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"Home office" is too tired? These office software help you finish your work quickly

2022-05-07 14:50:54Here comes Bobo

Now the epidemic is making a comeback , Home isolation is always caught off guard , Beijing and other places encourage flexible office at home .

“ small office , home office ” Too tired ? These office software help you finish your work quickly

Work at home , Turn on efficient working mode , The following practical office software must be known in advance :

One 、 The computer

carry-on , Back up at any time : In response to sudden “ small office , home office ”, Laptops should be taken with you to and from work , Important files shall be backed up on the network disk or micro disk at any time .

At this time, a little partner will ask , What about desktop computers ? Do you really want to carry the mainframe home ?

Remote control : Station computers can be installed Teamviewer, To prevent sudden Home Office , The software can be used to remotely control 、 Access company computers .Teamviewer Can help Windows User remote operation Mac The computer of the system , Not only can PC Yes PC, You can also use a mobile phone 、iPad Yes PC.

Two 、 Planning software

Recommended software : The phone comes with a memo 、 Micro hand account 、 Tomato clock

It is said that :“ Better a good memory than a bad pen .” Home office is a great test of one's self-control , Therefore, it is very important to arrange the work in writing . Memo software on the market has similar functions , Can arrange a day's work , You can download and use according to your habits .

3、 ... and 、 Management software

Recommended software :Tower、TAPD、Trello

All three can manage work tasks , Follow up the project progress , among TAPD Developed by Tencent , Support Web、 Enterprise micro 、 WeChat official account ,Trello Most of the features are free , In addition to management tasks, there are also , It is also suitable for assigning tasks within the team .

Four 、 Online conference software

Recommended software : Enterprise WeChat & Tencent Conference 、 nailing 、Zoom

Among them, nail has rich functions , Enterprise WeChat & Tencent conference is easy to log in ,Zoom Video conferencing is the most stable , No registration is required to attend the meeting Zoom account number , Just enter the room number to enter the room . at present Zoom No longer provide free account registration services to the Mainland , Therefore, launching a meeting requires the purchase of a paid account , Or hang a ladder and use the international version .

But if you often contact foreign customers , Management software Trello, as well as Zoom、Google Meet, Are good choices for telecommuting .

5、 ... and 、 Document collaboration software

Recommended software :WPS、 Tencent documents 、 Graphite document 、 anonymous letter 、 nailing 、Slack

WPS: It's called “ Small volume 、 Cloud Office ”, It can be compatible with multiple versions of Office, Have a large number of template materials . But it's not stable enough , It is easy to crash when the amount of data is too large .

Tencent documents : Many Internet companies today , Staff member 90、00 After the main , Use wechat and QQ More frequent , Therefore, Tencent documents that can log in directly with Tencent account are very popular . Tencent documents also support common multimedia files , But only 10GB Free storage space for , And does not support third-party components .

Graphite document : There is no limit to the storage space of Graphite Documents 、 Low resource usage , However, third-party components are not supported .

nailing : Have free storage space 100GB, Support for third-party components , You can use built-in components directly , You can also develop your own , But it takes up a lot of resources .

anonymous letter : Not only support common documents , It also supports video 、 Audio and various programming files , for example C、JSON、JAVA etc. . Have 100GB Free storage space for , Unlimited online document and form collaboration , You can use built-in components directly , You can also develop your own , But it takes up more resources than nails .

Slack: It is often jokingly called “ International nail ”, Foreign companies use more .

The above document software has its own advantages and disadvantages , For specific use, you should select... As needed .

6、 ... and 、 File transfer software

Recommended software :Pandownload、 Alicloud disk 、 Cow fast pass

Pandownload: Can be used for network disk download , Highest use 1024 Thread Download , Have 3 Big download channel , Can be added at the same time 32 Two download tasks , Do download “ No speed limit ”.

Alicloud disk : Similar to Baidu online disk function . Advertising less , Simple page , Download without speed limit .

Cow fast pass : page , Upload 、 There is no speed limit for downloads , Free storage space is 20GB, Can improve wechat or QQ When transferring files , video 、 The problem of picture compression .

No matter how convenient 、 Efficient office software , Need a quiet office environment , The ability to work in self-management . So be sure to talk to family members 、 Roommates negotiate in advance , Arrange children's self-study or entertainment in advance , So that they can work at ease .

What other convenient office software have you used ? Welcome to Amway in the comments section ~

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