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Every punctuation you leave on the Internet constitutes your future resume

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Some time ago , I went to Tianqiao Deyun club to listen to a crosstalk , Because it's a weekday , The audience is not many , The actors on the stage are not particularly famous .

But what one actor said impressed me , He said : Although you can't see Guo Degang here now 、 Yue Yunpeng , You can only see us little actors , But they came out of here , Maybe someday , We will also go to the Grand Theater with thousands of people .

“ I have no facial anxiety ”,“ Lu Han of talk show ” Xu Zhisheng, the most popular plain person this year, came second , No one can be the first . A handful “ Comma bangs ”, While breaking through the routine , It also leads a new trend .

Xu Zhisheng, who eats on his face, said in an interview , Talk about your achievements , say : I'm just doing what I like , And have been doing . When your heart is longing for something , This will always guide you , Step by step to the place you want to reach .

that , We are neither actors nor Entrepreneurs , How to accumulate through drops in daily life , Build your own influence .

01 Illiteracy in the Internet age

I don't know when , Brush your mobile phone and see what you like , Big data records your praise and viewing time every time , To calculate what you like .

Just like the year-end summary report of the circle of friends at the end of each year , We try to summarize our personality characteristics through several key words , To show your uniqueness .

The advantages of the algorithm are shown in , We no longer need to spend a lot of time fishing for our favorite content from the vast ocean of information on the Internet , But it also makes it difficult for us to read an article or a Book calmly and carefully , We choose to receive messages in breadth , Instead of wasting time on deep content .

There is a word for it Functional illiteracy , It means it's hard for people to accept new things , He reads all the books , It's all to confirm your point of view. That's right ,“ You see , I didn't expect that .” As long as they disagree with him , He sees it as heresy .

《 13 invited 》 There is a saying in : No matter what you think 、 What an extreme view , You can always find your “ team ”, For example, I had a point of view , Maybe I don't know if this view is right , Ok or not , I'm in doubt now , The state of thinking .

But because in their very small group , It's always , You agree with me , I agree with you , And then you're pretty sure right away .

You become very confident , Then add it to social media , Easily and quickly form a Crowd effect , Then it leads to a theater effect .

On the network , It's easy to find a psychologically supportive network , And because of this network , And become overconfident .

It's hard for us to discover new knowledge beyond our own cognition . It's like a telescope , It enables us to see further , however , The moment we raised the telescope , We can only see through the telescope , But it's hard to see the whole picture of the world in front of you .

02 Why should we create

Science writer @ Hesenburg said : On the Internet , We often see those murderous people , They have been in a state of anger for a long time , Constantly abusing all objects in the field of vision , It's like a boiler that is about to burst by high-pressure steam , The nuts are flying .

People who are particularly violent often don't have a clear understanding of themselves , Always feel that what others do is wrong , If they replace them, they can do better . Just like many fans hate the players in the stands , But when you really put them on the court , Admit it immediately .

If a person doesn't want to put himself in this state for a long time , Keep writing It's an effective way , Because organizing words to express ideas is also a practice , And the cost is small and the threshold is low , Anyone can try .

When you pick up your pen and integrate your ideas into words , Will have a deeper and more thorough understanding of their own views .

Director Woody Allen talked about : When you sit down , It's pleasant to write alone in the room , single At ease Walking in the street , Think about what to write , Imagine in your mind a story that starts with a character .

You try to paint all the stories , This is a nightmare that lasts for weeks or months , After six weeks of no thought , You realize it's not a good movie , You start to rethink :

Am I going to shoot a story about car thieves ? Or shoot a story about a skydiver ? Or make a movie about brain surgeons ?

Finally you have an idea , And integrate the ideas , You sit down and write it , This is a very pleasant thing , And start enjoying your writing .

With the lowest cost and entry threshold , Create influence for yourself , It's all about writing .

03 How to continuously output high-quality content

1. Continuous output is a kind of Proof of work, Prove that you are diligent in thinking 、 There is accumulation 、 Have perseverance , Willing to spend energy creating . and “ insist ” Itself is a feature that people appreciate ;

Top investors in Silicon Valley Fred Wilson, Is a writer who never stops writing , He has been blogging more for days in a row 18 year ; Meng Yan, the economic initiator of China Tong Securities, has publicly resumed his investment every week for five consecutive years ; This time, I want to talk about the jokes in the financial circle “ Boss Fantong Dai ”. 

Today, “ Boss Fantong Dai ”, Nearly ten thousand words long text and a series of footnotes are standard , The profile of the official account says “ Interesting and deep hard core Finance ”. Before that ,“ Boss Dai ” I started by writing microblog paragraphs . 

140 The burden and reversal in the word , Accumulated for him so far 150 Million microblog followers . 

Be the target audience of we media , It's like choosing target customers first in business .“ The potential customer must not be my former colleague , Peers will only see the point of view , Won't buy your product . Then write some articles about finance and Economics .” 

Halfway through , Out of the circle . 

2. It's normal that the level is not high at first . Creation can force thinking and input , Creativity can also be improved through practice and feedback from others .

If you are not satisfied with your creative level , You can start from the lower difficulty 、 Start in areas with a sense of security , such as Comment on quality content 、 Summarize or integrate

For example : Insist on writing after watching the movie every time 200 Film reviews of words 、 Prepare an excerpt , See excellent written records , Regular glance 、 Watch more big talk shows 、 Before going to bed Listen to audiobooks , All help for yourself Accumulate material

3. Once you create high-quality works , It can help you cross time and space 、 Talk to people , Get a stranger's job , Touch other circles . stay Web 3.0  In the world of , The work also has the opportunity to turn into considerable direct benefits .

I once met a taxi driver ,56 Old age , Record the people and things you meet on the platform every day , And often share some driving tips . Not only accumulated a group of loyal fans , It also gained a lot of benefits , Some programs even invited him to interview . 

The popularity of the Internet provides us with a variety of voice platforms , As long as you have content , There is an audience .

At the end

Don't do too much every day , Just do a little , Don't put yourself under pressure , As long as you can keep doing , It will improve a lot after a period of time . The main thing is to develop it into a kind of inertia , The hard thing is to start doing things , And the first few days of persistence . 

Many things can be done by persistence , It's not far enough to use talent . But persistence is often the hardest thing to do . 

Shine in this world , With the efforts of every ordinary person .

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