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Crazy fan fitness and muscle enhancement and Liu Fuhong? You may have "thin phobia" (Part 1)

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The Bureau of translation is 36 Krypton's compiler team , Focus on Technology 、 business 、 In the workplace 、 Life and other fields , Focus on the introduction of foreign new technology 、 A new view 、 New wind .

Editor's note : Always love to go to the gym 、 I always feel that I'm not strong enough 、 The muscles are not developed enough ? You may have thinophobia , And this psychological phenomenon is developing at a younger age . This article comes from compiling , In this article, the author introduces the phenomenon that American young boys are obsessed with fitness and muscle enhancement . This is the first part of the article , It mainly introduces that under the influence of social media , More and more young boys hope to achieve the effect of strengthening their muscles through fitness .

picture source :Leonard Suryajaya

Bobby (Bobby) This year, 16 year , Is a senior three student in Long Island, New York, USA . Like many PE students in school , Over the years , He has also been building muscle through protein diet and fitness .

In addition to playing games that everyone likes to play 《 Fort night 》(Fortnite) And doing homework , Bobby spends most of his time online learning about Greg · Dussett (Greg Doucette) Equal health Meiyun Relevant developments of mobilization ( , 46 Dussett is a fitness expert , He was in YouTube The video channel created on has 130 More than million subscribers ). Besides , Bobby is also very keen on fitness , I go to the gym six days a week .

“ By meeting those fitness professionals , I am also very eager to have the same body as them , And publish similar videos on social platforms .” Bobby, who is as small as a gymnast, said .

After every workout , Bobby always opens the fridge , Eat some protein rich cakes and Oreo milkshakes that are suitable for fitness and fat reduction people . He eats a lot of protein , Sometimes you can eat eight chicken and rice at one time at school , Let his classmates gape .

However , Bobby's fitness goal is not to stand out in the school bodybuilding trials , But for short video platforms TikTok Become a net star on the Internet .

Now? , Bobby often TikTok Post your own fitness training video on . His videos are all his own iPhone 11 From my cell phone , The shooting place is basically in the gym or the living room at home . Each video has a specific theme , such as “ How to practice pectoralis major ”“ How to train Popeye Unicorn arm ” perhaps “ How to practice like rapper little UZ (Lil Uzi Vert) The same abdominal muscles ” wait .

Bobby said , I spent a lot of time lifting weights and preparing a high protein diet , So that sometimes they lag behind in learning .

Bobby's father this year 49 year , It's Rix island on the East River between queens and the Bronx (Rikers Island) One of the prison guards . He said ,“ Bobby is very independent , Do your own thing . He was in TikTok A few months before the video was posted , No one at home knows about it . He seldom talks to us about the content of the video , But I know he will put time and effort into the video , Make sure the video content is perfect .”

In a way , Bobby's father can also understand what Bobby does .“ When I was young , When I see those tall, strong men in men's fashion magazines , I want to be like them .” He said ,“ It took me a while to realize , It's hard for me to reach that level of stature .”

however , Unlike his father , Bobby is building muscle while , The number of fans is also growing . Now? , Bobby is TikTok The number of fans has exceeded 40 ten thousand .“ Many boys regard me as their idol . They want to be like me , You can train your muscles before you are an adult .” Bobby said .

16 Tanner, aged (Tanner) From Arkansas , Is a high school student , He is a follower of Bobby , And through Instagram Sent Bobby a private message .“ Thank you for your encouragement .” Tanner wrote .

For many boys and young men , Today when muscle culture is in power , Muscle worship has actually become a kind of digital passing ceremony that spans an important stage of life .

There are so many examples . In the game they play , Those characters are manly characters ; In their favorite movies , Those superheroes are also very muscular .

In last year's high box office movies , The protagonists are animated by computers (CGI) Enhanced masculine character , Like spider man 、 Advocating Qi (Shang-Chi, Marvel Comics superheroes )、 venom (Venom, The anti hero in Marvel comics ), And the characters of the whole Marvel Universe .

Many doctors and researchers say , Online touting of muscular men's bodies , It will poison the self-esteem of young men . The Internet is full of six abdominal muscles and men's faces , This will make them feel extremely low self-esteem and anxiety .

According to the information leaked by relevant parties Facebook Internal research content ,Facebook Deliberately hiding its social platform Instagram The negative impact on teenagers . Combined with other relevant information , More and more people are aware of , Social media can have harmful effects on Teenagers' physical and mental health . even so , Most of the attention is focused on the physical and mental health of girls .

However , Some recent reports have found that , Pressure from the Internet can also have an impact on teenage boys , Make them dissatisfied with their bodies .

17 Elliot, aged (Elliot) From Colorado , Also a high school student . Two years ago. , He started in TikTok Post fitness videos on , And often add “# Adolescent Fitness ” The label of .

“ For the pressure on the Internet , It's not just girls who often talk about , We boys are the same . I feel like I'm trying to build something for myself , This is just to get more traffic , Instead of really being the person you want to be .” He said .

2019 Published in 《 California Journal of health promotion 》(Californian Journal of Health Promotion) A report on the study focused on the figure of boys .

In the interview 149 name 11 to 18 Among the boys aged , Almost a third are dissatisfied with their bodies . among , Sports students are more dissatisfied with their bodies than non sports students , Most respondents want “ Augmentation of muscle ”, Especially increase the chest 、 The muscles of the arms and abdomen .

People are obsessed with the pursuit of perfect chest muscles , So now psychiatrists sometimes call this behavior “ Thin phobia ”(bigorexia). It's a muscle addiction , Mainly in men , The specific characteristics are excessive weight lifting exercise 、 Always feel that there are not enough muscles , And strictly adhere to the diet of weight loss and muscle gain . This situation also makes young men pay too much attention to their body , And always looking in the mirror .

18 Bryan, age · Fram (Bryan Phlamm) From Illinois , Is a freshman , He often Posts himself in Charter Fitness Video of naked bodies in the dressing room of the fitness club , Show your well-defined posterior thigh and pectoralis major muscles . And once you turn off the camera , He'll put on his sweatshirt and work out in the gym .

“ I try not to pay attention to my body .” Fram said .“ I'm depressed , Especially on social media platforms, see others skillfully use camera angles and lights , When you make yourself look twice as strong as you actually are .”

picture source :Leonard Suryajaya

The more muscles , The more traffic

Maastricht University in the Netherlands (Maastricht University) Thomas, a public health researcher · Gulzo (Thomas Gültzow) call ,“ Most studies on body satisfaction and social media are aimed at women , Of course , It's understandable . But few studies have been conducted on men .”

2020 year , Gulzo and several other co authors published a Research Report . In their research , They mainly analyzed Instagram On 1000 A picture of a man's figure . They found that , Compared with men who are relatively underdeveloped or have a higher body fat rate , muscular 、 Slim men get more compliments and tweets .

As long as you log in TikTo k or YouTube Such as platform , Browse the most popular videos , You'll find out , These contents all have muscle men .

Top traffic on social media platforms , such as YouTube The hottest sports anchor in the world Dude Perfect Five members of 、TikTok Fitness gurus who often post funny videos on The Black Trunks, as well as YouTube Designed to shape bad boys Jake Paul wait , Both have strong biceps and hard abs .

Besides ,TikTok Upper “ Hype house ” Live like Noah · Baker, (Noah Beck)、 Zeiss · Hudson (Chase Hudson) And Bryce · Holzer (Bryce Hall) Such a fan , They always show up naked and tall in front of people .

translator's note :“ Hype house ”(Hype House), It is a luxury residence in Los Angeles, USA , It's also TikTok Last call for universal response “ Wanghongren ” A dream palace of gathering together to produce video content and cooperate , Lived here 21 The age is from 15 To the age of 22 Viral content creators ranging in age .

Now? , Many were even considered “ geek ” Gamers are also beginning to have a strong interest in muscle enhancement . During the outbreak , The game is the host PewDiePie I've shown all the muscles I've trained , On social news sites Reddit There was a lot of discussion about it . He was in YouTube Duration of platform upload 20 Minutes of fitness Vlog I've watched more than 1000 Ten thousand times .

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