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From a monthly salary of 100 yuan to an annual salary of millions, how does the female leader of Haidilao realize the counter attack of life

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From a monthly salary of 100 yuan to an annual salary of millions , Yang Lijuan used 27 year . 

2022 year 3 month 1 Japan ,43 At the age of, she officially took over haidilao CEO My scepter , Become the leader of the largest hotpot chain group in China . And then , Haidilao is facing the severe test of domestic and foreign troubles : Internally, we should digest the closure and adjustment of the largest store in history , as well as 41.6 A loss of 100 million yuan ; Look outside , The battlefield of hotpot is full of flames , The continuous recurrence of the epidemic also makes catering enterprises walk on thin ice . 

The task before Yang Lijuan , Never easy . 

For one “ The family owes a lot of foreign debt ” For a little girl in rural Sichuan ,“ Relaxed ” Never an option —— It's like the bottom fishing from the grass roots of the market , Every penny needs to be put to the best of our ability . She was shy , But when Xi'an's first undersea fishing was not visited , She can summon up the courage to sell to strangers on the bus ; She's also timid , But when someone makes trouble 、 When threatening to smash the store , She dared to stand in front without hesitation …… Huang Tieying wrote these stories into 《 You can't learn from Haidilao 》 In this book , He thanked Yang Lijuan ,“ Her story made my wife cry three times ”.

Yang Lijuan, who moved others to tears , But it's not that “ If you don't comment, your superiors will wipe your nose ” My crying little girl , Just as frequent work can make cocoons grow on your hands , Honing day after day will also give people strong armor ; Today's Yang Lijuan , More than one “ Hands change fate ” Inspirational sample , He is also a vigorous and resolute leader , It has promoted the previous major changes of undersea fishing . 

In the eyes of Haidilao employees , Yang Lijuan “ Pragmatic 、 rigorous 、 detailed , No one can reach ”. A lot of problems , She will start research from the grass-roots level , Try to go to the store site to solve ,“ Whether it's night or early morning ”; Report to her , There should be one thing to say , It is strictly forbidden to fake big space . What is? “ False big empty ” Well ? For example, some departments have clearly made mistakes , Everyone also said some scene words out of politeness —— For this bureaucratic behavior , I won't show her any kindness . 

Management should not be sloppy , It's about life and death . Zhang Yong, founder of Haidilao, said a word ,“ There may be two ways to die in bottom fishing : One is management problems , In case of , The death process can last months or even a year ; The second is food safety problems , Once occurred , Haidilao may close tomorrow , be a life-and-death matter .” In fact, food safety can be traced back to the source , The end result is still Management . 

For Yang Lijuan , The complexity of management is increasing every day ,“ There is no definite formula , It's actually changeable , That's why it's a world-class problem ”. Considering the expanding stores and staff volume of Haidilao , This problem will be more difficult . By 2021 end of the year , The number of stores in Haidilao 1443 home , Than the second hotpot chain Sipping, sipping, sipping Excessive catering 419 home ; The gap in the number of employees is even more striking , The former is 14.7 ten thousand people , For the latter 5 times . 

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You can imagine , According to the bottom of the sea 2021 Every day in every store on average every year 3 Turnover rate of times , Assume that each table averages 3 Guests , Then the number of people coming and going to Haidilao every day is more than 10000 , The store is handling traffic , There are also many variables in the middle , So deal with big and small emergencies , It can be said that it is a common meal of catering enterprises , Immerse in it for nearly 30 In, Yang Lijuan was even more familiar with this , It's no exaggeration to say ,“ Act now ” It has become a muscle memory , Now of she “ Face new problems that arise every day 、 Even challenge , The first reaction is how to solve ; Challenge success , Will feel extremely excited ”. 

One side is soft and amiable ; One side is firm and good at fighting , Whether such Yang Lijuan can lead undersea fishing through the difficulties under her eyes ? This used to be “ phenomenal ” Whether our enterprises can continue to develop miracles ? For herself ,27 Years of life counter attack , What are the feelings, gains and losses ? On these issues , Yang Lijuan accepted 《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》 Exclusive interview with reporters . 

01 “ It doesn't matter whether you have an iron hand or not , The key is to be fair ”

《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》: Last year to now , Haidilao has been turned off for nearly 300 stores , The loss exceeds 40 One hundred million yuan , Do you think this is the most difficult challenge in the development history of Haidilao ?

Yang Lijuan : I don't think it's the hardest time , Because different development periods have different difficulties . When we first started , There are no customers at a table , Facing the risk of enterprise bankruptcy at any time , It's harder to say . Now there are brands , There are so many employees 、 Customer support , On the contrary, it won't be so difficult psychologically . 

But on the other hand , It is not easy to solve the problems in each stage , So you can't relax at any time . Fishing at the bottom of the sea for so many years , I've been walking on thin ice , Always have a sense of crisis , This may also be an impact of the chairman on me for so many years , Even when the bottom fishing is particularly good , He keeps us thinking :“ How will we die in the next ten years , In what ways will you die ”, So we often do exercises , Food safety 、 External changes 、 Management issues, etc , Crisis rehearsals will be done in all aspects . 

《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》: For this change , Haidilao launched “ Woodpecker project ”, Involving significant adjustments in stores and personnel , It is said that this needs an iron handed reformer to promote , As the person in charge of this plan , Do you agree with this evaluation ? How to overcome the resistance in the process ?

Yang Lijuan : There is no iron hand or no iron hand , Haidilao has grown to this day , Not by one person 、 Some means to manage , And we must use scientific KPI To assess , The store is closed this time 、 Personnel adjustment is also based on relevant assessment and data . 

For me personally , It must be hard to play such a role , But the hard thing is actually a flaw in your heart , Because they are old employees who get along day and night . I think we should do one thing in the process —— Fair and just . We often say that we should behave in advance , If the starting point of one thing is for the enterprise 、 For the benefit of more employees , When you do that, your conscience will be more secure . Another point , Just think about it , I will firmly carry out , But it will also follow up and solve the follow-up problems in time , Avoid secondary disasters . 

Photography : Deng pan

《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》: You mentioned scientific KPI management , This is also a difficult point for catering enterprises , A resigned employee means that after listing , The store manager of his store puts special emphasis on cost saving , This has resulted in an increase in customer complaints .

Yang Lijuan : Any kind of management method cannot remain unchanged , Management is not a completely definite formula , It's volatile , Include KPI Assessment of . 

There are two types of assessment indicators for Haidilao stores , One type of indicator has always been employee effort and customer satisfaction , This is a priority , The management objectives of these two aspects have reached , We're only considering category two —— Whether the operational indicators are normal , Because in general , We believe that as long as we meet a class , Then the business indicators will certainly be good . 

This management principle is certain , but Haidilao has always fully authorized the store manager , Evaluate later . Each store manager's understanding and implementation of management principles are different , What you said “ Movement deformation ” The problem doesn't arise after listing , There has always been . When we had only a few stores before , There are also good ones , The tube is bad , Some stores give more things , Some give less . 

Headquarters will always observe , Strengthen shop inspection , Now through the digitization of Management , We can observe financial data in real time , Find some problems in time , For example, the gross profit margin of a store is suddenly very high , Or suddenly very low , These are abnormal indicators , Does it damage a class of indicators ? We will find the reason in time 、 Follow up and solve . 

02 “ In a team of love and trust , It will be very reassuring to work ”

《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》: Last year, many catering enterprises closed their stores and laid off workers , Haidilao also closed hundreds of stores , But the number of employees has increased by more than 10000 by the end of the year , How the personnel placement work is carried out ?

Yang Lijuan : There are many employees involved in the adjustment , Including hundreds of store managers and twenty or thirty thousand ordinary employees . Some will be diverted to other stores , Some will be arranged to the functional department of seabed fishing . 

Personnel placement is the most difficult thing in the adjustment of closing the store , It is also a matter of special concern to the Chairman , He always stressed , As long as the bottom fishing still has a certain survivability , It is necessary to ensure that every employee's family is not affected by secondary disasters , And it can't have a disastrous impact —— For example, children can't go to school 、 Families can't afford housing, which should be absolutely avoided . So many years , We will consider these things in advance , This is no exception . 

《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》: in other words , Bottom fishing is after these plans are made , Just started to promote the action of closing the store ?

Yang Lijuan : Yes . So we actually spent almost a year , Made plans with different options , From closure to closing , Let us also have a transition time ; And the original salary will be reserved for the store manager and employees for a period of time , Avoid large changes in income ; Every store manager and employee , Our resettlement measures are different , For example, those with more children , Older parents . 

But on the other hand , We must also accept this reality , Share weal and woe with the company , If the ability has not reached , We should also be able to go up and down , There must be a psychological gap , We will try our best to make up for , Psychological tutors are also arranged . Haidilao has been this culture for so many years , We also have a certain tacit understanding . 

actually , Since the woodpecker program , Our family leader 、 Instead, stores are more aware of the current problems , Internal morale is higher , Whether it's executives or front-line employees , Everyone is holding on , I want to do a good job . 

《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》: When the enterprise is booming , It may be easier to unite up and down , When enterprises encounter development setbacks , It's hard to share the same desire , Why do you think Haidilao can do this ?

Yang Lijuan : A very important point is the management concept of Haidilao being kind to others , This is what I feel deeply , Not just internally , The same is true externally . such as For some time, there have been discussions about whether to help the elderly after falling down , One day, brother Zhang suddenly called me and said ,“ Yang Xiaoli , from now on , You tell the staff , If you see an old man falling down by the road , Be sure to help you up , If it's corrupted , The company will compensate for the money , I'll pay for it ”.

This is a very important point I learned from him , Employees feel the same way . Everyone is in a team of love and trust , No matter what happens , You'll still feel at ease when you work . 

source : Respondents

03 “ Do your best within your ability , Don't think so much about the rest ”

《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》: Many people have mentioned that the pressure of fishing at the bottom of the sea is unimaginable , You are Haidilao 27 Old employees of , What's the most painful thing I've ever felt ? How did you survive ?

Yang Lijuan : In fact, I think every stage has pain . For example, when I first came , I failed because of a rating , I feel like the sky is falling . The chairman liked to say , What you think the sky is going to fall , Just put it within your ability 、 Controllable things , Do your best to do it , If it can't be solved , You don't have to worry so much . 

That's what we did , And all these years , Your mind is good 、 The ability to carry a burden is also good , And constantly changing , Today , The outside world thinks that underwater fishing is experiencing great difficulties , For me personally , It's just a difficult problem to solve . 

《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》: Nowadays, Haidilao has been established nearly 30 year , What do you think has not changed ? What should not change ? What are there to break ?

Yang Lijuan : Our goal is still what we said ,“ We should dredge the bottom of the sea to the whole country ”, This won't change ;“ Hands change fate ” Our philosophy will not change , Not just because you want to develop , Just sacrifice what we insist on “ Fair and just ”—— This idea will never change ; Pursuit “ Employee effort and customer satisfaction ” It's the same . 

As long as these principles remain unchanged , Plus scientific management , It's half done . Open a shop even if it's a little more today , Less tomorrow , It's not a problem .1000 This shop is Haidilao ,100 This shop is still Haidilao , Right ? 

Others, to be honest ,30 Haidilao has been changing for years , It's also breaking , For example, it needs to change with consumers' habits , For example, whether to strengthen marketing , Let customers have more perception ? In the past, the rejuvenation of senior executives was also considered in this regard , I hope to better grasp the changes of the market and consumers . 

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