ Make complaints ” The English name is not homophonic enough , It should be changed directly to Bulay( homophonic “ Not tired ”). 

That's a whole relaxation ? 

And if we carry forward this method of choosing text names , Another way of naming came into being : Allegory .

Those who want to be rich are called Rich( rich ), If you want to be slim, it's called Thin( Thin ), Those who want to stand out and attract attention are directly called Shine( Flash ), I like cherries Cherry( Cherry )…… 

If the brain hole is big enough , You can also mix and match freely , There are different sparks in the collision .

Lu You can call Wifi( Wireless network ), because Wifi Need a router ; 

Friends surnamed you can call Only, Because of this, the full English name is Only You( Only you, ). 

Classic songs Only You/ Picture source :《 A Chinese Odyssey 》

Only a short while ago , We racked our brains for English names , Turn over a Book , consult a dictionary , Brush the movie , Even want to spend money to name the website , Just to get an English name . 

Now everyone gives full play to their subjective initiative , Integrate local naming methods and creativity , Turn it into a grounded thing .

And then of course , Everything has two sides .

Grounding gas is really good , But sometimes because “ Too grounded ”, In the process of using and addressing English names , It is also inevitable to encounter other problems . 

For example, become localized 、 After homophony , Just call a fork . 

carelessly Emma Directly to the northeast “ AI (ái) m (mǎ)”,Nicolas( Nicholas ) Seconds change to Zhao si …… 

And Tian Liang's daughter was called Sen dish ( English name Cindy Homophony of ); Haiqing's son is called an egg girl ( English name Daniel Homophony of ), These are all real things that have happened . 

alike “ fate ” Huang Minghao did not escape , Once his English name and stage name :Justin( transliteration : Justin ). 

After attending the variety show , Seconds become the kindness in everyone's mouth “ Xiao Jia ”, I don't know. I thought his last name was Jia . 

The names of the stars here are spoiled , The foreign names of the brands over there can't escape “ wandering ” Destiny . 

When Gucci( Gucci ) become “ Cry ”, It's passers-by's tears Prada Prada( Prada ) Of Dior( dior ) To the extent of . 

Many people seem to bring their own magical English name conversion system .

When you introduce :“ Call it Dollar Just go .”

other party :“ OK, Daolang , Hello, Daolang .”

“ But if you can call this English name right , I'm lost .” 

Or it feels hard to get , Or it's hard to call . 

Don't , Serious English names really can't enter the hearts of Chinese people ?

03 English name , How to enter the heart of Chinese people ?

Only a short while ago , Due to language barrier and ability , English name well known to Chinese people , Just a few calls .

Most people still search the list of the most popular English names , Which one do you like to use directly , Therefore, it also caused some embarrassing situations . 

For example, many people like candy 、 The cherry barked Candy、Cherry, And foreign friends said : It turns out that these words are really not suitable for English names . 

Who and “ Funny Chinese names of foreigners ” No, I won't / Picture source : The little red book  

Plus the fear that the pronunciation is not standard 、 I'm afraid I don't understand the true meaning and make jokes …… A variety of reasons , It seems that we can't have a long relationship with our English name . 

But in fact , There is a precedent for Chinese people to use English names .

Periodicals published by the Chinese History Compilation Committee 《 The mirror of the history of the Qing Dynasty 》 in , It was recorded that the last queen Wanrong followed her father to learn western culture , Teach Puyi to eat Western food hand in hand , Write an English text message to Puyi . 

In the letter, Wanrong called herself Elizabeth( Elizabeth ), Call her husband Puyi Henry( Henry ). 

Chiang Kai Shek met Zhang Xueliang with Song Meiling , Song Meiling called Zhang Xueliang in English Peter( Peter ).

Song Meiling calls Zhang Xueliang Peter/ Picture source :《 Xiaosong's strange talk 》

At that time , English names are to some extent a symbol of status , It doesn't seem to have much to do with ordinary people .

Later , As a second language, English has entered the classroom of compulsory education . 

We know each other Han Mei Mei、Li Lei, Learn to answer What’s your name Class assignments , Start thinking about your first English name . 

With the few words learned and the food you like 、 Month of birth 、 Stories I've heard …… Many people become Alice,Apple, Orange,April,May,Piggy. 

If the English name is too popular, it will eventually become like this  

With the continuous accumulation of English classroom learning , We also began to think about the meaning and uniqueness of English names .

Worry about yourself Alice Buried in thousands of Alice In , Or actively or passively thinking about whether to change the name . 

in fact , How to choose a bright English name , In fact, it is a global worry .

Just like Chinese duplicate names can also bring some embarrassment , Foreigners also broke their hearts for an unconventional name .

According to the name of the website Nameberry released 2021 The list of the most popular English names of the year shows :

The first in the girls' names Eloise, It's a French name , It means health or tolerance ; The first in the boys' names Arlo, Is a multicultural name . 

Familiar to us Tom、Peter and Lily, Early is like victory 、 Green flowers are like iron pillars , Gradually disappeared in the wind and cloud of history .

Now search the Internet casually , You can find countless “ How to get an English name ” A tutorial for , It can not only combine gender and Chinese names , Even ask about your personality and birthday .

Today's English name , More diversified  

Name , Without disturbing others , Or the most important thing is to like yourself .

Of course, we should pay attention here : Internet age , Our English name should be taken seriously . 

After all, if it's decided, it's likely to be like ou Hao , To be called for a few years 、 More than ten years , Even a lifetime .

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