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She started her career

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The landlady sits in the town , Yunda system VC Surface .

The investment community - decode LP learn , not long ago , Yunda Co., Ltd announcement , Shanghai ruiduan Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of the company ( abbreviation “ Shanghai ruiduan ”) Participated in the establishment of Tianjin Ruihe venture capital fund partnership ( Limited partnership ). The official website of the China Foundation Association shows , The newly established fund has completed the filing and registration of the private fund manager .

Speaking of Yunda , Naturally, it is inseparable from the couple who came out of Tonglu, Zhejiang Province —— Nie Tengyun and Chen Liying .1999 year , Nie Tengyun and his wife left Shentong founded by his brother Nie Tengfei , Established Yunda in Shanghai . Ten years before starting a business , Nie Tengyun and Chen Liying have been living in the company dormitory , painstakingly . Then , Yunda once got out of the siege by virtue of the price war , But also by the electricity supplier jumped up .2017 year , Yunda backdoor listing , The latest market value 440 RMB .

After the realization of wealth and freedom , Nie Tengyun and Chen Liying began to appear intensively in VC/PE circle .

Yunda filed a private equity fund

Behind her

The record information of China Infrastructure Association shows , Yunda's new fund Tianjin Ruihe venture capital fund Partnership ( Limited partnership )( Hereinafter referred to as Reich Fund ) This year 4 month 6 The filing and registration shall be completed on the day of , The fund manager is Shanghai ruiduan .

From the perspective of equity structure , Shanghai ruiduan invested RMB with its own funds 100 Ten thousand yuan , Of the registered capital of Reich fund 9.09%. The major shareholder of the fund is one of the co founders of Yunda 、 Chen Liying, CO chairman of Yunda , Share holding 81.82%.

The story of the establishment of the Reich fund can be found in 3 Years ago .2019 year , Yunda aims to invest in the equity projects of non listed companies in the logistics industry and upstream and downstream related industries , Announced the establishment of an investment fund Partnership . At the end of the same year , Reich fund was born , But so far, no project has been launched . meanwhile , Yunda also participated in the establishment of Zhuhai Hengqin ruizi venture capital fund partnership ( Limited partnership )( abbreviation “ Ruizi investment ”). at present , Both funds are funded by Shanghai ruiduan management .

The website is displayed in the association base , Shanghai ruiduan was founded in 2018 year 3 month ,2019 year 7 Registration completed in , It's a private equity firm 、 Venture capital fund manager . The largest shareholder behind the company, Ningbo Meishan bonded port area Fushan Investment Co., Ltd., namely Fushan investment , The latter is owned by Yunda shares 100% holding .

at present , Fushan investment is the main investment platform of Yunda , With logistics 、 E-commerce as the main line , I have invested in Fengchao 、 Deppon 、 Zhejiang post house 、 Zhengzheng e-commerce 、 Happy cakes 、 Haicang Technology etc. 10 More companies . among , Happy pastry is Yunda's latest project .2008 Happy pastry, founded in, was originally an offline baking chain brand ,2013 In, we transformed into an Internet cake , Through establishment “ Central factory + Satellite factory + Self built cold chain logistics ” Pattern , Keep the cake fresh and ready to make 、 On time delivery .2021 end of the year , Yunda once participated in the latest round of 100 million yuan financing of Happy Cake .

Logistics industry , It has always been the Jianghu of scuffle among major giants . Even an investment move , You can still see the scene of giant scuffle . A series of operations from Yunda to invest in and withdraw from Fengchao Technology , The outside world can A little knowledge 12 .

2015 year , Shun Feng 、 sto 、 zhongtong 、 Rhyme 、 Prosper China Co invested and established Fengchao technology , Mainly research and develop intelligent express cabinet . The next two years , Yunda keeps taking shares in Fengchao technology . but 2018 The year has become an important turning point : That year 5 month , Fushan investment plans to use its own funds 7.17 One hundred million yuan , Invest in a wholly-owned subsidiary of rookie supply chain “ Zhejiang post house ”; The next month , Yunda announced that , Its wholly-owned subsidiary signed an equity transfer agreement , Will be held in total “ Fengchao technology ” 13% Equity transfer to Shenzhen Weirong , Exit Fengchao Technology . At that time, people in the industry analyzed , This withdrawal may be related to Tongda's share taking “ Zhejiang post station ” of . One in, one out , Enough to show the bloody storm of the express Jianghu .

In Yunda's investment territory , Strategic synergy has long been integrated into the blood .2020 year 5 month , Debon shares It is proposed to make a non-public offering , We will raise more funds 6.14 One hundred million yuan , The sole subscriber is Fushan investment . After the release , Yunda shares will hold Debang shares 6.5% Equity of , Become the second largest shareholder of the latter . According to the agreement signed by both parties 《 Strategic cooperation agreement 》, Both sides will expand in the market 、 Carry out comprehensive cooperation in network optimization and centralized procurement , The term of cooperation is 3 year . It is a pity , Investment cooperation is not yet full 3 year , Debon sold himself JD.COM .

Now , Yunda's funds have successively completed the filing in China Foundation Association , This may be a A letter Number : Yunda's fund may start to wander as a regular army VC/PE circle .

Husband and wife's wealth 300 Billion

she , Still a person LP

In the Chinese express Jianghu , The entrepreneurial story of this Zhejiang couple is indispensable .

1976 year , Nie Tengyun was born in Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province , After that, he was admitted to Zhejiang Commercial Vocational and Technical College . in one's college years , He fell in love with his classmate Chen Liying , Married after graduation .1995 year , After they graduated from college , Together, we entered the express company Shentong founded by Nie Tengyun's brother Nie Tengfei .

At that time, Shentong was established not long ago , Business has just started from delivering cakes 、 Biscuits and drinks , To deliver business documents . After Nie Tengyun and Chen Liying entered Shentong , Shentong's business is getting bigger and bigger , Business territory from Hangzhou 、 Shanghai began to Ningbo 、 jinhua 、 nanjing 、 Wuxi and other places expand .1998 year , Brother Nie Tengyun died in a car accident during a business trip , Shentong is taken over by his sister-in-law Chen Xiaoying and Chen Dejun, Chen Xiaoying's brother .

After much consideration , Chen tengying and his wife decided to leave , housekeep .1999 year , Nie Tengyun and Chen Liying founded Yunda express in Shanghai . The start-up stage , Yunda has only more than 30 employees , Mr. and Mrs. Nie Tengyun live in the company dormitory with the employees , Living is 10 year .

At the same time , Shentong is rising rapidly , The territory radiates from the Yangtze River Delta to South China 、 North China and other places . meanwhile , zhongtong 、 Yuantong and other rising stars have been established one after another ,“ Three connections and one connection ” A new market pattern is emerging . However , At that time, the express market was not fully open , Yunda is the same as other private express , Most of them live in cracks .

Yunda occupies a place in the industry through price war . Survived the most difficult time of the company , Nie Tengyun and Chen Liying began to think about the development model of enterprises . therefore , They first set up a transit station , Then gradually return the franchisees in provincial capital cities to direct sales , Then go online IT software and hardware , Standardize the operation process to realize standardized management . This adjustment has laid the foundation for subsequent business development .

2005 year , The e-commerce boom has led to the rapid growth of the express industry , Couriers have traveled all over the country , Transport clothing 、 Housewear & Furnishings 、 Electrical appliances . Take advantage of the east wind , Yunda develops with the trend , Distribution outlets are all over major cities across the country , Become one of the heavyweight private express enterprises .

until 2016 year , Yunda ushered in another important turning point —— list .2016 year 2 month , Yunda gets Fosun 、 China safe 、 China Merchants Bank 、 The East is rich 、 Yunhui capital, etc B Round of funding . As early as the introduction of B When financing round , Nie Tengyun, chairman of Yunda express, said :“ Yunda actively embraces the capital market , Seek opportunities through development .” The intention to go public is self-evident .

2016 year 7 month , Yunda wants to be listed in the shell of Xinhai shares , The issue price of the shares is 19.79 element / stocks ; The following year 1 month , Yunda express backdoor Xinhai shares are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange , Official landing A The stock market .2019 year , Yunda delivered the package to 100.3 One hundred million , After Zhongtong , The world's second express delivery enterprise with annual business volume exceeding 10 billion .

not long ago , Yunda just released 2021 Annual report and 2022 First quarter results . Results show that , Rhyme 2021 Annual operating income 417.29 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year increase 24.56%; Net profit 14.77 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 5.15%. By 4 month 29 Closed yesterday , The latest market value of Yunda is 448 Billion . According to the 《2021 Hurun global rich list 》, Nie Tengyun 、 Mr. and Mrs. Chen Liying took 305 Billion yuan of wealth .

After wealth and freedom , Nie Tengyun 、 Chen Liying and his wife quietly started a personal LP. So-called LP(Limited Partners), Limited partners , Be commonly called “ King's father ”, Is the investor of venture capital institutions . Different from Nie Tengyun's low-key , Chen Liying is very active in the venture capital circle , Gopher assets, which invested in the family office business , Or Dachen Caizhi 、 Individuals of Yuanjing capital and other venture capital institutions LP.

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