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Dismantling station B investment: three years "bet" more than 100 times, can we get rid of the "quadratic" label?

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Starting with the second dimension B standing , Is becoming an investment driven company .

According to relevant media data ,2021 year ,B The total investment of the station is 57 companies , a 2020 Year of 28 The number of investments directly doubled .2021 year B The station has invested 20 Game companies 、15 Animation companies , from 2022 Since then B The station has successively increased its holdings or investment for nearly 10 Game companies , Bet more than... In three years 100 Time ,“B Station gene ” Strong penetration in the field of quadratic element . Compared with youaiteng ,B Standing feeling “ Authors efficiency ” Under the changing situation, we should “ To open or find a new path or snap course ”, With B A large number of capital entry games led by the station 、 Animation field , Maybe ACG It will be a new export in the field of culture and entertainment .

B The investment territory of the station involves games 、 Movies 、 Audio book 、 Virtual people and so on , In terms of the construction of entertainment ecology, it completely belongs to “ self-reliance ”, Compared with youaiteng's heavy investment in film and television content companies ,B The station seems to Pay more attention to the future development and content of the entertainment industry “ Cash in ” The realizability of .

Understand... On the current scale b standing , We must sort out B The nearest investment territory and logic of the station , And that makes us rethink B standing , Whether it is becoming the most important capital promoter in the secondary field , And this for B What is the significance of the station's own business .

Revenue growth slowed ,B standing “ Cash in ” It also depends on games

2022 Years for long video , It's been a hard year . The crash of China concept stocks superimposed the impact of the epidemic , Video websites have given “ Authors efficiency ” The goal of , about B Station ,“ Turn losses into gains ” It is an urgent problem to be solved .

from B The financial reports of the station over the years show that ,2016-2021 The annual revenue growth rate is respectively 299.49%、371.7%、67.27%、64.16%、77.03% and 61.54%, Revenue growth slowed , The overall trend is downward .“ Cash in ” yes B The key to station operation , Its revenue now mainly comes from games 、 Live broadcast and value-added services 、 Three major sections of advertising , Business is... And games B The main force of station revenue .

Faced with the problem of looking for revenue growth “ Internal worries ” And the impact of the depression in the Internet long video industry “ Foreign aggression ”,B The station has to adjust the enterprise business segment , Obviously, the game business is easier than the long video business “ Cash in ”, And open in the game version number 、 Against the background of the explosion of the scale of the two-dimensional game market ,B Station invested heavily in game companies trying to return to their original business , Rely on game business to drive revenue growth .

b List of game companies invested in the station ( Data sources : Check the inner eye 、 Baby girl encyclopedia )

“ From de Gamification to re Gamification ” Of B The station once again takes the game as the main business of the platform , Its motivation is not only that the game business can solve its revenue problems , What's more, the competition of Pan entertainment industry is not only the content itself , It also lies in the content and form ,B The station seems to want to With “ game ” Expand the game for the carrier IP Many of the content derived from IP Operating ecological chain , Maybe it's not a good idea , therefore B Standing on the layout of the game field is also Especially pay attention to IP The demonstration of value .

B The game companies invested by the station can be called “ Many and complete ”, It not only involves various game versions of mobile terminals , Also participated in Riman IP Mobile Games 、 Movies IP Mobile Games 、 Mecha games 、 Women's games and other vertical games . By film and television works 、 The development of two-dimensional game adapted from domestic animation , There is still much room for development in the future .B Station General IP The adapted two-dimensional game is in an important position , For example, wanwei Renhe developed 《 One man fixes the immortals 》《 Will night 》 Known as IP The game project , image 《 Will night 》《 Zichuan 》 etc. IP Have been filmed , The shadow tour project is linked, and the two sides drain each other .B In addition to standing in the game development link, focus on investment , Its presence Live broadcast of the game 、VR Content interaction 、 Gaming platform Planning for the long-term development of the game track .

among , Pinta Technology (Pinta Studios) It's an original VR Interactive content producers , The core is story and interaction , The production process adopts the screenwriter first approach , Different from the current VR The scene of the content goes first , stay VR Innovative attempts in the field of content creation , The company has now produced 《 Old man of dreams 》《 Lieshan 》 And so on , And by combining their own marketing and market background, they can also help others VR Content distribution , And expand VR Game business . Under the prevalence of the concept of meta universe ,B Station participation vote VR Innovative content production companies meet “ Technology driven content development ” Market trends , Take games as the core business , With “ Technology +IP+ Content + form ” The entertainment industry under the operation mode may burst out more new sparks . 

6 Billion M & a painting dream animation 、 There is evil spirit , Whole industry chain “ synergy ” Whether the effect can be demonstrated ?

b List of station investment animation companies ( Data sources : Check the inner eye 、 Baby girl encyclopedia )

According to relevant media Statistics ,2021 year ,B The total investment of the station is 57 companies , a 2020 Year of 28 The number of investments directly doubled . In terms of investment amount , A total of 100 million yuan of investment 6 rise , Two of them are animation companies .B Total price of station 6.123 Billion yuan acquisition of two-dimensional animation production factory painting dream animation , The representative works are 《 Under one man 》《 Heavenly blessing 》 etc. ;6 Billion yuan to acquire evil comics from aofei entertainment , His works include 《 One hundred thousand cold jokes 》 etc. , Also invested in three-dimensional animation production company Every year, China Film , It has now produced 《 Young song line 》《 The bloody sky 》 etc. IP project ; Many of these projects have been filmed or are preparing for Filmization ,B Standing in the shadow diffuse linkage, also take IP Operation mode , All round layout 、 Multichannel 、 Multiform will IP Maximize value .

B The animation companies participating in the investment have formed from IP incubation 、 Animation production 、 Animation Education 、 Animation copyright operation and other benign ecological closed-loop cooperation of the whole industry chain .

For example, Shanghai dynamic soul culture media Co., Ltd. founded animation electronic magazine 《Anime Tamashii》 As a content output medium ; Qixin technology has established a painter appointment service platform “ Rice painter ”, Now there are 30000 Painters of different styles settled in to serve the game 、 Animation and other art needs ; Unity of The business of animation company also involves the field of animation education ; The starry sky in April 、 Lingxi culture and other companies are responsible for the incubation of original animation content and animation copyright operation ; Drama and painting Valley 、 Fuxu film and television Al square 、 Zhongying Niannian focuses on the production of film and television animation , image 《 Young song line 》《 mirror · two cities 》 Equal knowledge Famous anime The projects are all from these companies .

From the early original comics 、IP From incubation to later stage of film and television animation production and copyright business operation ,B Standing in the field of animation, a complete industrial chain investment layout has been formed , Try to make continuous efforts in the field of animation through mutual cooperation .

In addition to the game 、 Animation as B Outside the main direction of investment ,B The station also participated in film and television production 、 Read online 、 Audio book 、 Entertainment Marketing 、 Smart home 、 Companies engaged in e-commerce and other businesses .

How to understand the of starting from two dimensions b Stop to invest in film and television companies ?

First ,B Station participation investment film and television company rabbit monkey culture and Free whale , The former is based on Short drama with vertical content Brand logo , including 《 Don't think differently 》 series , Rabbit monkey culture is positioned as an innovative content provider of the younger generation , With “ Low cost 、 High concept 、 Strong type ” To create slogans in line with B The minority vertical attribute of the station's own community video platform . The latter is The production team with big director resources is tough Film and television companies , Its major shareholder director Lu Yang is the representative of domestic film and television industrialization , Also accord with B What station users pursue “ Science and technology ”、“ High concept ” Content direction .

secondly , Invest in online reading 、 Enterprises such as audio books and entertainment marketing are based on film and television content In my heart Expand the industrial chain downstream , Read online 、 Audio books can be combined with film and television works Feed each other to create IP,B Stand as the content projection end 、 Entertainment marketing can build momentum from the later stage , In addition, chaopai and other derivatives retail businesses ,B The whole film and television industry chain has carried out multiple layout .

On the whole ,B The investment direction of the station is mainly based on “Z generation ” Mainly like , Focus on light weight 、 Innovative companies . For example, games 、 Animation is more suitable B Content properties of the station , Join the cat's ear FM、 iReader iRearder Waiting is to expand oneself Pan Entertainment Le plate , And the incoming e-commerce 、 Tide card is to better implement the flow + The content of “ Cash in ”.

B Stations “ Cash in ” problem , Can multidimensional investment solve ?

B The station is looking for “ Cash in ” Strategy and layout depend on more money , Bet on the future of the industry , but “ future ” Are you on your way ?

First , From the perspective of game business , According to the B standing 2021 Annual financial report , The annual net revenue is 194 One hundred million yuan , The annual revenue of mobile game business is 51 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 6%. The revenue of value-added business is 69 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 80%, The revenue of advertising business is 45 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 145%. The revenue of e-commerce and other businesses is 28 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 88%. thus it can be seen , The revenue growth of the game business has slowed down , Tencent and NetEase Of “ warning taken from the overturned cart in front ” It also shows that there are many risks in the development of game business , So the game business is B It remains to be seen how much actual growth the station will bring to its revenue by re arranging its game business .

secondly ,B The layout of the whole industrial chain constructed by the station should take the content as the core and the advantage as the main fulcrum , but B Standing on the content reserve, it is usually a play 、 Old movies 、 Documentary is its main content advantage , However, compared with the three huge film libraries of youaiten, the competitive advantage is not obvious , Even though B The station once won 《 The sky of wind dog youth 》 And so on , however Subject to barriers such as user membership size , Content advantages still need to be accumulated . Urgently seek “ Cash in ” Of B Obviously, it's impossible for Youteng love to stand “ Burn money ” The old way of scuffle .

Participate in the production company of vertical short plays 、 Special effects companies, etc. or to serve the creation of their own characteristic content Ecology , Even for “ Meta universe ” Do matting , In its present form ,“ Meta universe ” The track currently has only a digital collection 、 Virtual people have landed and made progress , But the relevant content output did not appear , At present, it is still in the conceptual stage .

b Stand heavy battle “ game ” The purpose of the track is to suspend the temporary revenue dilemma of the enterprise , The layout of the entertainment ecology of industrial cooperation is to inform investors B The future of the station is better , but Real implementation will “ strategic ” Into revenue “ Cash in ” The road to peace remains to be tested ,“ Play again ” Maybe it's just B Standing on the “ Internet winter ” The helpless act of transition , But with a lot of Z Generation of loyal users of the basic disk B Increase the investment layout of the station , This may be the biggest comfort in the cold winter of film and television .

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