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Wei Shen, a mathematician at Peking University, was hot again and helped six doctors solve problems: after four months of trouble, Wei Shen only took one day

2022-05-07 15:04:3236kr

God Wei took his “ legend ”, Here we go again !

This is the first time to rush directly into the hot search , And the related entries are all this painting style ~

Here's the thing , Science bloggers @ Thief fork Burst out a chat record .

Shown above , Wei Shen Wei Dongyi help 6 A doctoral team solved a problem they hadn't completely solved in four months . The team thanked him for , Just fill him with a bus card .

So , A thousand waves were stirred up at one time . Relevant stories about Wei Shen have also been found out by netizens again , such as , Harvard broke the rules for him 、 Two sessions IMO Full Score gold medalist 、“ One bottle of water, two steamed buns ”……

Netizens commented on , I can't understand it, but I'm shocked ; How can there be such a big gap between people .

Others speak frankly : In mathematics, the hot search still depends on God Wei .

Regarding this , The dean of Peking University School of mathematics said : I don't know for the moment , Others can't do it , It's very common that Wei Dongyi can do it .

Sweeping monk of Peking University Shuyuan

I believe many friends still remember the last time God Wei boarded the hot search , A bottle of water , Two steamed buns , Said “ Is more interested in Mathematics ” An image of a properly sweeping monk .

△ Picture source : Youdao came to explore the school

From then on , The legend of Wei God in Peking University's Shuyuan began to be known by more people .

Wei Dongyi , Two consecutive sessions IMO Full Score gold medalist 、 During the undergraduate period of Peking University, he almost won the gold medal of Qiu Chengtong's undergraduate mathematics competition 、 Gold medal of the first Ali global mathematics competition 、 Green orange award winner ……

allegedly , Because the miracle in ChuSai , Many examiners from famous foreign schools invited him on the spot . Harvard is breaking the rules ,“ As long as you come to our school , You don't even have to learn English .”

But he still chose Baoyan University , As a result, he graduated a year earlier .

stay 2018 After receiving a doctorate in , Wei Dongyi chose to stay in school to continue his postdoctoral research , And in 2019 After leaving the station in, he taught at Peking University , Now he is a researcher at the school of Mathematical Sciences of Peking University .

at present , His research interests are in fluid mechanics PDE( Partial differential equations ) problem 、 Random matrix, etc .

△ Picture source : Ali Dharma hall sweeper

Among them is a famous question ——Navier-Stokes equation , It was once listed as 7 One of the problems of the great Millennium , And Riemann conjecture 、 Poincare conjecture .

It's been described , It is better than using mathematical theory to explain and describe strange black holes Einstein's equation The more difficult question .

One can imagine the difficulty .

Simply speaking , Is to use differential equations to describe liquids 、 The movement of fluids such as air , Like the ripples on the lake 、 The wind whirl caused by the plane rising into the sky 、 Cosmic Galaxy motion .

In other words , The application of this system of equations in daily fluid mechanics ( turbulence ) A very wide range .

But starting with Euler's first equation ,200 Since then , No mathematician can solve this problem completely .

at present , His main research results , Focus on solving turbulence problems 、 Flow stability 、 A series of important open problems in the field of random matrix , And some classical problems in wave equations .

During the doctorate , He published 23 A paper on the direction of fluid stability , among 4 Published in PDE Top magazines CPAM(Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics) On .

2019 year , Wei Dongyi and Dr. Feng Renjie 、 Paper co authored by academician Tian Gang “Small gaps of GOE” Won the world's top Mathematics Journal Geometric and Functional Analysis(GAFA) Accepted and published online .

Its research results are also specially recognized by the world-famous Burbaki Seminar In those days (2019 year ) Organize seminars .

( The burbaki seminar is a series of modern mathematics seminars , Take the latest and important achievements in mathematical research as the topic , It is an indicator of the main development and popular trend of modern mathematics .)

This promising young scholar , The dean of Peking University School of mathematics also gave a high evaluation , The jiupai news report quoted as saying ,

First of all , Wei Dongyi is very smart . second , He is very attentive , Just do math . His own way of life is relatively simple , As a student , We also respect his wishes .

How did the great God of mathematics refine into ?

Before coming to Peking University , Wei Dongyi has been a God in the Olympic Circle .

2008 year , In the 49 the IMO( Mathematics Olympics International ) In the competition , Gathered from all over the world 500 More than one player , They need to complete 6 A big question , The game lasts two days , Every day 4 One and a half hours .

Final , Wei Dongyi 6 All questions are right , To obtain the IMO Full Score gold medal .

More unexpected is , At that time, there was the most difficult plane geometry problem , Cost the national team coach 3 Hours , And Wei Dongyi used the method of pure algebra , Only 2 I solved it in an hour .

A year later , In the 50 the IMO In the race , He won the gold medal again with full marks .

in fact , During the training of the School Mathematical Olympiad team , He showed amazing strength .

such as , Full marks on all exams to find out ~

Some teammates commented , Wei Dongyi created 24 Complete the problem 23 The record of Tao and a half ( The only one that didn't work out was that the other team members were completely destroyed ).

at that time , He also created many other simple solutions , Known as the “ Wayne's method ”.

The refining of the great God of Mathematics , It has something to do with the growth environment behind him .

His parents are both university professors , His father is a professor of mathematics at Shandong Architecture University , So there are many math books in my family .

As a child, Wei Dongyi often flipped through it , At that time, a Book 《 Hua Luogeng Mathematics School 》 appear , Let him completely like mathematics .

Um. , At that time, Wei Dongyi was still in the first grade of primary school .

In his 14 At the age of , Wei Dongyi was noticed by Zhang Yonghua, the head teacher in high school , Let him enter the Olympic Mathematics team of the high school attached to the mountain division to receive training .

after , He was admitted to the high school attached to the mountain master , And participated in IMO competition , Open your own “ Fiefdom ” The way .

Net friend : I can't understand it, but I'm shocked

This matter is coming out. , Many netizens were shocked by Wei Shen again : It's really an idol .

I doubt that the world God Wei sees is formula and data .

But some netizens think , The message itself is misleading .

There are specialized skills , The doctor of physics is actually stuck in the difficulty of Mathematics ……

Some netizens questioned the authenticity of the news itself .

One side , Why should engineering problems be solved by theoretical mathematics . On the other hand , The doctoral team used PS5 do cluster.

The truth of the matter is unknown , But this pure love of mathematics deserves the respect of all of us .

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