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How many steps is it to go from the wild hero to the overlord of the Jianghu?

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After the beginning of summer , Summer is officially coming , The annual beverage war will also kick off .

As a super catfish , Of course, Yuanqi forest should seize this key window and launch a wave of offensive . So not long ago , It took the initiative to disclose a set of business data to the media ——2021 year , Lower revenue 2020 Annual growth 2.6 times ;2022 year Q1 Year on year 2021 Annual growth 50%.

This set of carefully disclosed figures reveals many signals .

According to the popular saying in the market , Energetic Forest 2020 Annual sales are in 27 Million to 29 Billion between ,2.6 Times is 70-75 Billion . Although this number is similar to The farmer mountain spring 2021 year 297 Billion in revenue , Only the latter 1/4, But the vitality forest is only established after all 6 year , It's late than nongnongshan spring 20 year , The younger generation is awesome or not empty .

But posterity can't run all the time , The revenue base is there , Continuous doubling is unrealistic . Tang Binsen told the media last year , For the next three years, just keep 50-60% The annualized growth of .

Q1 The increase is not the peak season of beverage sales , So this 50% It has been a very good achievement , And if the 2022 This growth rate can be maintained throughout the year , that 2022 In more than 100 Billion is not a problem .

Tang Binsen, founder of Yuanqi forest

100 Billion sales , For players in the beverage industry , It's like crossing the safety line , Will not be easily killed .

Combined with the news of Liu Zhen's resignation from Yuanqi forest's overseas business executives some time ago , In addition, in the second half of last year, senior executives at the level of vice president of brand and human resources changed one after another , Vigorous this time “ Self disclosure ”, It's not so much about showing muscle to the masses , It's more like shouting to its dealers all over the country ,“ Our business is very stable , Let's do it together ”.

The question of whether the vitality forest of start-up companies can survive , There seems to be no suspense , But can the wild hero vitality forest become a new overlord in the Jianghu , There are still many suspense . Compare the development history of other large beverage companies , Deep pupil business believes that , Vitality forest should really overturn the giants , We need a big win and a few small wins .

01 Success or failure of new products is the lifeblood of beverage companies

To rehearse the future of vitality forest , Let's take a look at the past of Nongfu mountain spring .

The success of nongnongshan spring has not only sold water to the position of the leader in the industry , still 10 Over the years, a total of 10 Multiple brands .

Split Nongfu mountain spring 2021 The annual performance data can be seen :

tea π、 Oriental leaves and other tea drinks , Contributed to 45.79 Billion income ; scream 、 Functional drinks such as vitamin water ,36.95 Billion yuan revenue ; Farmer's orchard 、NFC、 Water soluble 100 Wait for juice drinks ,26.14 One hundred million yuan ; Other soda drinks 、 Aerated flavor beverage 、 Coffee drinks 、 Plant yogurt and other products , There's a contract 17.5 A hundred million dollars in revenue . These best sellers , Most of the market share can be ranked in the top three of the industry .

China Resources Yibao, which recently announced its listing in Hong Kong , The bottled water business ranks second , But the new products it hatched were very unsuccessful ,2019 year 104 Of the total revenue of 100 million , New products only contribute 2 Billion .

New products test a company's ability to continuously insight into user needs , But it also needs the right time, place and people .

Farmer mountain spring's main bottled water , It's a ceiling high 、 A growing and stable business . Euromonitor data Show , China's bottled water market has grown from 2013 Year of 1069 Billion to 2018 Year of 1830 Billion , The compound annual growth rate exceeds 11%, Be worthy of “ The king of soft drinks ”.

From the first day of its establishment, Nongfu mountain spring has chosen to compete with Wahaha in the front battlefield of bottled water 、 a brand of instant noodles 、 Yibao and other brands hit hard , Founder Zhong Fuying has also contributed to several textbook Level battles in the history of consumer brand development , Finally put nature 、 Healthy brand image branded into the hearts of consumers .

The founder of Nongfu mountain spring, Zhong Qiong

from 2012 So far this year , Nongfu mountain spring has been continuous 10 Maintain the first place in the market share of bottled water in .

in other words , stay “ water ” This absolute category establishes enough barriers , Help farmer spring enjoy a long period of development dividends . On the surface, this kind of dividend looks like 50、60% High gross profit , In fact, the solid main business has given many new businesses full trial and error 、 The opportunity to iterate slowly .

One example is , The second category of fruit juice beverage brand bet by Nongfu mountain spring “ Farmer's orchard ”2003 It was launched in , That is, the establishment of the company 7 Years later, .

also , This brand started with fruit and vegetable juice , The proportion of vegetables is high , Market acceptance is not high . here we are 2019 year , Renovation of farmers' orchard products , From fruit and vegetable juice to more pure juice , It has driven the annual fruit juice category of farmers to exceed 20% Rise .

by comparison , Vitality forest depends on “ Bubble water without sugar ” This new category 、 Starting from a niche category , The ceiling is not as high as bottled water , So its growth anxiety comes earlier .

This anxiety comes from two aspects . One is the large single product bubble water after covering the first and second tier cities in China , Or go to sea , Or sink , However, due to vitality forest did not build factories overseas , In addition, the epidemic has pushed up the cost of international logistics and transportation , Going to sea becomes very uneconomical , pricing 5、6 Yuan's bubble water is sinking, and it is difficult to open the market . The second is new product anxiety .

02 A big win : Win and sell “ water ” This battle

So how about the new products of Yuanqi forest ?

2020 in , Tang Binsen revealed ,2021 The annual meeting is the product year of Yuanqi forest , R & D expenses and personnel investment will be 2020 Three times of the year , At the time, 95% Our new products have not been launched . There are also media reports that , The vitality forest of products worth redoing in the basic beverage market has come to an end .

However , At present, no new product can reproduce the brilliance of bubble water . According to a later report ,2021 Total annual sales of Yuanqi forest 73 In the one hundred million yuan , Bubble water contributes 40 One hundred million yuan , And the brand of electrolyte water 、 Yuanqi forest milk tea contributed to 10 One hundred million yuan , It's just not good enough .

According to Shentong business understanding , Milk tea was originally a promising new product , The ceiling of milk tea is also relatively high ( The annual sales of Assam under uni president are 40 Billion ), but 2021 At the beginning of the year “0 sucrose ” The storm has shaken the brand foundation of this product , Lost many users , Also affected its growth .

under these circumstances , Vitality forest must find the next big item . At present, based on all kinds of information , The strategic product they are betting on is the bottled water brand “ There are minerals ”.

If the sugar free bubble is guerrilla warfare , It's a surprise attack , It's a revolution in marginal areas that giants don't pay attention to , That bottled water is positional warfare , It's a direct attack on Huanglong .

This is also what farmer Shanquan is most worried about . therefore 2021 Year begins , Nongfu mountain spring fiercely blocked the vitality forest in the offline channel that has been firmly established for more than ten years , Let the salesperson secretly change the other party's bubble water into his own product , Probably foresaw this day .

Bottled water giants abound , And the market concentration is higher . According to statistics ,2021 year , The market share of nongnongshan spring has reached 26.5%, The second place is China Resources Yibao 21.3%, The gap between the two is further widened . Followed by Master Kang 、 wahaha 、 Centenarian mountain and ice dew , The market share is 10.1%、9.9%、7.4%、5.3%.

It's not hard to find out , In the bottled water business , Users prefer old brands , At the top of the list , The latest ice dew has been on the market for more than ten years , The establishment of brand power is not overnight .

The same is true of channel capability .2020 In, the data of nongnongshan spring before its listing showed that , adopt 4454 Dealers , Covering the whole country 243 More than 10000 terminal retail outlets . The number of dealers newly announced by Yuanqi forest 1000 home , The number of terminal retail outlets is 100 ten thousand .

Vitality forest wants to win “ water ” This business , It's a tough battle at any level .

03 Some small wins : Energy drinks 、 Baijiu and others

Let's take a look at the new product matrix of Yuanqi forest , except “ water ” It's the next strategic item , At present, the performance of alien electrolyte water is more prominent .

One reason is that this relatively small category originally did not have a very well-known brand , Another reason is that Yuanqi has adopted a relatively independent product department , Specifically run this product line , Power is stronger , meanwhile “ The aliens ” The appearance of this brand is also very independent of the parent brand of Yuanqi forest , These proven successful methodologies are being used for reference in the future new product incubation .

In terms of new product incubation, vitality forest has another advantage . Founder Tang Binsen is also the investor of Challenger capital , His research on the consumer goods industry has broadened his horizons .

Generally speaking , Domestic soft drink companies will not get involved in the liquor business , But tangbinsen is optimistic about the Baijiu race track , Not only did the Challenger invest in new Baijiu brands “ View cloud ”, It also incubates Baijiu in Yuanqi forest 、 Beer products .

therefore Tang Binsen frequently mentioned Japanese enterprises Suntory , And take it as the benchmarking object of vitality forest .

Suntory imports whisky 、 Production and sales start , Then pour beer 、 Oolong tea and other fields expanded , And occupy a leading position in the field of Oolong tea . Its playing method is independent incubation and acquisition , The biggest acquisition is 2014 Bought the American whisky giant Beam.

In an interview with the media, Tang Binsen once talked about the characteristics of vitality forest different from traditional consumer goods companies , One important thing is to speak with data :

“ The product concept of vitality is not to say good or bad , How many times have you tried .”

He used to start a business in the game field , Get used to the failure of a product , Also familiar with the Internet industry, frequent trial and error 、 Methodology of iterative products .

And can this set of methodology help the vitality forest from a reckless hero to a Jianghu overlord , It's time to test .

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