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IKEA Canada's data breach affected 95000 customers

2022-05-07 14:53:15TechWeb

【TechWeb】5 month 7 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , ikea (IKEA) The occurrence of a Canadian company involves about 9.5 Personal information and data leakage of 10000 customers , Indicates that this incident has been notified to the Canadian privacy regulator .

IKEA Canada said in an email statement ,2022 year 3 month 1 solstice 3 month 3 During the day , A colleague searched and found that some of his users' personal information appeared on the Internet . The data disclosure does not involve any customer's financial or bank information , Action has been taken to correct the situation , Including preventing data from being used 、 Store or share with any third party .

The company said , The Canadian privacy regulator has been notified of this matter , And the affected customers have been notified , And said the customer doesn't need to take any action . IKEA Canada also said , Internal review has been carried out , Prevent similar events from happening again .

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