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Foreign venture capital news | India's real-time distribution start-up "zepto" received a round D financing of US $200 million, with a valuation of US $900 million

2022-05-07 15:04:3936kr

According to foreign media TechCrunch reports , The main 10 Indian e-commerce start-up for minute grocery distribution 「Zepto」 Recently announced the acquisition of 2 $ D Round of funding , By existing investors Y Combinator Continuity Lead investment , Healthcare companies Kaiser Permanente、 Institutional investors Nexus Venture Partners、Glade Brook Capital、Contrary Capital、Lachy Groom Wait for the follow-up shot .

The Mumbai based start-up is currently valued at 9 Billion dollars . last year 12 month , The company used to 5.7 A valuation of US $100 million has been completed C Round of funding . earlier , Last year, the company 10 When announcing a new round of financing in June, the valuation was 2.25 Billion dollars .

Up to now , The company's total financing has reached 3.6 Billion dollars . The company plans to use a new round of funds to expand its business to more cities in India , And expand the behind the scenes store network .

The picture is provided by the enterprise official

「Zepto」 from Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra stay 19 Co founded at the age of . The two have been involved in many entrepreneurial projects , Including a taxi commuter application for school students . Two years ago, they dropped out of Stanford University , And last year 11 Month announced 「Zepto」 Will exit stealth mode .

CEO Palicha He said in an interview , The company is currently in India 11 Cities operate , The number of orders processed per day is up to 100000 . The company's current annual income is 2 Million to 4 Between us $100 million , The goal is next year 3 Reached months ago “ At least 10 Billion dollars ”.

「Zepto」 It says the monthly growth rate in recent months has exceeded 50%, Revenue increased in the latest quarter 800%, At the same time, the average performance cost per order is reduced 5 times .

「Zepto」 Plan for the future 12 Within months 12 to 20 A new market in a city , Add hundreds of behind the scenes stores , Used to store inventory .Palicha Express , These order fulfillment centers will be further optimized to speed up distribution . The company also plans to nearly double the number of employees by the end of this year , The total number of employees will reach 2000 people . The company will also test run the cooked food distribution service in some parts of Mumbai , Provide all kinds of hot drinks and simple meals .

Sanford C. Bernstein Analysts say , The market scale of India's instant delivery e-commerce is up to 450 Billion dollars , Leading the global market . Analysts said , Consumers are increasingly willing to pay a premium for high-quality products and services , And the door-to-door retail model is becoming more and more popular . at present , The average unit price per customer for instant delivery orders in India is 6 dollar , The average price per customer of traditional grocery orders is 12 to 15 dollar . With the increase of user stickiness and the frequency of monthly orders , The economic benefits of the market will continue to improve .

「Swiggy」 yes 「Zepto」 One of our strong competitors , The company has launched an e-commerce platform focusing on real-time distribution services 「Instamart」 Over investment 7 Billion dollars . Besides , The competitors of the track also include 「Blinkit」、「Zomato」 etc. .

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