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Keep's dream was realized by Liu Jianhong

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Liu Fuhong's fire out of the circle cannot be copied ,Keep It's hard to grow the next one 「 Will Liu 」.

「 Become Li Jiaqi in the fitness live broadcast industry .」

This belongs to Keep The desire of the , A year later , But it was realized by Liu Fuhong .

As early as 2021 year 4 month 21 Japan ,Keep Vice president Huang Jingjing shouted this sentence at the strategy press conference ; A year later, 2022 year 4 month 21 Japan , Liu Jianhong's Tiktok fans have broken through 3000 ten thousand , Rose on the same day 911.9 ten thousand .

overnight , Almost all the people have become 「 Liu Fuhong boy and girl 」. Netizens make fun of ,「 Li Jiaqi emptied his wallet , Hollowed out by Liu Fuhong 」; ' ,「 Approaching Keep Let's start the class !」

Whole 4 month , Liufuhong almost lives on Weibo and Tiktok hot search .5 month 6 Japan , The number of Tiktok's fans has broken 6000 ten thousand , This number has exceeded Li Jiaqi's 4474.9 ten thousand . In the evening , Liu Fuhong sends a new fuck 「 Cowboys are busy 」, This is his promise to his fans , A crowd of fans crossed to 2018 year 6 month 27 He left a message at the bottom of his first Tiktok video : Archaeological punch in .

On major social platforms , Netizens began to discuss : It's Li Jiaqi's 「3、2、1」 The countdown is more nervous , Or Liu Fuhong's 「1、2、3」 Timing is more terrible ? Sigh with fans who have practiced several times :「 Now a conditioned reflex is formed , As soon as I hear 《 Compendium of materia medica 》 I just want to pat my thigh .」 Some people even make fun of ,「 I'm so worried that Jay Chou will hold a concert in the future , He sang on the stage , Fans jump off the stage .」

Liu Jianhong looks like 「 Unintentional 」 The fire goes out of the circle , It's also seven years of entrepreneurship 、 Is impacting the market Keep What you want to achieve .

2020 After the outbreak in , The live class used to be Keep The play of , The course covers yoga 、 Training 、 Fuck class 、 Bicycles and other categories . The prospectus says , By 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan ,Keep There are more than recorded fitness courses on the platform 10000 individual , Live course super 13000 individual .

After several years of layout ,Keep A number of well-known fitness KOL, for example 「 Zhou LiuYe Zoey」「 Pamela 」, But they are not as popular as Liu Fuhong .Keep There is also a special for coaches in the live studio Online Koach Training system , Hand in hand training instructor's lens performance , Behind the packaging and promotion, the division of labor is meticulous : The makeup and hair team is responsible for the personal image design of the coach , The imaging team is responsible for plane and video shooting , The operation team is responsible for traffic promotion .

But a key question is , Only members can participate in the live course , Now Keep The number of users has exceeded 3 Billion , But the prospectus shows Keep2021 The number of subscription members per month and year is 319 ten thousand , It can be calculated , Currently involved in Keep The number of live courses only accounts for about of the total users 1%.

If you want to repeat the offer Keep And Liu Fuhong's growth path , Also in the bonus period of home fitness under the epidemic , It is also a live broadcast class of professional fitness coaches , Also take fitness Xiaobai as the main audience , But the results of the two are very different .

Liu Fuhong's fire out of the circle cannot be copied ,Keep It's hard to grow the next one 「 Will Liu 」.

01 Liu Zhenhong cannot be copied

As of press time , The number of Tiktok fans of liufuhong has soared to 6250.9 ten thousand , It ranks sixth in the list of Tiktok fans . May Day holiday just ended , Push Liu Jianhong's popularity to the peak .

5 month 1 Japan , Liu Jianhong's live studio is called 「 Xiao Zhan's wife 」 Fans reward 1100 Ten thousand yuan ;5 month 2 Japan , Zheng Kai posted a video of shuttlecock jumping in the same frame with Liu Zhenhong on his microblog , And attach 「 I finally became a Liu Fuhong boy 」, topic of conversation # Zheng Kai's dynamic moment interacts with Liu Zhenhong across the screen # Quickly log on microblog and search , Read as much as 1248.8 Ten thousand times ;5 month 4 Japan ,「 Zheng Kai's aerobics has always been named by Liu Fuhong 」 On the Tiktok entertainment list ,483.5 Ten thousand people watch it online .

The starting point of all this comes from 4 month 7 Day one 「 Put on a down jacket and jump 」 video , Before that, Liu Fuhong was due to 「 Dramatic reasons 」 It was banned three times by Tiktok official , I have no choice but to make such a bad decision , The unexpected fire went out of the circle , Rose on the same day 150 ten thousand . After that 「 Shuttlecock exercise 」 and 「 Compendium of materia medica 」 It became the second little climax , The number of fans is rising all the way .

Vibrato on , Liu Fuhong put four labels on himself : actor 、 singer 、 Fitness coach and super dad of three babies . He was active in the public view very early , A lot of people go through 2005 That song in 《 Rainbow Paradise 》 I got to know singer Liu Fuhong , I saw in the variety show again 「 Jay Chou's good friend 」 and 「 Little puff's father 」, And once brought Jay Chou 、 Jj Lin 、 Jolin Tsai 、 Yan Chengxu and other stars are the most unfamiliar as fitness coaches , It is also the most thorough one that makes him angry now .

But there is no doubt that , Liu Jianhong's popularity cannot be copied , come from 「 Right place, right time 」 Set . The outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai , Let home fitness have a bonus period , And Mr. and Mrs. Liu Jianhong happened to be in 2021 The whole family settled in Shanghai at the end of the year ,「 Be at home 」 It became a mixed event for them . The demand for online training has doubled , Liu Jianhong's fitness live broadcast is naturally popular .

And behind it 「 and 」 Is a more critical booster . Will Liu 2021 year 12 Signed this month MCN Institutional worry free media has also increased a lot of exposure , This organization used to carry fire 「 Zheng Jianpeng, a wolf dog & Yan Zhen and his wife 」「 Maladezi 」「 Superfluous and sister Mao 」 Waiting account , Liu Fuhong is not the first star to sign a contract .

Worry free media CEO Lei binyi is accepting 《 Chinese entrepreneurs 》 In an interview with , From the beginning, I was very optimistic about Liu Fuhong , Think he 「 There must be fire 」, It's just 「 I didn't expect it to be so hot 」.

Liu Jianhong wants to move to Shanghai and start developing in the Mainland , Worry free media is ready to develop the star plate , The two coincide . After signing , Liu Fuhong first tried to bring goods live ,2021 year 12 month 19 The day is coming 2022 year 2 month 17 Between days , Liu Fuhong's 9 Cumulative sales of live broadcast with goods 665.42 Ten thousand yuan .

here we are 2022 After the Spring Festival in, I began to try 「 Family broadcast + Jump with goods 」, At that time, the number of fans was only 100 More than ten thousand , Constant pattern testing and data testing , In the end in 3 The month decided to focus on 「 Fitness live broadcast 」.

3 late , Liu Fuhong's Tiktok account is up every day 5-10 ten thousand , In a month, it rose to 300 More than 10000 fans , The number of short video likes has also increased from 10000 or 20000 to hundreds of thousands . here we are 4 month ,「 Down jacket aerobics 」 After 「 Shuttlecock exercise 」 Let him start driving all the way .

Except for Aerobics , Share the secrets of marriage 、 Take your mother-in-law to exercise , They are also the points where netizens stop in the live broadcasting room . Even Liu Jianhong's wife's body changes after practice , Have been edited by netizens into a comparison picture before and after , Cause a heated discussion .

Tiktok algorithm recommendation and traffic support , Naturally, Liu Fuhong became 「 Top current 」 Another big help .

In the last Tiktok 「 Top current 」 After Luo Yonghao , Tiktok needs a new target to renew his life . It happens that the sports fitness section , It is also the content track that Tiktok has focused on in the past two years . Although Liu Jianhong's popularity as an artist is not high , But compared with the average fitness expert on Tiktok , He is made by Tiktok 「 Fitness brother 」 A great candidate for .

From the Tokyo Olympics to the Beijing Winter Olympics , Tiktok invites large numbers of athletes to enter. , Organize live broadcast of Lianmai and other activities .2021 By the end of year , Tiktok 「DOU Action plan 」, Explore a new path of short video service for National Fitness . Combined with the jitter during tiktok. 「 Athletes + star + Talent show" + user 」 Communication community , Although the heat of the event has faded , The fitness wind of short video platform has not stopped .

After Liu Jianhong burst into flames ,「 Liu Fuhong girls 」 Let Tiktok reap a batch of potential female users . Zhang Shan, who has never downloaded Tiktok, told me 「 Blue Hole business 」, In order to watch Liu Jianhong live broadcast , Specially downloaded the Tiktok extreme speed version . Many female netizens also said ,「 I can't imagine downloading Tiktok for the first time , It's for jumping on it .」

Tiktok overflow traffic , Even spread to other social platforms .

Xiaohongshu netizen said ,「 Liu Jianhong comes to xiaohongshu live broadcast 」. from 4 month 12 The day begins , The update frequency of Liu Jianhong's little red books has changed to daily , The content is mostly motion clips edited from the live recording screen , such as 15 Minute shuttlecock exercise 、20 Minute hip and leg exercises 、30 Minute combination exercises, etc , To match the content style of little red book .

Originally has many fitness experts B On the site , many up The host will edit the live video of Liu Fuhong for the second time , Or remove the intermediate rest link , Or mixed with Pamela video , formation B The unique younger style of the station , for B Station users enjoy .

With multiple assists , Liu Jianhong's popularity has risen to 「 National level 」.4 month 26 Liu Fuhong and Xinhua news agency, who finished the live broadcast on the evening of the th, have a quick look at the account and interview with Lian mai , Fans directly break through 5000 ten thousand ; After that 4 month 28 Friday night , Be owned more than 1 The people's daily with 100 million fans interviewed Lian mai ,# People's daily, Lian Mai, Liu Fuhong # Topic on microblog hot search , Read up to 3.5 Billion .

Here comes the flow , The possibility of commercialization comes . Now the live broadcast clothes of Liu and his wife have been sponsored by sports brands , According to relevant knowledge , The price of its brand is also bullish all the way .

The long tail effect in business is also emerging , Microblogging hot search has added 「 Liu Zhenhong brought goods to triple the sales of yoga mats in his shop 」「 Liu Fuhong is popular in the game circle 」 Topics such as .

02 Keep Two sided dilemma

It's also a heavy position 「 Live class 」 Of Keep, Without Liu Fuhong's luck .

「 Live classes can be with Keep Combination of smart bike and bracelet , Provide a closed-loop interactive experience .」 This is a Keep2022 year 2 month 25 The description of the live class in the prospectus submitted on the th . Before 2021 year ,Keep complete 3.6 Billion dollars F After round financing , Once said that this round of financing was mainly invested in live classes .

at present ,Keep In the core promotion of spinning bike , Two of the three key indicators are related to the live class , Integrate hardware with live broadcast , And dig profit points from the live broadcast class , yes Keep The commercial vision of setting up live broadcast courses . The present , although Keep The number of live courses has exceeded that of recorded courses , But only a small number of value-added services in paid member courses .

in fact ,Keep The story about the live class was more than a year earlier than Liu Zhenhong .

2020 year 6 month ,Keep Live online class , And have signed up with many fitness experts . At that time Keep Domestic trouble and foreign invasion , On the one hand, we should solve the growth pressure caused by eager commercialization , On the other hand, we have to face Tiktok 、B External competition of platforms such as station .

here we are 2021 year ,Keep Still, , Announce the shift of strategic focus 「 Content centric user experience 」.4 month 21 Three high-quality products were launched on the th IP course : Temperament Ballet 、 Hot sweat yoga and fat burning party . Huang Jingjing said at that time ,Keep We will increase the layout of high-quality content in two aspects , First, increase investment and official self-control IP Content , The second is to build an open platform , Vigorously promote PUGC And the content supply of brand organizations .

2021 end of the year ,Keep In the first 「 Creator's ceremony 」 Announce ,「 The next year ,Keep Will create 150 Millions of trained creators ,3 Within the year 1 Ten thousand fitness talents have a single platform income of more than ten thousand 」.

In two years ,Keep Signed Pamela 、 Zhou LiuYe Zoey Wait for fitness experts , With its popularity accumulated in the fitness industry , Plus Keep Traffic boost , Pamela's Keep The number of fans has exceeded ten million , Zhou LiuYe Zoey It's also a breakthrough 500 ten thousand .

however , These heads IP Is not Keep Biological , Nor did it give Keep bring 「 Liu Fuhong's contribution to Tiktok 」 Flow effect . What's more serious , These high-quality heads IP Courses are being snapped up by other platforms ,B standing 、 The little red book 、 Tiktok and Well quickly The strongest .Keep Take courses that can only be attended by members , Let some users flinch , Switch to something like 「 Liu Fuhong on Tiktok 」 The same free practice .

With Pamela 、 Zhou LiuYe Zoey For example , In the former Keep Your certification is 「YouTube Sports Blogger 」, After entering China , stay Keep And other platforms to distribute their fitness courses , Currently in B The number of fans on the website and little red book is 800 All the above , And Keep The same . It's just 4 month 12 Japan , Pamela also settled in Tiktok , Less than a month , Accumulated nearly 360 Thousands of fans .

And on Saturday Zoey stay B The number of fans on the station is close to Keep Twice as many , She is in Keep The maximum number of people following the course is 916 ten thousand , But in B The maximum number of videos played on the station is 3987.3 ten thousand .

It's all about grabbing content , Get users , As a moving vertical platform Keep Tiktok 、B Compared with other platforms , Has a natural disadvantage . First of all DAU( Number of daily users ), Tiktok is the latest DAU Already achieved 6.8 Billion ,B standing DAU exceed 7000 ten thousand ,Keep have only 600 ten thousand . The second is , Tiktok 、B Station and other user portraits deposited over the past years 、 Algorithm recommendation and other mechanisms , It can accurately reach the target audience and form stickiness .

In the face of Tiktok and other platforms ,Keep Become more passive .

4 month 25 Japan , Tiktok opened. 「 Tiktok National Fitness Program 」, The number of broadcasts on this topic has reached 12.2 100 million times ; On the same day , The Kwai has also launched. 「 Kwai sweaty gym 」, And in 4 month 27 Classes officially open on , Invite swimming Olympic champion Zhang Yufei 、 Volleyball World champion Liu Yanhan 、 Free fight world champion yangjianping and other sports stars signed with the Kwai Jian Yue Body talent online live Fitness , The number of relevant videos under this topic has exceeded 1000 individual .

therefore ,Keep In a dead circle , Under the high traffic cost ,Keep Although it has gathered a large sports audience , But there is no unique content moat , Still trapped in the pressure of weak commercialization and difficult profitability .

stay Keep The prospectus clearly states , Its revenue sector has three : Member subscription and online payment 、 Kirkland Signature 、 And advertising and other services .

In terms of data , Membership subscription and online payment are Keep The fastest growing business .2019 year 、2020 Years and 2021 First three quarters , The revenue of member subscription and online paid content is 1.51 One hundred million yuan 、3.38 Million dollars 3.8 One hundred million yuan .2020 Year-on-year growth 123.4%,2021 Year on year growth in the first three quarters of 52.5%.

meanwhile , This is also the business with the highest gross profit margin , The gross profit margin in the past three years has reached 63.6%、64.8% and 58.8%.

even so , Member subscriptions and online payments also account for only... Of total revenue 30%, Far less than half of the sales of private brand products . Liu Dong once said ,「 A great feature of consumer goods is , It can increase users're purchase , Repurchase is a relatively large increment . The gross profit of food and clothing is better than that of hardware .」

however ,Keep Marketing costs incurred in order to sell private brand products 、 Advertising cost , It has also accounted for% of the total marketing cost 70%, Eating away at Keep The profits of the .

and , There are more and more competitors for sports products and tracks . Smart hardware has Xiaomi 、 Huawei ; Sportswear has been popular in the past two years Lululemon, Traditional fitness clothing brand decathlon, etc ; Healthy food has Mint health ffit8, There are even those held up by Tiktok e-commerce Dr. low card etc. .

Almost all fitness related tracks are crowded ,Keep Want to cover 「 Eat, wear, practice 」, We should also be cost-effective , Each link has a huge marginal cost .Keep The prospectus shows , The gross profit of this part of business has increased from 2019 year 、2020 Year of 35%、36% Down to 2021 Year of 29%.

Keep Internal and external troubles , Still to be solved .

03 Cold thinking outside the live studio

On the surface , This is a 「 Will Liu + Tiktok 」 And Keep The contest between , But outside the studio , Is the bigger Sports Fitness Track .

With Keep The American fitness platform that has always wanted to be benchmarked Peloton For example , The average monthly exercise times of its users are 17 Time , and Keep 's prospectus shows ,2021 The average monthly exercise frequency of users in the year is only 4.1 Time .

Besides ,Peloton The average monthly net loss rate is only 0.79%,12 The retention rate of users is as high as 92%. According to the consulting data of Analysys, a research organization ,2021 year 6 month ,Keep Of 30 The retention rate of users per day is only 20.85%, Lower than sports and health APP The median 34.56%.

Want to be Peloton,Keep There's a long way to go . What's more? , the 「 Coordinate system 」 Same existence , Has also encountered its own bottleneck .

2020 The outbreak in led to the closure of offline gyms ,Peloton Subscriptions have surged , That year 1 The company's share price surged to 171.09 dollar . however , With the changes of foreign policies to deal with the epidemic ,Peloton Subscriptions have fallen sharply again , The share price fell again and again , Company value from 2020 Close to the year 500 Billion dollars has shrunk to the current 90 Billion dollars up and down .

a certain extent , This shows that for real fitness lovers , Online platforms can never replace offline gyms .

Li Weichao, who has been working out in the gym for a long time, told 「 Blue Hole business 」,「 Fitness people have their own plans , For example, I practice every week 3 Time , Aerobic running 2 Time , Only by persisting all year round can it be effective .」

Even if it is 「 Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper 」 Will Liu , It is also exposing the disadvantages of fitness on the line .

As the number of fans increases , Problems are also coming one after another . Microblogging frequently reveals 「22 The year-old girl danced with Liu Zhenhong and her eyes were bleeding 」「 The girl danced with Liu Fuhong until her corpus luteum broke 」「12 Year old girl has severe abdominal pain after shuttlecock jumping , Had to remove the fallopian tubes 」 Waiting for news .

Beijing Xili fitness boss told 「 Blue Hole business 」,「 Liu Fuhong's kind of aerobics is aimed at fitness Xiaobai who doesn't exercise much at ordinary times , But even if there is a fitness instructor offline , The action may not be completely standard , Online follow-up training is more likely to cause sports injury .」

besides , Fixed songs and aerobics have begun to make some fans lose their freshness . In the comment area and message area of the live studio , Fans have asked Liu Fuhong to make new moves .「 Compendium of materia medica 」 and 「 Shuttlecock exercise 」 Is it sustainable , Perhaps Liu Jianhong himself has no accurate answer .

Mengjie, who has been practicing with for more than a week, told 「 Blue Hole business 」,5 month 5 On Tuesday night , Liu Fuhong updated the track , Tenger's song made her 「 Very down , Want to abandon Liu Jianhong .」 She also said , There are more choices for live fitness broadcast brought up by liuhuanghong on Tiktok , After giving up Liu Jianhong , May choose Pamela .

She also told 「 Blue Hole business 」, Liu Fuhong brought her a good habit of keeping exercising , After forming a habit, I still go to the offline gym , And more yuan of exercise .

And the heat of the live broadcasting room has not decreased , It still inspires young people's adrenaline . Whether it's Liu Fuhong or Keep My fitness coach , What they mean to users , Has gone far beyond fitness itself .

Maybe , It's more like a way of life , Or a kind of value recognition .

This article is from WeChat official account. “ Blue Hole business ”(ID:value_creation), author : Jia Zixuan , edit : Josia ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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