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Which major is the Tiktok short video operation company in the catering industry?

2022-05-07 14:50:16Aguduo

The rapid development of the Internet , Enterprises and businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of the Internet , Especially the Tiktok short video platform , More and more diners are also considering entering the short video platform , So for the catering industry, how to use the short video platform to improve brand publicity ? I believe you will understand after reading this article .

Tiktok marketing necessarily Become a place for catering expansion . data display , The main user groups of the Tiktok platform Young people , meanwhile , These people are also the most potential market people in the catering industry . Actually , Whether the content of Tiktok can stimulate user interaction and communication , Is playing a vital role . meal Various practical skills in the beverage industry , For example, the production of a dish The process , The health preservation value of some dishes . This type of video actually makes good use of the user's follow-up heart , Willing to like first and leave a video , I'm sure I can use it in the future .

Hand made things are more meaningful , And more ceremonial . Now more and more restaurants pay more attention to giving users more sense of ceremony , There are also opportunities for young people to show their cooking skills for love . therefore , Young people naturally prefer to take a Tiktok to record this beautiful moment , At the same time, it also helps the restaurant achieve the purpose of publicity .


Many online Red restaurants , Set up a lot of online red card punching places in the restaurant , Add some popular copywriting , such It will also attract customers to punch in and take photos , Users with similar feelings can't help sharing . In fact, this kind of video , One is to increase the sense of substitution of users , Second, customers can also take photos through such videos , Promote the spread of video , Attract more users' attention . Let the video content have a sense of story , Will Arouse users' emotional resonance , Users will naturally spread the video .


If you want to build your own catering brand into a net red in Tiktok , At the end of the day , Or we should fully show our advantages . For example, restaurant positioning is affordable , Then we need to show the weight we give through video ; Restaurant positioning is health , Then we need to show our source of ingredients and our production process through video . meanwhile , We should also according to the consumer groups of our own restaurants 、 variety of dishes 、 service 、 Price and other elements are integrated to create video , Reflect the advantages and selling points of our restaurant in these dimensions . Attract customers to the store .


According to the tonality analysis of the brand account , We need to know the habits and hobbies of customers in restaurants , Then focus on the dishes in the restaurant 、 service 、 Environmental Science 、 Analyze the highlights , Extract the points that the restaurant can promote , Add to the content of the video . But should pay attention to , Add more inversion in the video 、 Contrasting plot , Will be more interesting . Optimize the weight of the account ; Make high-quality video content into a series of videos , Attract users' attention 、 give the thumbs-up 、 Comment on 、 forward . To achieve the final transformation . Jutui media, as an operation company with authoritative qualification in the field of agent operation , With a professional team , Responsible attitude to serve every enterprise customer , Contribute to the development of every enterprise . For more information, please add our wechat jutui12, You can also make a phone call :400-606-5558 Consultation .  



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