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Merchants spend 510000 to ask Chen Xiaochun to bring goods, only 5000 yuan. Why is the star's ability to bring goods so weak

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Chen Xiaochun is a little embarrassed recently , Because there are only 5000 Yuan was forced to board the hot search , Many netizens had no time to find out the truth and began to satirize Chen Xiaochun in Chen Xiaochun's video comment area .

What is the cause of this incident ? Why does this happen ? Is the star's ability to carry goods so poor ?

Actually , Chen Xiaochun has a little loss , Because Chen Xiaochun just participated in a live broadcast , There was no live link for the live broadcast , How does Chen Xiaochun sell goods ? Then maybe it's because of the contract , Chen Xiaochun arranged an assistant to broadcast a live broadcast instead of himself , The carrying amount is 5000 element .

 Merchant flower 51 Please ask Chen Xiaochun to bring the goods , Only goods 5000 element , Why is the star's ability to carry goods so weak

Tell the truth ,5000 The live delivery quota of yuan is not Chen Xiaochun's real live delivery capacity , therefore , The media said Chen Xiaochun brought goods 5000 element , There is a misunderstanding about Chen Xiaochun .

The strange thing about this incident is that Chen Xiaochun did not sign a contract directly with the merchant , But there are middlemen .

The merchant did not sue Chen Xiaochun , But the media company that sued the middleman .

The contract signed between the media company and the merchant is live broadcast with goods 16 site , The total amount of goods taken exceeds 100 Ten thousand yuan , Among them is 10 This is a live broadcast by the netizens with more than ten million fans , in addition 6 The field has 6 A star comes live . The total service charge is 51 Ten thousand yuan .

What happened ?

Media companies only broadcast live for businesses 4 There will be no following , Moreover, the amount of goods brought by live broadcasting is far from the agreed amount , Businessmen believe that the media company is in breach of contract , Therefore, the media company was sued . Eventually, the media company was sentenced to return to the other party 41 Ten thousand yuan .

Through this case, we can see , Both Chen Xiaochun and businessmen are victims . Because the merchant spent 10 Ten thousand yuan sold 5000 Yuan of goods , This business is losing money . Chen Xiaochun didn't make much money from live delivery activities , As a result, there was a lot of scolding .

 Merchant flower 51 Please ask Chen Xiaochun to bring the goods , Only goods 5000 element , Why is the star's ability to carry goods so weak

We can calculate , The media company took 51 ten thousand , Need to be distributed to 16 personal , among 10 I am a net celebrity with tens of millions of fans ,6 I'm a star . Now tens of millions of fans have a live webcast with goods. At least 2 Ten thousand yuan service fee ?10 The total cost of a net red should be at least 20 All around . There is still left 31 Ten thousand yuan , among 6 A star and a media company .

Media companies must at least make money from it 10 Ten thousand yuan ? That's all that's left 21 Ten thousand yuan to 6 A star , The average person is less than 4 Ten thousand yuan .

Just imagine ,4 Ten thousand yuan, how hard you want the stars to perform for you ? It's almost impossible .

Although Chen Xiaochun is not very popular now , But he is also the youth of a generation , Want to invite Chen Xiaochun to offline activities , Maybe 30 Ten thousand yuan or so .

therefore , We can't say that Chen Xiaochun is not dedicated or what kind of , It may be that the media company has problems in docking , That's why so much “ Rollover event ”.

On the contrary , Now many stars are not as popular as online in live broadcasting and goods carrying capacity , Do you know where the gap is ?

First of all 、 The live broadcast is full-time , It's just a part-time job for stars . Think about it , When you do something full-time and when you do something part-time , Can the mentality be the same ?

Due to the lack of star credit endorsement , They need to work hard at every step . for instance : Selected products 、 Live equipment 、 background 、 Broadcast aid 、 Live broadcast announcement 、 Luck draw 、 after-sales 、 Second round, etc .

To put it bluntly , Live webcast with goods is to regard yourself as a shopping guide in a shopping mall , He will use his own efforts to make you have the impulse to consume , Eventually produce a purchase .

What is the status of online live broadcasting with goods ? Most of them don't understand goods , Next to a help broadcast , During the normal live broadcast, most of them are talking , A star is just a vase . Netizens are not fools , I can see the perfunctory attitude of the stars , Naturally, the sales will not be ideal .

second 、 The selection ability is very different . When the stars bring goods live , The selection may be out of everyone's consumption ability or just need for life , Who wants to buy an unwanted product ?

Webcast with goods is very good at data analysis , Know which products are popular , Which products are not popular . For popular products, we should appropriately increase , Less and less unpopular .

Stars usually have more business , There is no time for all kinds of analysis , The final result will not be satisfactory .

Third 、 The skill of keeping people in the live studio is also very important . Netizens are very good at sending red envelopes 、 The lottery method makes everyone stay in the live studio to watch , But stars think it's enough to have this face , In fact, it is far from enough .

The difference in retention skills in the live broadcast room is also doomed that the sales ability of stars is not as good as that of some online celebrities .

Of course, not all stars have weak live delivery ability , Jia Nailiang is very powerful , Every live broadcast is like “ Deyunshe site ”, Small mouth can say , It can also make fans feel brother Liang's sincerity , So people are willing to place orders .

Will everyone shop in the Star Studio ?

 Merchant flower 51 Please ask Chen Xiaochun to bring the goods , Only goods 5000 element , Why is the star's ability to carry goods so weak

Using media thinking to cover the whole network , Let product sales come with admiration !

All business competition in the future , Will focus on media communication . A company or a boss , If there is a shortage of media thinking , It's doomed to be defeated in advance .

please remember : There is no degree of communication , There is no recognition ; No recognition , There is no reputation ; No reputation , Where does fame come from !

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