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Crazy fan fitness and muscle enhancement and Liu Fuhong? You may have "thin phobia" (Part 2)

2022-05-07 15:05:2836kr

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Editor's note : Always love to go to the gym 、 I always feel that I'm not strong enough 、 The muscles are not developed enough ? You may have thinophobia , And this psychological phenomenon is developing at a younger age . This article comes from compiling , In this article, the author introduces the phenomenon that American young boys are obsessed with fitness and muscle enhancement . This is the second part of the article , This paper mainly traces and analyzes the reasons why young boys are obsessed with fitness and muscle enhancement , And the impact on their physical health and social life .

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However , Some Hollywood men are starting to reassess their bodies . February this year , In the United States, day TV variety talk show Kelly · Clarkson show (The Kelly Clarkson Show) On , American film and television actor Chanin · Tatooine, (Channing Tatum) mention , Own hope “ Better acting ”, Not like in a movie 《 Magic Mike 2》(Magic Mike XXL) Naked upper body in .

“ It's really hard to keep the figure in the movie . Even if you keep exercising , It's hard to keep that figure all the time .” Tatum said .“ In fact, that's not healthy . You always need to stay hungry . If you're still thin, do this , I think it must be unhealthy .”

Even the pursuit of muscular development has a long history , But for now, apart from TikTok and Instagram Outside the platform , No form of the media can make young men change their view of the their body , Let them no longer indulge in perfect body like insatiable voyeurism and expressionism .

Griffith University, Queensland, Australia (Griffith University) Lecturer at the school of applied psychology · Siggis (Veya Seekis) call ,“ Social media can make young men feel what others think of their appearance . The more they see their body as a public display , The more you fear negative comments , This often leads to excessive exercise or other so-called ‘ health ’ Behavior , In the end, it will only have an impact on their health .”

For three years , Siggis has been targeting Australia 303 Undergraduate boys and 198 A high school boy's social media habits collect relevant data . She found that , In a way , The reason why they pay so much attention to the pictures of muscle men , Because they feel inferior to their body , And the growing desire to increase muscle .

This is actually a fitness feedback loop , It makes 22 Year old Johnny · Edwin (Johnny Edwin) Always keep the habit of fitness . According to Edwin , In high school , He will spend hours in YouTube Watch Chris · Jones (Chris Jones) And other fitness related video channels . Jones claims to be a fitness master , But most people are more used to calling him “ Jones The Beast ”.

“ social media , And the pressure of wanting to be as strong as those people , Completely occupied my life .” Edwin said . Even now , He will still pass YouTube Watch videos of weightlifting uploaded by others .

Three years ago , Edwin began to TikTok In order to Big Boy Yonny This user name Posts your own fitness video . Now , He was in TikTok The number of fans on has exceeded 1.2 ten thousand .

“ Although everyone says I look good , Or something like that , But I know I'll never have the perfect body .” He said ,“ If I gain weight now , Then my figure wouldn't be as good as it is now , It also means that I may lose powder .”

The stress of having a perfect body can be traced back to primary school .

17 Year old Rudy (Rudy) I'm a student of a high school in Los Angeles . He said , Some only have 10 A year old boy will pass Instagram and YouTube Wait for the platform to ask him what to eat , And how to have the inverted triangle figure that many fitness celebrities want to achieve .

“ Usually , I'll tell them directly ,‘ Ask your parents to buy you chicken breast or lean meat , With white rice and vegetables .’” Rudy said .

The students' discussion of body may be surprising . Last summer, , Burlington, Vermont (Burlington) For the first time, a pair of parents allowed them to 13 Year old son uses social media .

“ This opened up a whole new world for him , Let him pass Instagram and YouTube Wait for the platform to learn that many people wearing muscle shirts .” The boy's mother said .

Over the next few months , Their son began to believe that he lacked muscle contour , And complain about yourself “ Too weak ”、“ Poor figure ”.

“ When 10 To 20 Eight grade boys are talking about , What it's like to be a man , What kind of body do you want to have , This will cause great pressure .” The mother said .

The boy's father said , His son “ Not even up to the standard that men should have , He's not even in puberty , But he has such a high standard for his body shape .”

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“ I don't know how to socialize at all ”

University of California, San Francisco (University of California,San Francisco) Jason, a pediatrician who specializes in adolescent medicine · Dr. Yongtian (Jason Nagata) Think , The COVID-19 may have exacerbated some unhealthy behaviors among adolescents .

“ The emergence of the epidemic has led to their eating disorders , Plus social isolation , Make it impossible for them to resume normal life and sports activities . In this context , They also often appear in front of cameras through social media or video conferencing applications .” Yongtian said ,“ Due to epidemic factors , Many boys' schedules and daily sports activities have been interrupted , This causes them to feel anxious about weight changes .”

Yongtian met some teenage boys before , They've fainted in the gym , Sometimes there are headaches 、 Symptoms such as temporary fainting and confusion , The main reason is that they are overworked when lifting weights , And you're always counting calories every day , This leads to physical deficiency ( This is also called “ Healthy food obsession ”).

Published last year 《 Journal of adolescent health 》(The Journal of Adolescent Health) Last study , Researchers looked at eating disorders in men as adults .

stay 4489 Of the male respondents , A quarter said , In its 16 To the age of 25 Between the ages of , They were worried that their muscles were not developed enough . Yes 11% Of people have used muscle strengthening products , Like creatine or anabolic steroids .

Over the counter supplements have become very common , So that last year in TikTok There is a very popular challenge , Participants must eat protein powder directly without mixing with water . This gimmick is very dangerous , Health experts also warned that , This challenge can lead to asthma and dyspnea . A meta-analysis in Finland shows that , Excessive intake of powdered protein can lead to metabolic problems , It can also cause intestinal discomfort .

The line between staying in shape and overworking is not always clear . University of Southern California (University of Southern California) Stuart, head of the eating disorders program ·B. Murray (Stuart B. Murray) say ,“ We know that young men are under a lot of pressure , However, due to the habit of goal orientation, it is recognized in the gym scene , There are even beautifying colors , therefore , Unhealthy behaviors of muscle fanatics are also more likely to be recognized .

Thinophobia can also lead to interpersonal problems . A lot of overwork 、 Young men who follow strict eating habits often don't talk to family or friends Eat together rice , And complain about loneliness and social anxiety .

“ I don't know how to socialize at all .” Edwin said . He often misses all kinds of birthday parties , Avoid communicating with friends , Because he was worried about “ These activities will affect the next day's exercise , And then affect their own muscle .” He said ,“ Because I've been at the gym , So there are not many beautiful moments worth remembering . Now? , Besides going to the grocery store 、 Go out to work and go to the gym , I basically don't go out .”

Edwin said , He basically ignores “ Everyone's text messages and phone calls ”. Although he lives only... Away from his family's residence 15 Minutes by car , But he has little time to go back to see them .

“ honestly , Without social media or the Internet , I may not care about my body at all .” He said .

stay TikTok Bobby, a high school student who has a lot of fans on , Also experienced the negative effects of excessive exercise . His mood at school may depend directly on how well he thinks he is that morning .

After school, , Social activities are often arranged after going to the gym . Even in the Instagram I felt a little uneasy after seeing the social life of my classmates on the , He will still resolutely choose to keep fit . Bobby also mentioned , Sometimes when you have to go to a party , He spent the whole night talking to his inner self ,“ I should have been working on my arm muscles now .”

At first , He thinks he can use his muscles to make new friends , Especially girls who know school . But in fact , His attention is basically TikTok Boys who also want to gain muscle .

“ Your only new friend is fitness equipment .” He said in a video .

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