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Tesla's "brake failure" has an official solution, emphasizing that automatic driving is eight times more reliable than humans

2022-05-07 14:47:1836kr

Tesla's latest annual report is released , Between the lines is full of :

“ I can't imagine that there are still people who don't buy Tesla ”…

Why? ?

The report cites data from all parties , Prove that Tesla is safe and environmentally friendly , For example, automatic driving has a lower accident rate than human drivers 8 times :

Active safety , Tesla also directly names competing products to compare with each other :

Not long ago, a Tesla car owner accidentally stepped on the accelerator in Beijing, resulting in 170 Kilometers per hour 4 Major car accident , The owner said at the beginning “ brake failure ”, Then he admitted that he had made a mistake .

In this report, Tesla also disclosed for the first time the active safety measures for such human errors .

In addition, oil truck fans criticized the fire of trams , Tesla also produced data to prove the fire probability of its products , Lower than traditional cars 11 times :

Where did Tesla's conclusion come from , Definition of vehicle safety , What is the difference between Tesla's explanation and traditional car companies ?

Autopilot Better than humans 8 times , Where is the strength ?

So-called “ strong 8 times ”, Is based on NHTSA( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration )2021 According to the latest statistics in .

First of all Autopilot What is the average mileage of an accident when activated .

Then there is vertical and no use Autopilot What is the average mileage of Tesla owners to record an accident , And horizontal with the United States NHTSA Compare the same data .

Tesla says , Activate Autopilot( Including automatic driving assistance and active safety functions ) Under the circumstances , Every time 454 Thousands of miles (726 Thousands of kilometers ) An accident was recorded .

Without opening Autopilot, Tesla owners who have also turned off the active safety function , The average 130 Thousands of miles (208 Thousands of kilometers ) There was an accident .

The same is 2021 Annual data , The United States NHTSA The recorded average per... In the United States 55 Thousands of miles (88 Thousands of kilometers ) There was a traffic accident .

So-called 8 times , It's Tesla Autopilot Compared with the average accident rate in the United States at the time of opening .

The statistical object does not include FSD, The essence is still auxiliary driving level Autopilot, and , Tesla also believes that , The statistics are conservative .

Tesla claims to be rigorous , Before each impact 5 An accident in which automatic driving is disabled within seconds , And every car accident with an airbag popping off is counted , Even a rear end collision without responsibility is included .

and NHSTA Accident statistics , Never count minor accidents , Tesla believes that at least half of the accidents have been missed .

in other words , Molecules can actually be bigger ,Autopilot Reliability may be much higher than the national average 8 times .

Where does this data come from , Tesla from 3 Aspects are explained .

The first is the active safety function of the vehicle itself , Such as automatic emergency braking 、 Lane Departure Warning 、 Front and side impact warnings 、 Obstacle recognition, etc .

AEB,ACC And collision warnings are familiar to us , However, Tesla disclosed a unique active security function for the first time :

Remedy mechanism for pedal misstepping .

If the camera recognizes a very close obstacle ahead , At this time, the driver quickly and deeply steps on the accelerator pedal , The system will judge it as stepping on by mistake , Then cut off the torque output of the motor instantly , Keep it safe .

Tesla says this feature can prevent hundreds of accidents every month .

Tesla called “ brake failure ” accident , May also be reduced accordingly .

Behind the active safety function , It is the data-driven function iteration emphasized by Tesla .

Currently, more than 200 10000 vehicles on the road continue to return measured data , This scale is much larger than any automatic driving company .

This also enables Tesla to find common autopilot tests 、 Complex scenarios that are difficult to cover in regulations and standards , So as to give targeted solutions .

And after accumulating enough data ,Autopilot The system improves the accuracy of accident prediction , It can pre tighten the safety belt and trigger the airbag before the collision .

Last , Tesla also cited passive safety data . For example, the center of gravity of the car body is lower , Without a front engine , Makes Tesla more like a mid engine fuel car .

The benefits of this not only increase the overall flexibility and handling of the car , It can also minimize the rotational kinetic energy in the horizontal axis , Improve body stability .

Besides , On the body structure , Tesla has also made specific enhancements for common collision types .

As for the effect , Tesla said Model 3 and Model Y In all USNCAP In all categories 5 Star achievement :

Vehicle safety , What else did Tesla emphasize

About safety , Tesla in addition to citing third-party data to prove , I also use this report to explain some of my own understanding .

For example, Tesla caused controversy before because of the airbag problem , This time, Tesla specifically explained in the report why sometimes the airbag did not pop out in some accidents .

For example, in such a common “ Lateral overlap ” In a collision , Previous sensor designs can only detect forward collision , Insufficient perception of side impact .

Therefore, Tesla improved the layout position and type of airbag sensor in the later stage , So that Tesla can detect almost all types of collisions .

Battery safety , In the past, oil truck fans often criticized that trams were prone to fire and spontaneous combustion , Over time, it has become a hidden danger to persuade many users to retreat .

However, Tesla produced data in the report to prove that , Although fire accidents cannot be completely avoided , But compared with the comprehensive data of all cars in the United States , Tesla every 10 The 100 million mile fire accident rate is completely low 11 times :

in addition , Tesla also stressed the effectiveness of its security configuration .

The same active security configuration , Tesla gives users better practical protection .

With AEB For example , Now almost all cars are equipped as standard , But the sensor range 、 The underlying computing power is very different .

Tesla's active security feature consists of eight cameras 、 A neural network 、 And complex electromechanical systems to ensure reliability ,AEB Performance is better than common visual + The radar fusion scheme is good 45% above .

stay IIHS( The American Highway Safety Insurance Association )、Euro NCAP( European new car safety assessment organization )、 ANCAP ( Australian new car safety assessment organization ) Wait, in the test of the third-party organization , Got a very high score .

Sum up , What Tesla officials want to say is , Their models focus on safety 、 Well designed 、 Material conscience .

however , Tesla didn't say it clearly , It is the car owners who constantly contribute road data , Every accident enriches the Tesla database , In fact, he is a Tesla volunteer road tester and safety experiment material .

that , Tesla today Autopilot Is there anything safer than yesterday ?

Foreign media insideevs Made detailed statistics .

All data are from Tesla's official statistics , The meaning of data is every XX Report an accident , So in y Of course, the higher the point, the better the performance .

Autopilot Is it reliable 、 There's no progress , You should have the answer .

There has always been controversy about Tesla's security , Whether it's spontaneous combustion 、 Autopilot 、 brake … As long as there's an accident , Public opinion at home and abroad must pay special attention to , It has divided into fierce confrontation and irreconcilable black faction and Ting faction .

Both views are simple and direct , does “ Unsafe to cut leeks ” and “ It's really safe ”…

What do Tesla officials think ?

There are thought-provoking statements in this report :

Tesla said , The media usually only report the tram fire in order to attract attention , Never mention the fire and Spontaneous Combustion Accident of traditional fuel vehicles .

In fact, this , Musk himself 2 It will be sent repeatedly in January 3 Tweet roast complained that public opinion treats Tesla “ Double label ”:

“ More than... Every year 100 A fire broke out in 10000 gasoline cars , Thousands of people died , But none has made headlines like the Tesla car fire , Why double standards ? This is a problem .”

You think musk is trying to justify Tesla's potential accident , Or is public opinion really unfair ?

One more thing

Tesla report , It also disclosed the work and treatment .

2021 Tesla received more than 300 10000 job application resumes , According to the Universum 2021 Annual survey , North American science and engineering graduates' favorite work unit , Tesla and SpaceX Top two .

So what about the treatment given by Tesla ?

Tesla did not disclose the exact number of wages , But it introduces the stock based employee compensation system .

Suppose an employee is 2018 He got it in 2000. 320 A reward for Tesla shares , stay 16 Quarterly (4 year ) Inside , It can be sold every quarter 20 Stock cash out .

Actual profits of employees , From the stock price difference at the time of selling , according to 2018 Tesla stock price calculation at the beginning of the year , To 2022 Beginning of the year , In addition to the average salary of this employee every quarter 14113 dollar (9.4 Thousands of yuan ) The income of the .

In addition, employees can purchase additional shares at a discount through the stock purchase plan .

Tesla annual report link :

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