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The "November 16 express" of e-commerce information / dry goods on gathers new e-commerce news all over the world

2022-05-07 14:51:30Beijing

 Electric monkey net 「11 month 16 Daily Express 」 E-commerce information / dried food , Gather new news about e-commerce in the world

1、 The first official e-commerce virtual anchor was launched in the live broadcast room of Kwai

2、 TikTok Online “ Warm winter Book fragrance ” Activities

3、 The report : Amazon has become the United States for five consecutive years “ The cheapest ” Electronic business platform

4、 Baidu App go online “0 Yuan to ” service

5 Suning logistics shares Zonghai industry Daily Express exit

6、 Travel APP Personal information protection evaluation : Tencent map APP Highest score

7 double 11 During this period, China Netcom handles inter agency online payment transactions 240.29 Billion pen

8、 The first cross-border e-commerce retail import return center warehouse in Jiangsu has been put into operation

9、 zhaopin :2021 year Q3 The number of job seekers of college students in the live broadcasting industry increased year-on-year 69.52%

10、 Korean e-commerce Coupang Net loss in the third quarter 3.15 Billion dollars

11、 General Administration of market supervision : Internet companies enter community group buying , Impact on offline community economy

12、1755 An online freight enterprise completed the waybill in the third quarter 1657.6 Thousands of single

13、 Hello, the new patent of travel is authorized The utility model relates to a user travel planning method

14、 Amazon will provide virtual medical services to Hilton employees

15、 McDonald's and Uber、DoorDash Reach a cooperation agreement

16、 Wal Mart double 11 The war report :O2O Sales reached the same period last year 180%

17、 rookie 《 double 11 Green logistics carbon reduction report 》: Logistics carbon reduction 5.3 Ten thousand tons of

18、 E-commerce brand acquisition company Hypefast a 1950 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding

—— Reported by the authoritative e-commerce comprehensive media platform e-monkey

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