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Lead the country! Jincang of the National People's Congress helped upgrade the information system of a municipal court in the cloud

2022-05-07 14:17:53Ink Sky Wheel

Wheel of the car Wings of birds

The Supreme People's court has placed the construction of court informatization at the same important level as judicial reform . Relevant leaders of the supreme law have repeatedly stressed :“ Informatization construction and judicial reform are two rounds of the work of the people's court 、 Two wings of a bird .” In addition, due to the sustained and stable growth of domestic demand 、 The increasing complexity of the international situation and the independent and controllable policy requirements , The innovation and upgrading of information technology application is accelerating to a new level in various fields , This poses a new challenge to the informatization construction of national courts .

Leading the whole business system upgrade of a city court across the country

The higher people's Court of a city conscientiously implemented the deployment and requirements of the Supreme People's court , Take the lead in handling cases for courts at all levels in the city 、 Judicial police management 、 Court trial analysis and supervision, etc 5 Categories: 、120 Multiple business systems , Committed to opening up the city 20 While integrating system level data of multiple courts , Realize the all cloud transformation of the underlying software and hardware platform , And complete the unified migration of the overall business to the cloud platform of the municipal big data center .
Jincang of the National People's Congress is honored to win the bid and participate in the construction of this project , Carry out the work related to the cloud migration of the database .

Cloud upgrade the path was covered with grass and thorns

Each court system is independent , Strong demand for cross business data access

The whole city has 20 Multiple courts at all levels , Divided into websites 、 A trial 、 Judicial administration 、 File 、 Archives, etc 5 Major business , The system construction is completed independently with the court as the unit , Each court has as many business systems as 120 More than . And daily handling of cases 、 management 、 There are a large number of cross units in the business process such as court trial 、 Cross business data access requirements , The original plan adopts DBLINK Do cross database query , Low performance , The configuration logic is complex .
Data synchronization performance and stability
To solve the original DBLINK Low efficiency of data access in cloud platform , Add a data summary library for unified cross database data access support . All databases need to be summarized and synchronized , This brings users' concerns about the performance and stability of the data synchronization scheme .
Performance degradation caused by safety requirements
Due to the high requirements of customer data security , Put forward the technical requirements of data transparent encryption . The process of data encryption and decryption will inevitably lead to the consumption of additional hardware resources , Ensure that the performance impact still meets the requirements of normal business operation indicators .

Architecture upgrade There's no making without breaking

Cross court

In order to solve the problem of repeated construction of the system , Achieve the effect of intensive transformation , After full investigation and evaluation, summarize and integrate the business and data of each court , Build in cloud platform 5 General business support library , The cumulative amount of supporting data exceeds 4TB, Upward support 120 Multiple systems , by 20 More than court customers provide unified business support .
Cross business
Establish a unified summary Library in the cloud platform , Used to support cross business data access requirements . The data of the summary library comes from 5 General business support library , Based on KFS Implementation of logical synchronization scheme .

Data synchronization Full Score guarantee

Based on business refinement , Reduce waste of resources

Through in-depth understanding of the business , Refine the list of synchronization ranges , Avoid unnecessary data synchronization and waste of resources :
Before refinement, the amount of daily synchronized data exceeds 500GB、 Synchronous transactions up to 2000 All the above 、 The synchronized table exceeds 15000 Zhang , Synchronization delay 15 second .
After refinement, the amount of daily synchronization data 200GB、 Synchronous transaction 820 ten thousand 、 Synchronized tables 6200 Zhang . Synchronization delay 3 Within seconds .
KFS Deeply optimized performance improvement


The daily operation of various business systems can be roughly divided into three stages :


8:00-11:00, There are a lot of business visits , Average data increment 100GB+.

Off peak

11:00-20:00, Business visits are relatively slow .

Run at night

20:00 Then comes the system maintenance time , During this period, batch import of data will be carried out , About... In half an hour 50GB About business data increment .

After further performance optimization , Observe through long-term trial operation ,KFS At the peak of business 、 The average synchronization delay of each stage such as peak period and running batch at night is the fastest in 10ms within , The slowest can be guaranteed at 1s about . The system performance is also improved , Most do 1s Internal response ( Customer requirements 5s within ), The slowest is guaranteed not to exceed 5s; Involving super 3000 Analysis report business called by a stored procedure , But at night 4 Hours to complete .

Integrated with operation and maintenance platform KFS Alarm service

KFS Provide perfect synchronous monitoring and alarm services , It can be integrated into the user's operation and maintenance management and control platform , And support SMS alarm configuration function . When the following conditions occur , SMS will be sent to the customer's operation and maintenance personnel .

  • The delay exceeds 1 minute ( Configurable )

  • The service status log appears stop abnormal

  • Any service log on the source side or target side appears error


Monitoring indicators are divided into three categories :

The server

Node online 、 Offline status 、 Link health status 、 System duration 、 System fault information ;

Control platform

Real time synchronization speed 、 Statistics of historical synchronization data volume 、 Statistics of synchronized data volume of the day 、 Maximum delay time ;

Compare tasks

Statistics on the difference between source and target data .

Safety performance Have both fish and palm

stay KES Of TDE The framework integrates the encryption engine and key management module of professional security manufacturers , The database transparent encryption function is realized based on the state secret algorithm . Tested internally , During normal business access , The performance degradation is stable in large memory hardware environment 3% within , Controllable in a small memory environment 3%~8% Between . In the actual business scenario ,500 The response time of the pressure test results of the concurrent connection of the database is 3.5s( Unencrypted ) and 3.8s( encryption ), Meet the needs of users .

Go deep into the industry Serve the whole country

Strategic highland represents

In the Supreme Law Project , Jincang and 14 Deep adaptation of developers , Completed the intranet 49 Upgrade of a business system , And in 2021 The whole went online smoothly at the end of the year . Jincang database has been running stably since it was launched 、 Good performance , Provide important data storage and calculation support for the operation of upper business systems .
National courts cover
Gold warehouse and Industry ISV And in-depth adaptation and cooperation with major integrators , Realize the supreme law and the National 23 A province 、 Coverage of courts at all levels in autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government .
Overwrite from user unit 、 Plan implementation 、 Application scale 、 System complexity 、 Support various dimensions such as the amount of data and the demand for indicators such as database performance and stability , Ensure professional and efficient delivery that meets expectations . If in H All the pilot provincial gold warehouses have been completed 30 Comprehensive upgrade of multiple systems , The cumulative installed capacity exceeds 150 set ; stay S Save the realization of 10TB Data migration and business support ; stay G province 、J province 、Z All kinds of systems launched in many provinces, such as province, have been running stably for more than a year .
at present , Jincang has launched hundreds of systems in the supreme law and courts at all levels across the country , Thousands of sets have been deployed in total , Effectively support the core business of courts at all levels throughout the country .
summary expectation
As a professional manufacturer in the field of database , Know that hard core capability is the way to break the game , The application of new technology is the source of development , Meeting business needs is the basis of survival , Improving security capability is the key to stability . By providing users with high-quality database products and services , Help the innovation and upgrading of various business systems from the supreme law to people's courts at all levels across the country . High quality development driving the digital transformation of the court .

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