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When "funny girl" becomes a career

2022-05-07 14:46:3336kr

5 month 5 Japan , It's Liu mintao 《 red high-heeled shoes 》3000 The second anniversary of Wan zhipai . 

Jiangsu Satellite TV two years ago 55 A grand ceremony , Liu mintao and Wan Xi 、 Han Xue sang on the same stage , But because of myopia and too much involvement in the performance , Causing his expression management to get out of control , Thus, a magical and funny performance was achieved , The screenshots of netizens made countless expression packages , Then Shana was 《 Happy camp 》 It is “ Surpass oneself ” Imitation of , It adds a heavy heat . 

Two years later 5 month 5 Japan , The Beijing News Entertainment released a retrospective commemorative direct shot on Tiktok, which praised more than one million people . In the comment area , Some netizens joked symbolically “ This is also memorable ”, Don't forget to remind :5 month 5 The day is also Zhou Xun “ A lot of people ” Seventh anniversary of facial expression pack , And enumerate stars who have had similar experiences , It embodies the basic quality that a person should have : Play with the stem and connect the stem . 

There have always been many anniversaries in the entertainment industry , Poison eyes (ID:DomoreDumou) Previously, I mentioned the phenomenon that domestic dramas loved the anniversary celebration , But to celebrate the anniversary of a similar funny circle event , It's rare , Not only arouse the interest of netizens who are tired of aesthetic appreciation of all kinds of anniversaries , Even with a subtle irony . 

The entertainment industry has been calm for a long time , Something that is no longer memorable , Now it's also worth remembering . Entertainment without melons , Only by archaeological funny women . It should have been hard for Liu mintao to imagine two years ago , Their unintentional behavior , There will be such a grand battle today . 

Of course , At a time when funny women are popular , With such treatment , She's not the first , It's not the last one . 

01 Funny women's illustrated book

2022 Beginning of the year , variety 《 Semi familiar lovers 》 in , A self mockery from the female guest Laura “ They like you , But I won't love you ” Become a golden sentence , Then derived “ Funny women have no love ” The topic of . Many girls divide themselves into the same... As Laura “ Funny girl ” camp , Roast about all the things that happened to him because he was funny .“ Funny girl ” This word is also popular on the Internet . 

But funny women are not a new species . 

Funny girl , The narrow definition on the network is “ I like to tell humorous jokes in my daily life 、 A woman who makes funny acts , Make fun of yourself .” Such women are not uncommon in life , It is also the mass base that Lola and her quotations can be widely liked . Based on resonance , Lola provides a sample and her own outlet for funny women . 

Of course , The realization of the desire to express , It is inseparable from the changes of network environment and the rise of short video platform in recent years . The huge user group of short video platform and low creation threshold , Attracted a large number of funny women to settle in , And if you use “ Funny professionalism ” If you break it down by criteria , Most of the funny women who stay in the simple roast stage , Can only be classified as ordinary funny women . Another kind can be called professional funny women , That is to establish an irrefutable funny image , There are a lot of fans on the platform , Funny women who can get real benefits from it . 

Papi Sauce can be said to be the first funny woman to get a short video bonus .2015 year , She and her college classmate Huo nifang are named “tc girls I love to make complaints about that ” The microblog account of roast posted funny short videos , And add voice changes to the video 、 Dialects and other elements , Precise and humorous roast style and iconic “ A beautiful and talented woman ”, It was also initially established at that time . 

According to Kai pineapple Finance , stay 《 Internet Weekly 》 released 《2015 China's online popularity ranking 》 On ,Papi The influence of sauce ranks second , Next to Wang Sicong .2016 year , She has achieved a total increase of tens of millions of fans on various platforms , The number of video hits is 300 All the above , The first patch advertising video , Sold 2200 Ten thousand day price . 

But the video dividend of Weibo is fading . Tiktok Well quickly After the rise of short video platforms , A large number of creators flock to the funny plot track , The competition has become more intense ,Papi Sauce may be aware of the uncertainty of short video popularity , And then created MCN Institutions Papitube, Focus on supporting the creation of a new generation of short-term frequency people . 

This decision is quite wise , The Internet has always been popular “ It's only been popular for three years ” The prophecy of , The net popularity in the field of short video is full of talents , The time for each leader to be coquettish is as short as a few days or weeks , Long term several months , Even if it's Papi The head of sauce is net red , When the fatigue in content creation is revealed , Will also face a crisis of the past . 

2019 Since the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of the year , Short video goes against the trend ,CNNIC data display , To 2021 end of the year , The number of short video users has reached 9.34 Hundreds of millions of people , The usage rate is as high as 90.5%. Residence Home life Leisure has become an opportunity for many people to create short videos , Funny short video is one of the most popular creative fields . 

For most short video users , The main purpose of watching short videos is to pass the time , And writing funny jokes is a good pastime . From the creator's point of view , Funny short videos usually take the people-friendly route , The requirements for the skill of the photographer and the image of the photographer are low , Let ordinary plain people also have the possibility of becoming popular overnight . 

2020 year 4 month , A Tiktok account called crazy baby sister registered and released the first video . Shao Yuxuan, the protagonist of the video , A slovenly, exaggerated young girl with ordinary appearance , It's a real funny woman . since 2020 After a sudden rise in the middle of the year , The crazy birth sisters soon became the head account of Tiktok's funny stories , so far , existing 4400 More than 10000 fans , The likes of each video are stable at 100 All the above . 

Also in this year, the popularity of short video platforms , And a woman over 70 : Grandma Tian .2019 end of the year , account number “ I'm grandma Tian ” Enter Tiktok and Kwai , Its video focuses on the daily life of broken mouth grandma and naughty grandson , Grandma Tian is called by her grandchildren and fans because she speaks too fast “ Jab gun ”, It has also formed a unique Tian's funny style , at present , Granny Tian has different opinions on Tiktok and Kwai 3500 Wanhe 1200 More than million fans . 

Active in Tiktok, with funny girls as the main design and selling point , Number of fans in 1000 There are more than 10000 “ Liu Dayue ”、“ Zhou Zhou ”“ Spicy Yangzi ”“ Li Xueqin ” Waiting account , Liu Dayue focuses on a small theater where one person plays the role of mother and daughter , Zhou Zhou is similar to the crazy birth sisters , Record funny everyday... From the perspective of your best friend , Its characteristic is that it can always do ordinary things “ Human tragedy ”, Spicy Yoko initially made a circle by his recognizable appearance , After Li Xueqin became popular by shouting nonsense of an artist , Now the video content is mainly in the style of talk show . 

With the expansion of network semantics , The extension of funny women continues to expand . As long as there is a funny trace in a specific segment of a specific event , Can be classified as such , As mentioned above, Liu mintao , With a non routine party performance , In the endless Internet stemming culture , Because the stem makes a circle , Can also be awarded “ Funny girl ” The title of . 

Count forward , In the television era when the Internet is still underdeveloped , The earliest funny female image , It can be traced back to a generation of sketch queen , Zhao Lirong .1988 Before he first appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala in , Zhao Lirong is a Caidan actor in Pingju , Also known as ugly woman , A clown played by a woman , A woman who is usually funny or cunning , Or cheerful and unrestrained funny characters . 

Thanks to decades of immersion in Pingju stage , Zhao Lirong plays a role in the Spring Festival Gala sketch and is familiar with it , Affinity 、 Funny 、 Humor is the most prominent feature of her image of an old lady . then , Gao Xiumin 、 girls 、 Song Dandan and others successively appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala , There are more and more funny women on the sketch stage . 

With the development of sitcom , Funny women in TV dramas with more three-dimensional and rich content than funny women in sketches have emerged . Such as 《 I love my family 》 In Song Dandan's peace ,《 Sister Ma, an idle person 》 Sister Ma played by Li Caiming ,《 previous 》 Li Yanni plays Tong Xiangyu 、 Guo Furong played by Yao Chen , Can be regarded as a broad sense of funny female image . 

It should be said , Funny girls always exist , Never died . Just before , Funny women in public view , Most of them are trained professionals , Or some well-known people in the performing arts circle , And now , Because of the rise and development of short video platform , Grassroots funny women emerged , And after completing the preliminary flow accumulation and fan harvest , The path to professional funny women . 

02 Professional funny women , Where does that leave

The only way for funny women , Is being criticized “ Not funny at all ”. 

2016 After the peak of my career in ,Papi Every time sauce appears in public view , Will be accompanied by “ A gas ”“ It is not funny ” The judgment of , After she got pregnant and gave birth and experienced the storm of crown and surname power , This embarrassing situation is especially . Has been upgraded to the boss's Papi I may not care too much , But there's no denying it , Started with content creation Papi sauce , In recent years, it has been rare to produce popular videos that have caused heated discussion . 

Last month, ,Papi Two hot searches on the sauce ,#Papi Sauce says men are not natural fathers 、#Papi Say you should focus on what's worth it , The two hot search quotations are from Papi Two reality show variety shows with sauce ,《 Send a hundred girls home 》 and 《 Mao xuewang 》. 

Rely on the hot search on the output of golden sentences in variety shows to increase the degree of discussion ,Papi Sauce is always tried . Although it is a popular debut , but Papi Sauce has never stopped chasing dreams in the entertainment industry , Outside the variety show , She also starred in movies 《 Tomorrow will be fine 》, But the response is poor ,Papi It seems that he gave up his film career after sauce . 

And those who are not acclimatized in the film and television industry Papi The sauce is different , Spicy Yoko who is also transformed from funny online popularity , On the road of performing arts, I walked relatively smoothly . As early as 2018 year , Yoko Ramu took on the role Iqiyi A short vertical screen play ;《 Actors, please be in position 2》 in , The good performance of spicy Yoko , It also shows her plasticity as an actress . Now he has appeared in many film and television dramas , And recently broadcast 《 A year without a job 》 I'm a girl in charge , Obviously, it has completed the complete transformation from net popularity to actor . 

Grandma Hongtian of silver hair network mentioned above , Also starred in comedy movies 《 The mountain cannon of the Northeast happy event is put on the wall 》. It seems that many funny female celebrities want to get a piece of the film and television industry , And here's the interesting thing , Female artists in the film and television industry , There are also many who want to be funny women . 

Jin Chen is one of the actresses who work hard to manage funny women's settings .4 In a short video in January , She walked down her waist while performing on the playground , Like a spider , No burden . Andy 、 Liu Yifei and others were also called funny women in Tiktok , This still has something to do with the platform atmosphere , People like to play with stalks , Stars also need to integrate into the public with the label of funny women . 

Of course , Entering the entertainment industry is still a little distant for many funny women to become popular online . Most of them , Or choose to manage your short video honestly . Video embedded advertising 、 Live broadcasting with goods is the main cash channel . For example, grandma Tian has been playing Tiktok for half a year , The first show of live broadcast with goods was started , At the same time, don't forget to implant video advertisements . 

And even these two paths , Funny women also have reservations for various reasons . Take the crazy birth sisters as an example , Maybe it's because it's relatively difficult to realize the live broadcast of plot number with goods , Crazy birth sisters have never brought goods live since they became popular , Only receive video embedded advertisements that meet the tonality of the account , The massive star map shows , A crazy sister 60s Video quote , stay 58 ten thousand . Incomplete statistics ,2021 The account number was released in 62 Advertising related , Including make-up 、 snacks 、 drinks 、app Discount 、 Film and television publicity and other categories , Advertising revenue may reach 3000 All the above . 

In this year 3 month , Crazy birth sisters and brother Yang connect to live broadcast and bring goods , Maybe it's paving the way for the next formal delivery . 

Kwai anchor huangjingwen , Cash flow is also the most common way to implant advertisements in video plots . But it's different from the variety of crazy sister advertising categories , Her video ads focus on all kinds of things that seem to have little to do with the account audience app, Ingenious plot and unique style of advertising , It also makes her a noteworthy reference object on the realization path of funny women . 

Of course , No matter what way of realization is explored , Funny women rooted in the short video platform , The core economic lifeline must be the flow problem , Professional funny women may not need love , But there must be traffic . How to maintain high-quality content creation 、 Overcome traffic anxiety , It is also a proposition they need to explore for a long time . 

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