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Heavy! The joint solution of medical "data island" is coming

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“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” The plan outlines , Focus on Education 、 Medical care 、 Provide for the aged 、 Caress the young 、 employment 、 a literary style 、 Key areas such as helping the Disabled , Promote inclusive application of digital services , Continuously improve the sense of access of the masses . Accelerating the construction of medical digitization has been promoted to a new strategic height .

In recent days, , Digital science and technology network dimension joint soaring 、 The Great Wall 、 kirin 、 Reach a dream 、 Qianxin will jointly build a joint solution for the trusted data sharing center in the medical industry . Using science 、 Standardized medical data sharing mode , Empower the construction of medical digitization .


Overall architecture of regional medical data trusted sharing center


Current situation of medical data

“ Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in ” period , The digital level of China's medical industry has been greatly improved , hospital management 、 Medical insurance settlement 、 The epidemic surveillance system has realized network management , But there are still two short boards : First, the data information between most hospitals cannot be shared , Including the patient's vital signs 、 Disease information 、 Image inspection report 、 Internet medical records 、 Basic data such as drug use are like one by one in the hospital system “ data silos ”, It is difficult to form a joint force of interconnection ; Second, the sharing channels between different regulatory authorities are not unblocked , The linkage mechanism has not been established yet .

As a whole , The construction of medical digitalization has a long way to go . Conquered “ data silos ” problem , Establish a shared data platform for the medical industry , It is the key measure to promote the digital construction of China's medical industry . 


Joint solutions

Damon data and Feiteng 、 Kirin Software 、 Great Wall of China 、 Qianxin 、 Joint solution of trusted data sharing center in medical industry jointly created by digital science and technology network dimension . The server cluster built by the Great Wall with Feiteng chip as the core 、 Great Wall personal PC As the end End hardware platform , kirin desktop And services device Operating system as the basis of application , Dameng data serves as data management support , Qianxin provides security protection during the service cycle , Combined with mathematics OFD Mature, stable and well-known layout document processing technology in the product industry , It gathers the advantages and product characteristics of giants in various industries .


Regional medical data trusted Sharing Center PHR Generate data logic diagram

Uncontrolled reading of medical data in the scheme 、 Pain points that cannot be traced effectively in the whole process , Combined with the advantages and capabilities of various manufacturers in their respective fields , It can stably support a large amount of data 、 High concurrency 、 Highly reliable 、 Secure and trusted medical data sharing and access requirements .


The advantages of Dameng data industry

From the perspective of construction ideas , The goal of building a trusted data sharing center in the medical industry is to pursue unified management , Information system centralization , Data needs to be interconnected across systems . therefore , Database is the focus of the sharing center of the whole industry . Based on a variety of complex scenes 、 Heterogeneous data interconnection 、 High concurrency 、 Massive data and other characteristics , Dameng data meets difficulties .

It's safe privacy protection

Medical information construction should not only have complex data support ability , It also emphasizes the credibility of the data 、 Controlled information , Ensure that medical information is traceable throughout the process , Doctor patient privacy is not disclosed . Dameng data has realized transparent encryption in all links such as data transmission and data storage , It can support all kinds of independent third-party encryption engines ; At the same time, the mandatory access mechanism of database is realized by using security policy and tag , So that users can only access their own corresponding data . Two phase combination , Better protect users' privacy .

High availability Efficient service

To make sure 7*24 Provide external services 24 hours a day , Damon data provides solutions that do not rely on third-party software and storage , Provide uninterrupted database services , At the same time, it can meet users' requirements for data security 、 Requirements for availability and disaster tolerance .

Compatibility is good. Stable migration

The medical information system is complicated , A complete set of supporting tools is needed to quickly deliver 、 Centralized operation and maintenance . Daydream database and Oracle Good compatibility , And provide a complete data migration evaluation system 、 Heterogeneous data synchronization software 、 Data conversion platform 、 Database centralized operation and maintenance platform and other rich commercial components , The original application can be easily migrated to the dream , It greatly reduces the acquisition cost of users to the database 、 Learning cost and use cost .

Dameng database is a high security database management system with independent intellectual property rights . For asset management 、 Personnel management 、 Financial management and other systems ,DMDataWatch( Dameng data guard cluster ) Is a reliable choice ; For the population database 、 Residents' electronic health archives 、 Electronic medical records and other scenes with more reading and less writing ,DMRWC( Da Meng reading and writing separation cluster ) It can make full use of standby machine resources and improve system throughput ; For the medical insurance payment system 、 Drug management system ,DMDSC( Dream data sharing cluster ) Provides higher concurrency support 、 Better recovery ; For the big data analysis system of medical insurance supervision 、 Public health early warning system, etc OLAP scene ,DMMPP( Damong analytical large scale data processing cluster ) Born for this . Efficient use of Damon database , It is a key step for the successful construction of data trusted sharing center in the medical industry .

This joint operation , Will establish a transparent 、 Trusted 、 Interconvertible 、 An efficient and highly scalable data and information sharing platform for the medical industry , Standardize the data and information generated by national medical and related behaviors , Covering the whole chain of the medical industry , Gather on a unified platform 、 Management and use . Make the supervision of the medical industry more scientific 、 Run more efficiently 、 Scientific and technological innovation is more accurate 、 Patients have more sense of gain . meanwhile , Dameng data will also establish a complete data security system , Through institutional and information technology means , Make data management and use traceable 、 It can be traced back to , Prevent data leakage . Empower the construction of medical digitization , Jointly open a bright future .

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