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Dental clinic, hanging and beating big factory P7

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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

Titanium media injection : This article is from the official account of WeChat Yuanchuan Research Institute (ID:caijingyanjiu), author | Yang Dian , edit  | Zhou zhehao , Authorized release of titanium media .  

Yu Hua used to be a dentist for five years , After watching tens of thousands of open mouths , He felt extremely bored , Throw out soul torture : Why do I pull out my teeth eight hours a day , The people at the county cultural center hang out on the street all day ?

So Yu Hua decided to work in the County Cultural Center , Write popular 《 Alive 》《 Xu Sanguan sells blood 》, Cao Kefan once commented in the program that :“ The reason why Yu Hua wrote the novel so cruel and bloody , It's about his experience as a dentist .”

Yu Hua described the oral cavity as “ The most scenic place in the world ”, But he can be said to be out of time . Now , This place has a high salary that people flock to .

In the near future ,“ The first share of high-end private dental chain ” Riel group is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange , Nearly three years , The average annual income of a single full-time dentist is more than one million . Huang Jiansheng, chief physician of Prosthodontics, said on his microblog , Riel's highest salary is 600-700 ten thousand .

although “ To persuade people to learn medicine ”, But studying medicine is also fastidious , If you can be a dentist in a high-end Dental Hospital , Then the annual salary may hang six big factories P7.

01、 Rely on your own craft

Actor Liu Tao has two widely circulated labels : First, a good daughter-in-law who helps her husband pay off his debts ; Second, one mouthful value 300 Wan's porcelain teeth —— This is to put a suite in the second and third tier cities in your mouth .

But Liu Tao's teeth are not expensive , It's the dentist . Medical materials used in most dental hospitals , You can buy the same one on Taobao , Like orthodontic brackets 、 Porcelain dental patch material , Prices range from dozens to hundreds .

Even if ordinary people buy the same materials on Taobao , There's still no dental skill , The core production factor of dentistry is the craft of dentists . The scene of looking at teeth is the same as surgery : A clinic full of disinfectant smell , A sizzling medical instrument , Tight mouth , Put the patient in a high-pressure and tense state of mind . What they expect most is that the doctors they meet are skilled .

Relying on dentists also makes dentistry a low standard industry . In the medical field , Stomatology Department 、 Ophthalmology Department 、 Physical examination as three non core businesses , Most of them are not covered by medical insurance , The price system is opaque , Private hospitals account for a large proportion , The three are famous “ A windfall ”. Of the three , Dental materials 、 The dependence on equipment is the lowest , Dependence on doctors is the highest .

From the cost structure of Tongce and Riel , Medical consumables only account for... Of the operating cost 20%, And labor costs account for almost 50%, More than twice as much as consumables .
This also means that the dental funding threshold is low , Naturally suitable for dental entrepreneurship . The main fixed asset investment of dental clinic is dental chair , The number of dental chairs in a family is 1-5 The investment cost of a single clinic is about 100 ten thousand , The cost of a larger chain oral single store is 300-500 ten thousand [1].

As a contrast , Medical equipment has always been the largest part of the fixed assets of Aier ophthalmology , achieve 70-80%.2019 year , The equipment investment of Aier ophthalmology single store has reached 2430 ten thousand [2]. Another example is the physical examination institution , According to the data of 100 million euros , Invest in a company that covers an area of 2000-3000 Square meters of physical examination center , Equipment costs account for 50% about , about 1000-1200 ten thousand [3].

Roughly , The single store investment cost of physical examination and ophthalmology is five to ten times that of dentistry . Dentists with low capital threshold can start their own businesses , Many dentists even choose to cultivate several years of clinical experience in institutions and come out on their own ; And ophthalmology with high capital threshold 、 physical examination , Instead, it gives the soil for the development of chain hospitals .

Big V Screenshot of Huang Jiansheng's microblog

Reflected in the data , Dental clinics account for the highest proportion of dental clinics , near 50%, And the distribution of dental clinics shows regional characteristics , Zhejiang has a general policy , Sichuan has West China ,CR5 Insufficient 5%, And suitable for chain medical examination and ophthalmology ,CR3、CR5 Namely 41.26%、15%.

It's on the prospectus , The non-standard of dentistry is reflected in the cost composition of dentists , And in the public impression , It is reflected in the various fantasies of ordinary people about the profession of dentistry .

In little red book , It's just about “ Like dentists ” There are more than 10000 notes , similar “ What do dentists do when they meet patients of the opposite sex they like ”“ How to hook up with a dentist boyfriend ” The content of is also everywhere , The strong relationship between patients and doctors in the dental industry can also be seen .

02、 Go to the clinic and earn millions a year

In the financial report of Riel group , It would be very interesting to have two data linked together .2019-2021 The fiscal year , The company has accumulated losses 12.27 Billion . meanwhile , Employee benefit expenses accumulated 15.5 Billion .

It costs more to hire employees than to lose money , Riel's money was made by the dentist .

It seems common sense that dentists earn a high salary , But compared with middle and low-end dental clinics , Dentists in high-end dental clinics are the most comfortable . according to 2020 Calculation of annual financial report data , Riel group, which focuses on high-end dentistry , The average income per full-time doctor is 128.79 Ten thousand yuan , The general policy of focusing on middle and low-end dentistry , The average salary of doctors is 46 Ten thousand yuan [4].

Sum it up in one sentence , That is The dentist itself is the core reason for Riel to make money .
Dr. Riel's educational level is at the leading level in the industry , Riel 856 Full time doctor , Proportion of master's degree or above 50.7%, Higher than henglun Medical 27.4% And Tongce Medical 39.9%.

Based on the barrier of academic qualifications , The doctor's service is also particularly personalized , Can be said to be “ People who are more talented than you work harder than you ”. Based on some feedback from consumers , Riel's service is meticulous :“ I have cervical spondylosis , They made me a temporary hot water bag ”,“ It's inconvenient for me to travel , Riel employees drive at night 30 Kilometers sent medicine ”[5].

Knowing the answer, the Lord commented on Riel : Expensive price 、 Good service

With highly educated dentists and many services beyond the professional medical field , Riel has a premium over ordinary third-class hospitals 25% Bottom gas . But the agency just saw the money , It was the dentist who finally counted the money .

Behind the high salary is the difficulty of training dentists , Dentists are in short supply .

From the training cycle of dentists , Professional dentists need a long training , From Ben Shubo to clinical training , The general cycle is 13 year , What's more, it can reach 16-17 year ; From the attribute of dentistry itself , General dentistry 、 Orthodontics 、 The implant teeth are very finely divided , Business knowledge is also quite different [6].

On the supply side ,2019 year , The number of dentists per 100000 population in our country 17.5 people , Much lower than Japan 、 The United States 、 South Korea [7]. More exaggerated in terms of subdivided areas ,“ Only nationwide 5000 Orthodontists around people , and 2019 China has 300 10000 orthodontic consumers [6]”.

The intervention of capital has increased the demand for dentists .2010 After year , Oral cavity becomes a tuyere , Ran out “ Tooth grass ” Topchoice group medical , China stomatology group 、 Dr. tooth 、 Weimeizi industry, Shuke's parent company, has also successively invested in IPO Launch an impact .

Some dental medical workers said in an interview with the media , The standard dental institutions in China are 10 Thousands of families , There are probably only... Dentists with professional qualifications 17 ten thousand people [6]. therefore , Would rather lose hundreds of millions than miss a dentist , It has become the consensus of the industry .

Behind the shortage of Supply , The high salary of dentists is closely related to social and economic transformation and upgrading .

03、 More and more expensive services

2010 After year , China's economy has entered a period of transition , One notable feature is that the rise of the tertiary industry has brought about changes in the labor structure , Dentist 、 The programmer 、 Fund managers and others have become good occupations standing on the tuyere .

With the evolution of industry and the improvement of social productivity , Those who work in the standardization industry ( For example, manufacturing workers ) The benefits from goods become less and less . The opposite is , As an executive 、 The service industry represented by dentists has gradually become a profit maker . They have received a good education , From the Internet with both high salary and high social recognition 、 Finance 、 Tertiary industries such as medical treatment .

what's more , The services they provide are non standardized , Difficult to replace with tools , The price of services will become more and more expensive .

The aura of social elites is also reflected in film and television dramas . It is different from the reflection of simple farmers at the beginning of the century 《 Rural love 》 And tough workers 《 The steel piano 》, from 2010 The workplace drama of blowout around , The protagonist faces across the domineering President (《 dear , beloved 》) And gentle dentists (《 Mr. love 》), And the ace traders in the financial circle (《 We can't be friends 》) etc. .

《 Mr. love 》 Still , Jin Dong plays a dentist

Film critic Mao Jian also worried about “ The rich agree ” Reaction of characterization :“ To some extent, you can say that all the career dramas and idol dramas are rich dramas , Everyone is pushed to the top , The minimum program should also be like 《 Humble abode 》 like that , The end should have a middle-class dream that can be realized immediately [8].”

Around the world , The United States has experienced similar stages and changes .

In the last century 70 S before , By car 、 Iron and steel 、 The manufacturing industry represented by kerosene and other industries is the mainstay of the American economy . There are no workers in the factory who have received higher education , You can rely on your hands and sweat to realize the American dream .70 After the s , The economic development driven by computer technology makes the tertiary industry gradually become the main driving force of American economic growth .

There are also some problems in society, such as dentists 、 University Professor 、 High paying jobs such as financial practitioners , also , Society is becoming more and more divided .

Take the medical field for example ,2007 year , The cost of employer sponsored health insurance in the United States has risen on average 6.1%, Higher than workers' wages (3.7%) Or the overall inflation rate (2.6 %) growth [10]. To 2010 year , The cost of health care in the United States is GDP Accounted for as 17%, Buffett once described :“ This cost is like a tapeworm eating into the American economy ”[11]. Educational field , From the last century 80 From the age of 2010 year , The annual inflation rate of undergraduate tuition is even higher than that in the United States [12].

however 55 Years ago , Economist Baumol predicted this trend and sounded a wary voice . He put the “ Standardized goods are getting cheaper , Quality of life related services are becoming more and more expensive ” The phenomenon of is called “ Cost disease ”.

With the development of science and technology , Standardized industrial productivity will increase a lot , For example, the automotive industry can make better products at a lower cost , But services like dentists , Or only one patient at a time . In the development stage dominated by service industry , If you want to retain service practitioners , You have to pay a higher salary .

Baumol is worried , The growth of relative costs in the service industry , Will make them more and more unbearable .

04、 The end of the

English writer Defoe's 《 Robinson Crusoe 》 in , When Robinson first saw it, he later called it “ Friday ” When the natives of , Especially noticed his teeth : A mouth also looks good , Lips are thin , The teeth are neat , As white as ivory .

Now , People's perception of teeth has gone beyond health and beauty itself , It has become a standard for defining identity . The standard configuration of the new middle class is not only school district housing , There should also be orthodontic consumption . Matthew effect is also gradually formed in this process . The poor can't imagine , The rich look at their teeth and see what a BMW looks like .

BBC2014 A report in may provide a picture of the Matthew effect in the end . Yes 6000 After the investigation , The conclusion reads : The poorest people in society come to 70 Eight teeth less than the richest people in their twenties .

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